Thursday, February 28, 2013  Evening
Best Bet (9-6) Aljo Graceland - No speed around me! Time to hit the lid & race off alone!
Best Shot (4-3) Ptl Fancy Mae - I'm figuring out the track! I'll be up in time to win again!
Spot Play (11-1) Gs Jock - I'm back in grade A & back in my best box! Watch me shine!
Race 1
Grade D
550 Yds
Clever Purpose Dropper, Battles up late
Tapstar Bentley Dropper, Breaks, Nipped
Se's Butter Cup Early threat, Outfinished
Kay Mac Time Grade drop, Must break
Quin or Tri Box 1-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 57/157/1257 $8
Super Wheel 57/57/12/12 or 15/15/27/27 $4
Daily Double 5/8, 5/7, 7/8, 7/7 $8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
Olympic Spirited break, Survives
Kiowa Deep Junk Gaining with every step
Legally Brindle Grade drop, Finding form
Snj Rolling Rock Better than his lines show
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-4 $6
Trifecta Wheel 23/234/2345 $8
Super Wheel 23/23/45/45 or 34/34/25/25 $4
Race 2
Grade C
550 Yds
Fastest Weapon Breaks for winning debut
Braska Aster Nice puppy, Threatening
Rotation Dropper, Posted, Factor
Ww's Death Rate Hits best stride in stretch
Quin or Tri Box 2-7-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 78/278/2678 $8
Super Wheel 78/78/26/26 or 28/28/67/67 $4
Race 9
Grade B
550 Yds
Aljo Graceland Dropper, Monster in B
Kay Mac Year Class edge, Solid threat
Pat C Offstage Loves rail, In contention
Gs Jersey Around lead for duration
Quin or Tri Box 1-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 67/167/1678 $8
Super Wheel 67/67/18/18 or 16/16/78/78 $4
Race 3
Grade M
550 Yds
Gs Peyton Proves best at the finish
Dutch Cami Gives it all, Almost there
Ww's England Late drive to challenge
Kiowa Mya Mia Early effort, Outfinished
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 46/346/3456 $8
Super Wheel 46/46/35/35 or 34/34/56/56 $4
Race 10
Grade D
550 Yds
Hl's Cinderella Finding the glass slipper
Jersey Giant Dropper, Pushing leader
Pat C Same Time Coming on late in race
Crown Vision Wide early, Improving
Quin or Tri Box 4-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 47/467/2467 $8
Super Wheel 47/47/26/26 or 46/46/27/27 $4
Race 4
Grade D
550 Yds
Ptl Fancy Mae Ship in, Overtakes leader
Jet Fast Red Sets pace to deep stretch
E's Lava Mama Double drop, Even chase
Tmc's Lone Fox Early rush, Holds super
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 23/237/1237 $8
Super Wheel 23/23/17/17 or 37/37/12/12 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Gs Jock Back in A, Posted, Romps
My Present Solid A, Chasing leader
Kiowa Jill Vik Veteran, Giving her all
Mo's Mozart Overlooked, In the hunt
Quin or Tri Box 1-4-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 14/146/1468 $8
Super Wheel 14/14/68/68 or 16/16/48/48 $4
Race 5
Grade M
550 Yds
Cayenne Blizzard Wins the speed battle late
Special Force Dueling on lead, Caught
Ww's Tyson Chasing the pace thruout
Gs Scooter Scooting after the leaders
Quin or Tri Box 3-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 36/367/3567 $8
Super Wheel 36/36/57/57 or 67/67/35/35 $4
Race 12
Grade B
550 Yds
Amf Golden Goose Clears early, Races off
Easi Mitchie Former A, Rounds corner
Kiowa Adara Art Dropper, Breaks, Short
J's Moonshine Class edge, Even effort
Quin or Tri Box 1-4-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 48/148/1468 $8
Super Wheel 48/48/16/16 or 14/14/68/68 $4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Gs Stephen Solid drop, Holds on late
Amf Open Forum Brings pressure stretch
Tapped Out Jane Early effort, Keeps close
Lil Ms. Joplin Grade drop, Some gain
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 17/137/1237 $8
Super Wheel 17/17/23/23 or 37/37/12/12 $4
Race 13
Grade C
550 Yds
Quirky Avery Off big bold win, Repeats
Royal Focus Solid chase after pace
Okanogan Solid drop, Some gain
Hl's Pocahontas Early rush, Keeps close
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-4 $6
Trifecta Wheel 23/234/1234 $8
Super Wheel 23/23/14/14 or 34/34/12/12 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 7
Grade A
550 Yds
Caitlyns Dream Rebounds with big effort
Bb's Alonzo Back in A, Leads, Short
Pat C Hop Along Stalking leaders thruout
Hallo Dor Off of back to back wins
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 46/346/2346 $8
Super Wheel 46/46/23/23 or 36/36/24/24 $4
Race 14
Grade C
660 Yds
Jm's John Kuhn Dropper, Determined late
Itsa N D Zone Will love more distance
Royal Mosaic Back to 660, Short stretch
Bs Heavy Metal Loves route, Contending
Quin or Tri Box 4-5-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 48/458/2458 $8
Super Wheel 48/48/25/25 or 45/45/28/28 $4
Quin Double 2-3-4/4-5-8 $18