Wednesday, October 31, 2012  Matinee
Best Bet (11-7) Gs Uncle Henry - Away from the crowd, I'll hit the lid & get it done for #75!
Best Shot (13-2) Facebook - Forget the lines! I'm going to find it today at a price!
Spot Play (9-2) Bob's Kearney - I'm always tough in grade B, especially from the rail posts!
Race 1
Grade D
550 Yds
Lk's Strider Hot off a win, Pup repeats
Gs Lexi Rushing up late in race
Cayenne Uno Dropper, Bold late try
Kb's Ackerson Early threat, Outrun late
Quin or Tri Box 2-4-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/247/2478 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/48/48 or 47/47/28/28 $4
Daily Double 7/2, 7/3, 2/2, 2/3 $8
Race 8
Grade C
550 Yds
M's Red Ford Dropper, Up in final step
Blind Lucky Back to 550, Flying late
Easi Guess Strong break, Run down
Crafty Cat Applies pressure thruout
Quin or Tri Box 2-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 57/257/2357 $8
Super Wheel 57/57/23/23 or 25/25/37/37 $4
Race 2
Grade C
550 Yds
Tim Tebone Won last, Repeats effort
Mac's Dandy Closing fast to challenge
Braska Muppet Dropper, Breaks, Nipped
Easi De Queen Class edge, Even chase
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 23/238/2378 $8
Super Wheel 23/23/78/78 or 28/28/37/37 $4
Race 9
Grade B
550 Yds
Bob's Kearney Dropper, Clears, Coasts
Penrose Jake Narrows gap to the leader
Bf Disco Off a win, Steady gain
Granite Game Flying up in deep stretch
Quin or Tri Box 2-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 27/267/2567 $8
Super Wheel 27/27/56/56 or 26/26/57/57 $4
Race 3
Grade M
550 Yds
Lk's Tomb Raider Proves best at the finish
Rosmor Dasher All out effort, Just misses
Easi Ayla Ship in, Breaks, Passed
Hallo Dwildman Around the pace thruout
Quin or Tri Box 2-4-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 26/246/2456 $8
Super Wheel 26/26/45/45 or 24/24/56/56 $4
Race 10
Grade D
550 Yds
Crazyblondie Ship in, Ready to win it
Gs Penny Tough post, Strong effort
Lk's Maverick Dropper, Closing up late
Granite Grigsby Grade drop, Steady gain
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 18/128/1278 $8
Super Wheel 18/18/27/27 or 28/28/17/17 $4
Race 4
Grade D
550 Yds
M's Glaze Easy Class edge, Wakes up
Gs Joleen Off a win, Long drive
Sabil Par Phone Some gain thruout race
Kylie Jo Dropper, Leads, Short
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 26/126/1268 $8
Super Wheel 26/26/18/18 or 16/16/28/28 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 11
Grade A
550 Yds
Gs Uncle Henry Finds break, In command
Warped Rail early, All out factor
Lk's Wilder Side Off win, Posted, Threat
Atascocita Henny In the money 6 straight
Quin or Tri Box 3-6-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 37/367/3567 $8
Super Wheel 37/37/56/56 or 67/67/35/35 $4
Race 5
Grade M
550 Yds
Pat C Achoo Ship in, Dominates field
Pmb Jax Only threat to the leader
Hallo Anytime Early rush, Holds show
Mark My Words Dueling early, Weakens
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-5 $6
Trifecta Wheel 15/135/1345 $8
Super Wheel 15/15/34/34 or 35/35/14/14 $4
Race 12
Grade C
550 Yds
Louis Litt Pup is unstoppable late
Gs Heaven Closing late to threaten
Jt's Smokinmocan Grade drop, Tough in C
Snj Rolling Rock Tough if close early on
Quin or Tri Box 2-5-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 25/256/2356 $8
Super Wheel 25/25/36/36 or 26/26/35/35 $4
Race 6
Grade D
550 Yds
Easi Stephanie Ship in, Determined win
M's Sweet Idea Solid drop, Caught late
T's Diamond Gal Shipper, Posted, Factors
Gs Annika Coming from off the pace
Quin or Tri Box 1-3-6 $6
Trifecta Wheel 36/136/1367 $8
Super Wheel 36/36/17/17 or 13/13/67/67 $4
Race 13
Grade D
550 Yds
Facebook Solid drop, Finds form
Payday Lily Far better than lines show
Kb's Acuna Ship in, Liking racetrack
Pat C Kalinda Double drop, Waking up
Quin or Tri Box 2-3-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 28/238/2358 $8
Super Wheel 28/28/35/35 or 23/23/58/58 $4
Quin Double $18
Race 7
Grade B
550 Yds
Lk's Mandalay Outlasts leaders to win
Bob's Chasty Dueling up front, Caught
Blazing Hot Pushing the pace, Short
Se's Butter Cup Won last effort in grade B
Quin or Tri Box 1-2-8 $6
Trifecta Wheel 12/128/1268 $8
Super Wheel 12/12/68/68 or 28/28/16/16 $4
Race 14
Grade B
550 Yds
Mrl Outlaw Billy Forget last, Back to win
Ww Fastrak Dino Just misses once again
Sabil Par Faye Off a win, Huge late run
Mac's Frontier Driving on leaders late
Quin or Tri Box 3-5-7 $6
Trifecta Wheel 57/357/2357 $8
Super Wheel 57/57/23/23 or 35/35/27/27 $4
Quin Double 2-3-8/3-5-7 $18