Stake Races for 2018

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018  
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

Stake Races

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Orange Park Derby
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James J Patton Silver Cup
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Night of Stars

2/4/2012 Orange Park Derby Finals

In the past 16 years since I have been here I cannot recall a greyhound winning back to back stakes titles over two different distance, well that is until now! Snj Black Porter made his dream a reality on Saturday evening February 4th in the finals of the 2012 Orange Park Derby.

Starting from the 4 box he is poised to make some noise, but as the box came open, it was obvious that he was going to have to work if he wanted to take home another victory. Pat C Manuel hit the lid at the start of the Orange Park Derby and seized early control. He was stalked by fellow early speeder Miss Trent. Both had cleared the early trouble behind them, but the bad news was so did Snj Black Porter. The STOUT one chased the ankle burners around the escape turn and down the backside and it was apparent by backstretch that they were both in trouble. In the far turn Porter had already picked up Miss Trent and was driving by Manuel to take the lead. Also coming was J's Robin, who found the early trouble and was running a huge race to just get back into contention. As they turned for home Porter was clear on the lead and he was not even thinking about stopping. He dominated throughout the stretch run and left the nearest competitor a full 4 lengths behind him at the wire. Early leader, Pat C Manuel held on for place, as J's Robin just missed him at the wire on the rail. Miss Trent held her own late for the final spot in the superfecta. Completing the race was the rest of the pack that found trouble early on. Pat C Hostage in 5th, Big Drama in 6th, Rc Mini Power in 7th, and Lk's Energizing was scratched.
11th Grade: S Distance:  660 Condition: Fast
Snj Black Porter   78    4  3  3        1  3     1  4     37.90   3.20  2012 Derby Champ      
Pat C Manuel       65    8  1  1  2     2        2  4     38.18   7.10  Forced Pace, Plcd Mt  
J's Robin          68    3  7  6        3        3  5     38.24   2.80  Crowded Brk, Drove    
Miss Trent         62    2  2  2        4        4  7     38.40  12.80  Early Threat, Outbid  
Pat C Hostage      76    1  4  5        5        5  9.5   38.55   2.50  Jammed At Break       
Big Drama          61.5  5  5  7        6        6  13    38.80   5.70  Could Not Find Room   
Rc Mini Power      62    6  6  4        7        7  13.5  38.85   9.10  Caught In Traffic     
Lk's Energizing          7                       S        .                                   
Crowe Kennel, Bk, M, 11/12/09, Jt's Goesaround - Ultimate Cupcake 
4    Snj Black Porter    8.40   4.80   3.60
8    Pat C Manuel               6.20   5.20
3    J's Robin                         3.00
QU(4-8)                 46.80
PF(4-8)                 69.00
TR(4-8-3)              196.40
SU(4-8-3-2)            829.80
Scratches: Lk's Energizing.

Watch the replay HERE

Congratulation head out to the Crowe Kennel, Trainer Mike Crowe, the owners, SNJ D DOGS, and everyone else connected with this fantastic greyhound. What a showing as he made history at the Orange Park Kennel Club. Loads of races still lie ahead for this puppy, and with this win, he has shown that he can win a final over either distance. Plenty of more chances this year at the Orange Park Kennel Club, and abroad, to make even a bigger statement. Good luck to him in the future and congrats again on making history, with wins in the 2011 Jacksonville Juvenile and the 2012 Orange Park Derby.