Stake Races for 2018

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018 Lk's Black Gold 
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

Stake Races

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James J Patton Marathon
James J Patton Silver Cup
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Night of Stars

12/1/2007 JGR Juvenile Finals

Well for Henry Howe and the BJ Racing Kennel, the name means everything! Forget about how well a greyhound does in the qualifying rounds of the stakes. Forget about the odds of winning. Forget about who is supposed to shine and just take a look at the name in the program. If you think thatís a stretch, they donít, it has already worked twice for them this year at the Orange Park Kennel Club.

You see Craigie Grandy wasnít supposed to win the 2007 Orange Park Derby, it was her kennelmate Deco Deano who was the point leader and eventual favorite in the final field, but she didnít know that and took home the top spot. The same thing could be said for the finals of the JGR Juvenile as Craigie Cool Man pulled off the unlikely upset over 3 of his kennelmates.

At the break it was Kiowa Pincay the closer that took early command of this race and it appeared for a brief moment that she might have a major shot at stealing away the lead and the win in this final round race. But by the first turn she had already been past Moon Mt Bye Bye and Craigie Cool Man had driven up even with her on the outside. Here is where it got interesting for the rest of the field. Pincay should have changed her name to pinball as she caromed off of several greyhounds throughout the 1st turn and caused some trouble for each and every one of them, well except for the leader Moon Mt Bye Bye who was some 3 lengths in the clear heading down the backside. Craigie Cool Man did clear after only a minor bump and was the only hope to take down the leader before the finish line. Heading into the far turn Cool Man had already started to chip away at the large lead by Bye Bye, but she was still comfortably ahead of him as they made their way thru the turn. As they made their moves down the stretch Bye Bye was clinging to a 2 length lead and everyone in the crowd new it was going to get interesting by the time the finish line rolled around. Half way home Craigie Cool Man had started his run on the outside and was creeping every closer as he gained round with every stride. Bye Bye was digging in with all she had left and was still making a race of it even though she felt her lead evaporating. Closer and closer they got to the wire and the closer and closer the greyhounds got to each other. In the deep stretch right before the wire, Cool Man proved to be just too much for Bye Bye to hold off. He galloped by in the final couple of strides and captured away the title by a length at the finish line. Running up the competition was Bye Bye who gave a gallant effort, but was just outfinished by a superior greyhound at the wire. Third place went to the closing Itís Not Over, who overcame early trouble to make the trifecta. Following him in 4th was Deco Fara Jett. Jett also was in contention to the 1st turn and rebounded nicely in this effort to take home a money position at the finish line. Rounding out the rest of the race was Pat C Concord in 5th, favorite Deco Daron Hart in 6th (5 box was not very very good to him), Grim Reaper in 7th and Kiowa Pincay in 8th.

Congrats once again to the BJ Racing Kennel and owner Henry Howe as they take home their 3rd stakes win on the year. (Craigie Grandy 2007 Orange Park Derby, Deco Deano 2007 Clay County Classic and Craigie Cool Man 2007 JGR Juvenile) This combination has proven to be quite a formidable one on the Jacksonville Racing Circuit and should be for the unforeseen future. Their keen eyes at the auction, and their quality connections, are making them very tough to beat and have kept them smiling pretty in all of those photo presentations.

So for the BJ Kennels and Henry Howe itís not the shoes, itís the name that matters most and I guess in 2007 Craigie was the name to choose!