Printable Poker Information Guide

Pay attention during every hand, not just the ones you play.
Paying attention to the other player’s action while you are not in a hand gives you more time to learn about their habits and playing style.

Game selection is very important.
If you are the 10th best poker player in the world you should not play with the top 9.

Poker is a game of patience.
Losing your patience causes you to make costly mistakes like playing to many hands.

Don’t quit just because you are winning or losing.
If the game is good you should continue to play as long as you can regardless of how you are doing.

Don’t play over your bankroll or out of your comfort zone.
Playing out of your comfort zone can cause you to make decisions passed on how much money you have, not based on the situation itself.

Play more hands in late position or on the button.
Being in late position allows you to see what everyone else does before you have to act.

Don’t play too many hands especially in early position.
Playing too many hands is the most common poker mistake especially in early position.

Poker is one game forever.
The result of one session does not make you a good or bad player.

Know the rules of the house especially concerning jackpots.
It is very important to know what qualifies as a jackpot hand so you don’t throw one away.

Play to have fun.
Poker is a game of entertainment and you should always have fun.

Make sure the other players at the table are having fun.
If the other players are having a good time at the table they won’t mind as much when their chips end up in your stack.