Friday, November 16, 2012  Evening
Best Bet (15-1) Gs Uncle Henry - One step closer to history! I'm just untouchable in red!
Best Shot (1-1) Rck Thunder - In this evenly matched up race, I step up & take it!
Spot Play (11-1) Gs Grace - On the rail, I'll get right back to breaking & winning!
Race 1
Grade D
550 Yds
Rck Thunder Outlasts leaders to win
Zip Ripper Rips the lid, Run down
Pat C Devon Rose Dropper, Catching up late
Morning Dawn Double drop, Short late
Quin or Tri Box 1-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 16/167/1567 $8
Super Wheel 16/16/57/57 or 17/17/56/56 $4
Daily Double 1/2, 1/7, 6/2, 6/7 $8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
Button Nose Thriving back over 550
Scortch Mcbones Beats the box, Edged out
Braska Kip Grade drop, Finding form
Bob's Kite Back at 550, Flying late
Quin or Tri Box 6-7-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 78/678/4678 $8
Super Wheel 78/78/46/46 or 68/68/47/47 $4
Race 2
Grade C
550 Yds
Lk's Warrior Unleashes Warrior spirit
Edsel Of Ruckus Easy leader, Outfinished
Gs Jocelyn Flying up in final steps
Mindovermatter Early rush, Even super
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/237/2378 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/38/38 or 23/23/78/78 $4
Race 9
Grade B
660 Yds
Lucky Betty Reels in everyone stretch
Cayenne Madonna Bolts to lead, Picked up
Dizzy Daisy Pushing the pace thruout
Good N Fast Early effort, Holds close
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 26/126/1267 $8
Super Wheel 26/26/17/17 or 16/16/27/27 $4
Race 3
Grade D
550 Yds
Pdx Bruno Determined stretch effort
M's Fuzzy Chico Early dash, Denied stretch
Easi Silly Dropper, Gradual gain
Lk's Attitude Off a win, Closing in late
Quin or Tri Box 3-4-5 $6
Trifecta Wheel 35/345/3458 $8
Super Wheel 35/35/48/48 or 34/34/58/58 $4
Race 10
Grade B
550 Yds
Lk's Strider Hits best stride in stretch
Pat C Abash Ship in, Leads, Caught
Okanogan Solid drop, Tough in B
Djays Star Bound Class edge, Early press
Quin or Tri Box 2-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 26/267/2567 $8
Super Wheel 26/26/57/57 or 67/67/25/25 $4
Race 4
Grade B
550 Yds
Kiowa Deep Junk Dropper, Posted, Wakes
Gs Leeann Off big win, All out effort
No Moamy Bolts to lead, Run down
Hotchildnthecity Solid drop, Might upset
Quin or Tri Box 3-7-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 37/378/3578 $8
Super Wheel 37/37/58/58 or 38/38/57/57 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Gs Grace It's all about the 1 box
Lk's Tiara Early threat, Next best
Bd's Romulus Solid A, Posted, Gains
Pat C Sayonara Ship in, Around thruout
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 18/128/1268 $8
Super Wheel 18/18/26/26 or 12/12/68/68 $4
Race 5
Grade C
660 Yds
Clear Thru Clears close, Proves best
Kiowa Jill Boom Double drop, Finds Boom
Cee Kay Blackie Around the lead thruout
Kiowa Kj Carly Dropper, Shows up here?
Quin or Tri Box 2-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/267/2567 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/56/56 or 26/26/57/57 $4
Race 12
Grade B
550 Yds
Lay Away Forget last, Rebounding
Gs Nike Posted, Threat thruout
Blind Lucky Flying up late in race
Ww Fastrak Dino Solid B, Game chaser
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 23/236/2346 $8
Super Wheel 23/23/46/46 or 36/36/24/24 $4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Amf Wild Fire Ship in, Tenacious stretch
Kl Georgia Peach Dropper, Breaks, Nipped
Dj So Funny Class edge, Keeps in mix
Pat C Same Time Grade drop, Must break
Quin or Tri Box 4-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 57/457/4578 $8
Super Wheel 57/57/48/48 or 47/47/58/58 $4
Race 13
Grade C
550 Yds
Arcadias Boy Arrives in time to score
Pat C Proper Double drop, Just misses
Kantharos Early leader, Overtaken
Tapstar Ryan Rebounds with big effort
Quin or Tri Box 5-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 56/567/1567 $8
Super Wheel 56/56/17/17 or 57/57/16/16 $4
Race 7
Grade A
550 Yds
M's Free Mason Solid A, Last on late lead
Wwk Time Bomb Applies pressure thruout
Gs Comet Streaking up at the wire
Lk's Spicy Hot Tough if close early on
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-5 $6
Trifecta Wheel 15/135/1356 $8
Super Wheel 15/15/36/36 or 35/35/16/16 $4
Race 14
Grade D
660 Yds
Lk's Nitrous Been waiting on 660 call
Tim Tebone Dropper, Posted, Threat
Kay Roy Finish Will like added distance
Anna Sun Early rush, Keeps close
Quin or Tri Box 1-7-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 18/178/1278 $8
Super Wheel 18/18/27/27 or 78/78/12/12 $4
Quin Double 1-7-8/1-3-5 $18
Race 15
Grade A
550 Yds
Gs Uncle Henry Untouchable from 1 box
Ww Fancy Floyd Clears close, Pressuring
Pat C April Oak Ship in, Strong contender
Kiowa Jill Smile Right back on the horse
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-5 $6
Trifecta Wheel 13/135/1345 $8
Super Wheel 13/13/45/45 or 15/15/34/34 $4