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2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018  
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

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Night of Stars

9/4/2010 James J Patton Silver Cup Finals

Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good, but always it's better to be lucky and good, and that was just what Kiowa Vinita was in the 2010 edition of the James J Patton Silver Cup.

The first lucky thing for Vinita was that she snuck in the backdoor into the finals by winning a tie-breaker for the final spot in the field. Kiowa Wish Frank did the same thing in 2008 for the O'Donnell Kennel, and like Frank, Vinita made the most of her opportunity.

The second lucky thing for Vinita came in post position draw. Trainer Mary Gerard had the last two picks and was left with an outside post, the seven box, and the one box. Kiowa Top Design was first and she pulled the seven box, leaving the one for Vinita, and in the end this post is what probably got her home a winner.

Loaded up and ready to go the field was poised for the start of the race. As announcer Joe Ross let the Here's Come Rusty out the field was timing their breaks, and as the box opened up it was Kiowa Vinita that beat this field to the lead in the early few steps. That would be short lived though as the ankle burner Leading Steps rushed by everyone to take control of the lead, and the race, as they headed past the finish line the first time up the stretch. Another surprise was that Eds Budby had come to run too and he was stalking just off in third, followed by phenom, Really Xtreme, Raiders Bart, Kiowa Top Design, Paddy Whacker, and the race favorite Comedrinkwithme. Thru the turn the leaders went, but the backside is where Leading Steps make his move to try and help him secure a win. There he increased his lead over the field by a bit and was two lengths clear of the competition all the way to the far turn. But as we all know, Steps is short, and the closers, they were a comin! By the far turn, everyone had started to make up ground on the leader and the closest were Kiowa Vinita and Eds Budby. Leading Steps still held the lead at the far turn but he was just a length better than the rest, and as they started to head up the stretch, his lead was all but gone. Kiowa Vinita was just a head off of the front and Eds Budby was ready to overtake as well. Down the stretch it turned into a two greyhound race, and neither of those were the early leader Leading Steps. Now it was all about the closers. Kiowa Vinita was on the lead looking for her first stakes title, and Eds Budby, who was just off in second, was looking for his second in 2010. Both greyhounds dug in deep and continued to do what they do best, CLOSE! Step by step they battled, but as the line drew near it was clear that Vinita was going to prove best. Try as he might Eds Budby just couldn't take her down before the finish line. Leading Steps held on for a game third with Really Xtreme rounding out the superfecta. The rest of the field was Kiowa Top Design in fifth, Paddy Whacker in sixth, Raiders Bart in seventh, and Comedrinkwithme in eighth.
11th Grade: S Distance:  550 Condition: Fast
Kiowa Vinita       61    1  1  2        2        1  1     30.59   9.60  Patton Silver Cup   
Eds Budby          73    8  3  3        3        2  1     30.66   7.60  Persistent Threat Rl
Leading Steps      74    6  5  1  3     1  1     3  3     30.79  10.30  Gave Up Late Lead   
Really Xtreme      64    4  6  4        5        4  5     30.95   7.50  Never Far Back Mt   
Kiowa Top Design   79    7  4  6        4        5  6     31.02   8.80  Crowded 1st Turn    
Paddy Whacker      76    3  7  7        6        6  6.5   31.05   3.50  Slow Break, Crowded 
Raiders Bart       68    5  8  5        7        7  9     31.22   3.60  Jammed, Denied Rl   
Comedrinkwithme    73.5  2  2  8        8        8  18.5  31.88   2.70  Slow Brk, Crowded Rl
James E. O'donnell,  Jr., Bk, F, 09/16/07, FLYING HYDROGEN - GREG KIOWA GIRL 
1    Kiowa Vinita       21.20   7.20   7.00
8    Eds Budby                  6.80   8.00
6    Leading Steps                     7.00
QU(1-8)                 67.40
PF(1-8)                167.70
TR(1-8-6)             1427.40
SU(1-8-6-ALL)          671.50
Talk about stepping up when the opportunity presents itself, Kiowa Vinita made the absolute most of this one. The post was perfect and she did what she had to do early on to give herself a shot to win. She broke and got a clear lane to the turn, and like she has done a hundred times before, she just didn't give up. She just kept on coming and it turned out to be a personal best run of 30.59 seconds, and one that was worthy of a stakes title.

Congratulation head out to the owners Kay Smith and P. O'Donnell, trainer Mary Gerard, the James E. O'Donnell Kennel, and everyone else connected with this wonderful greyhound. For the second time in three years the O'Donnell Kennel has won this race with a greyhound that finished eighth in points and barely made it into the finals. I said that Kiowa Vinita was not Kiowa Wish Frank, but on this occasion she accomplished the same thing and won a stakes title. I guess trainer Mary Gerard does have some tricks still left up her sleeve and used them here to pull that one box out of the hat.

Big thing could be ahead for this little girl as she turns three years old later this month. She still has plenty of races ahead of her in her career and it seems that she is really coming into her own right now. Everyone here at the Orange Park Kennel Club is looking forward to those starts, as we already know what we are going to get in each and every one, her best closing effort.