Thursday, April 19, 2012  Evening
Best Bet (11-3) Hardheaded Dude - Back on the rail & back to the lead! Watch me win #5!
Best Shot (10-8) Ctw Nighthawk - Forget the lines! It's the 8 box baby & I'm a winner!
Spot Play (4-2) Hanks Marsbar - I'm a whole different greyhound from the rail posts!
Race 1
Grade D
550 Yds
Ty's Waffle Getting up at the wire
Sabil Par Phone Dropper, Long hard drive
Lk's Tia Dalma Flying up in final strides
Pat C Bold Even chase around oval
Quin or Tri Box 2-6-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 26/268/2368 $8
Super Wheel 26/26/38/38 or 28/28/36/36 $4
Daily Double 2/3, 2/4, 6/3, 6/4 $8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
Lk's Mandalay Off win, Posted, Repeats
Gale Grace Burst from box, Caught
Where's Donna Rail early, Stalking pace
Kl's Mona Lisa Solid in C, Even effort
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-5 $6
Trifecta Wheel 12/125/1245 $8
Super Wheel 12/12/45/45 or 15/15/24/24 $4
Race 2
Grade C
550 Yds
Mrl Killin Time Proves best at the finish
Southern Trent Early leader, Edged out
Magic Handball Dropper, Game thruout
Vantastic Dude Early factor, Short stretch
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 34/347/3467 $8
Super Wheel 34/34/67/67 or 37/37/46/46 $4
Race 9
Grade B
550 Yds
Jazzy Boobird Outclasses field on lead
Dutch Buckeye Posted, Driving up late
Bl Bobby G Grade drop, Even show
Mohican Sol Trip Dropper, Steady effort
Quin or Tri Box 2-4-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/247/2467 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/46/46 or 47/47/26/26 $4
Race 3
Grade M
550 Yds
Bd's Tiberius Clears early, In control
Tds Jagger Gradual gain to the wire
Kay Mac Hour Steady chase in show
Mo's Aragorn Early effort, Holds super
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 38/138/1378 $8
Super Wheel 38/38/17/17 or 18/18/37/37 $4
Race 10
Grade D
550 Yds
Ctw Nighthawk Posted wide & Loving it
Rs Sugar N Spice Dropper, Breaks, Caught
Tony Of Ruckus Comes from nowhere
Grimes Jj In case she wants to run
Quin or Tri Box 3-5-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 38/358/3568 $8
Super Wheel 38/38/56/56 or 58/58/36/36 $4
Race 4
Grade C
550 Yds
Hanks Marsbar-iu It's all about the rail post
Bruno Mars Closing late to challenge
Gs Oscarmeyer Off a win, Factors thruout
Boyz Nikki's Pup Off huge effort, Factoring
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 12/126/1236 $8
Super Wheel 12/12/36/36 or 26/26/13/13 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Hardheaded Dude Breaks & win 5 straight
Dontfoolmetwice Rushes close, Pressing
Gs Leeann Solid in A, Always close
Wise Bet Off win, To rail, Threat
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 38/238/2378 $8
Super Wheel 38/38/27/27 or 23/23/78/78 $4
Race 5
Grade M
550 Yds
Astar Sweet Maid Steals enough to hold on
Kay Mac Season Threat to pace thruout
Sergeant At Arms Tough if close early on
Kiowa Timeless Gaining ground stretch
Quin or Tri Box 2-5-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 28/258/1258 $8
Super Wheel 28/28/15/15 or 58/58/12/12 $4
Race 12
Grade B
550 Yds
Atascocita Debra Solid drop, Proves best
Okanogan Off of back to back wins
Kane's Pawnee Off stakes, Some close
Lk's Dots Galore Surging up at the finish
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-4 $6
Trifecta Wheel 13/134/1346 $8
Super Wheel 13/13/46/46 or 34/34/16/16 $4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Chokeacrow Burst to lead, Just lasts
Lk's Montecito Gaining with every step
Mrl Meltdown Grade drop, Early effort
Difficult Task Class edge, Strong early
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 28/128/1268 $8
Super Wheel 28/28/16/16 or 18/18/26/26 $4
Race 13
Grade D
550 Yds
Beach Life Dropper, Showing class
Hot Foot Sally Early leader, Overtaken
Rck Thunder Grade drop, Early press
Al E Shalala Gaining ground stretch
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 47/347/3478 $8
Super Wheel 47/47/38/38 or 34/34/78/78 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 7
Grade A
550 Yds
Kiowa Jill Vik Back inside, Finds form
Scortch Mcbones Big breaker, Run down
Wingit Penny Solid A, Around thruout
Lk's Maximus Some gain late in race
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 13/138/1368 $8
Super Wheel 13/13/68/68 or 38/38/16/16 $4
Race 14
Grade B
550 Yds
Smokin Snoopy Red hot now, Lasts late
Dis Is Me Bold finish to challenge
Kiowa Adara Ann Loves post, Showing up
Mrl Kiss Me Baby Solid drop, Must break
Quin or Tri Box 1-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 57/157/1457 $8
Super Wheel 57/57/14/14 or 17/17/45/45 $4
Quin Double 3-4-7/1-5-7 $18