Wednesday, May 30, 2012  Evening
Best Bet (11-2) Kiowa Fire Fly - No one beats me to the lead or the wire in this effort!
Best Shot (13-2) Kiowa Mon Alice - I'm posted up well! Watch me take instant command!
Spot Play (4-8) Kiowa Adara Art - I'm down a grade & in my best box! Time to win again!
Race 1
Grade D
550 Yds
Chicken Wire Grade drop, Up final steps
Kl Georgia Peach Off stakes, Leads, Caught
Kb's Jayton Ship in, Contends thruout
Pat C Ungrateful Early factor, Outrun late
Quin or Tri Box 4-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 47/457/2457 $8
Super Wheel 47/47/25/25 or 57/57/24/24 $4
Daily Double 7/8, 7/7, 4/8, 4/7 $8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
Where's Finalfit Proves best at the wire
Gs Laney Closing from nowhere late
Kb's Joanis Ship in, Likes racetrack
Undeniably Off stakes, Showing up?
Quin or Tri Box 2-4-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 48/248/2458 $8
Super Wheel 48/48/25/25 or 24/24/58/58 $4
Race 2
Grade C
660 Yds
Free Loader Outlasts everyone to win
Miss Trent Dropper, Breaks, Short
Kiowa Jill James Closing from off the pace
Kl's Beckett Pushing pace, Overtaken
Quin or Tri Box 1-7-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 78/178/1578 $8
Super Wheel 78/78/15/15 or 18/18/57/57 $4
Race 9
Grade A
660 Yds
Diamond Tears Dominates in stretch again
Dizzy Daisy Early leader, Surrenders
Lk's Peerless Close to the pace thruout
Pat C Manuel Early effort, Outrun late
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 48/348/3478 $8
Super Wheel 48/48/37/37 or 34/34/78/78 $4
Race 3
Grade C
550 Yds
Balancing Act Gets back to winning
Punky Bruster Flying home to threaten
Dutch Cruzaround Dropper, Game thruout
Hot Is Hot Makes big move in stretch
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 17/137/1378 $8
Super Wheel 17/17/38/38 or 37/37/18/18 $4
Race 10
Grade D
550 Yds
Vonda's Marchare Unstoppable at the finish
Starz Mai Ling Ship in, Leads, Caught
Pat C Elway Grade drop, Moving up
Bf Dancer In the trifecta 5 straight
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-4 $6
Trifecta Wheel 13/134/1348 $8
Super Wheel 13/13/48/48 or 34/34/18/18 $4
Race 4
Grade B
550 Yds
Kiowa Adara Art Dropper, In his best box
Lk's Gran Slam Flying home to challenge
Lk's Maverick Off stakes, Stretch fury
Hfk Littlesister In the superfecta 6 straight
Quin or Tri Box 1-4-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 18/148/1468 $8
Super Wheel 18/18/46/46 or 48/48/16/16 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Kiowa Fire Fly Better break, Fantastic trip
Make U Look Rail early, Pressing lead
Gs Jock Threat to leaders thruout
Cdc Sagittarius Off of back to back wins
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/237/2378 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/38/38 or 23/23/78/78 $4
Race 5
Grade B
660 Yds
Rc Mini Power Instant command of race
Lk's Deliberate Chasing down leader late
Santa's Rosa Lee Posted, Always around
Raiders Pharaoh Solid drop, Some gain
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-3 $6
Trifecta Wheel 13/123/1236 $8
Super Wheel 13/13/26/26 or 23/23/16/16 $4
Race 12
Grade B
550 Yds
Gs Alvin Rushes out, Wins the duel
Dutch Duncan Dropper, Gives everything
Rudeness Grade drop, Gradual gain
Raiders Savannah Loves rail, Close thruout
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 47/347/1347 $8
Super Wheel 47/47/13/13 or 37/37/14/14 $4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Ww's Elicit Posted, Clears late, Wins
Lilys Love Story Early leader, Run down
Lk's Wrangler Double drop, Even pace
Tmb Blackjack Early effort, Holds super
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 16/126/1268 $8
Super Wheel 16/16/28/28 or 12/12/68/68 $4
Race 13
Grade D
660 Yds
Kiowa Mon Alice Finds break, Early control
Gs Clayton Closing late to challenge
Rocket Remmi Double drop, Even show
Mo's Scar Foot Solid drop, Early effort
Quin or Tri Box 2-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/257/2357 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/35/35 or 25/25/37/37 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 7
Grade A
550 Yds
Rotation Out early, Gets hat-trick
Thatsthewayiroll Strong break, Outgamed
Kiowa Vanessa Applies pressure thruout
Rc French Kiss Always tough wearing red
Quin or Tri Box 2-4-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 28/248/1248 $8
Super Wheel 28/28/14/14 or 24/24/18/18 $4
Race 14
Grade C
660 Yds
Pat Cj Funnyface Off huge win, Repeats it
Chasmo's Saffron Back at home over 660
Kiowa Hallo Nell Off win, Early bid, Threat
Gs Kadence Closing from off the pace
Quin or Tri Box 2-4-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 24/246/2456 $8
Super Wheel 24/24/56/56 or 26/26/45/45 $4
Quin Double 2-5-7/2-4-6 $18