Stake Races for 2018

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018 Lk's Black Gold 
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

Stake Races

bestbet Derby
Orange Park Derby
bestbet Sprint Classic
bestbet Puppy Stakes
James J Patton Marathon
James J Patton Silver Cup
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Night of Stars

2012 Jacksonville Sprint Classic Bios

Pat C Jackhammer - Points (56)
OP Career Totals (18/7-4-1-2)
R BD M May 2009 Flying Hydrogen Pat C Tesla
Owned By Patrick Collins
Runs for the Pat Collins Kennel
Trained by Scott Jarvis
Pat C Jackhammer is a recent ship in from Dubuque that has taken well to his new surroundings under the close eye of trainer Scott Jarvis, and that was never more apparent than in the 2012 Jacksonville Sprint Classic. This hard trying greyhound is running his best at the right time as he finished in the quiniela in all four rounds, including a pair of wins and a pair of second place efforts. His good rush and his determined running style found him to be a threat in each and every start. This only entry for the Pat Collins Kennel ran his best race in round 2 as he chased early, drove hard late, and held off a big time closing threat, and fellow finalist, J's Robin at the wire for the victory. Jackhammer is competing in his first stakes event and he make it not only to the finals, he is the leader in points for the whole race. Jackhammer was on a tear even before the stakes round started and that includes his current run of seven straight trips in the money. Post doesn't matter all the much to him as long as he is not in the middle boxes. He has flourished from the edges and took all four snaps from the inside posts in the qualifying rounds. If he wants to keep up the good work and have a solid shot at winning this race, he needs to just do one thing, break. We know he can rush, we know he can close, but if he breaks he will have an opportunity to make the field come and get him if they want to win. A favorable post from the edges might go a long way in helping him out early on. He proved to be the most consistent in qualifying, time to step up to the plate one more time on Saturday evening.

Offthebrakedrake - Points (52)
Career Totals (44/20-4-6-2)
R M February 2010 Coldwater Konow Ruby Is The Best
Owned By Lorenzo Anguiano
Runs for DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Louis Amaral
No greyhound has been hotter at the Orange Park Kennel Club than Offthebrakedrake. Drake has not just been winning races, he won 3 of the 4 qualifying rounds, he has been destroying fields. He is as fast as he wants to be and he has finished just a .01 of a second off the track record twice in his last 5 races. He is competing in his second stakes race, and makes his second stakes final for the DQ Williams. The first of three entries for DQ, Drake is clearly the greyhound to beat in this effort and all you have to do is look at his last race to see what I mean. Breaking from the 6 box, Drake cleared early, rushed up untouched to the turn, and left a stakes field way, way, way behind him at the finish line. Drake won his semi-final race by 10 lengths and stopped the clock just a tick off the track record again with a run of 30.09 seconds. What is more impressive about this run, the point leader, Pat C Jackhammer, was second. Post could play a role in the outcome of this final round race for him though, as he much prefers the rail to inside post position. From there he just breaks better and him close to the lead is bad news for this field. Time to put the pedal to the metal one more time and prove just who the best, and fastest, greyhound is at the racetrack once and for all.

Penrose Jovial - Points (44)
Career Totals (100/23-15-16-10)
BK BD M July 2009 Dk's Prime Time Penrose Trendy
Owned By Nick S. De Salvo
Runs for the James E O'Donnell Kennel
Trained by Wallace Wilson
Penrose Jovial is a mainstay at the Orange Park Kennel Club and has more stakes experience than any other greyhound in this field. This race was his third stakes event and he is competing in his first stakes final for the James E O'Donnell kennel. His good mix of break and close and done him well throughout the years, and it showed up once again in the 2012 Jacksonville Sprint Classic. Starting out as hot as anyone, Jovial took quick command in rounds one and two and put up back to back winning efforts. He parlayed that with a 3rd and a 5th place finish to secure him a spot in this final round race. His best effort came in round two as he didn't see the lead right away, but rushed up close, and took over late for a determined easy win. Jovial has loads of experience at his disposable and that will come in handy against this talented field. He has competed in 100 races at Orange Park and won nearly a quarter of his efforts, and the majority of them have come in grade A. This midtrack runner likes to break from the edges and is at his best when he can get close to the lead in the early stages of the race. From the rail he comes out faster and he is going to need a quick start if he wants a chance to take home the title. Stakes experience is a plus, but he has to put it to good use one more time in this effort.

Miss Kate - Points (44)
Career Totals (179/34-33-27-20)
BK F May 2008 Fuzzys Cannon Miss Kissable
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Louis Amaral
Miss Kate might just be running the best of her entire long career at the Orange Park Kennel Club right now. Up until the semi-finals, where she found trouble, Miss Kate was kicking butt and taking names over the ovals. She had been in the money in 10 straight efforts, and that included 6 wins, two of which came in the first and third rounds of the stakes. This race is her second attempt, in 179 career starts, at a stakes race and finally she makes it to the finals for the DQ Williams Kennel. Miss Kate is a true DQ Williams greyhound that can break or come from off the pace and beat you before the finish line. Her most impressive race came in round number three as she stalked early lead, Kiowa Jill Vik throughout and drove by her before the finish line to steal away the slim win. This is no little feat as Kiowa Jill Vik has good late speed and has never been caught from behind in any of her 119 career races. It was a huge effort and one she is going to have to repeat if she wants to stand in the winner's circle on Saturday evening. Like most of the greyhounds in this field, Miss Kate, is right at home from any post on the edges of the racetrack. The 1,2 or 7,8 would be a good place to start from, but if she could pick, I think she would like the rail. She break better from in here and a good start would help her out greatly in this final round race. As the oldest and wisest of the field, Miss Kate, might have a few new tricks for these dogs in the finals.

Gs Jock - Points (44)
Career Totals (49/11-9-5-7)
W R M April 2010 Domingo Dodge Barts Heavensent
Owned By Gary or Sharon Willis
Runs for the Willis Kennel
Trained by Brandy Willis
And the Willis Kennel does it again! Another stakes race, and another stakes finalist and this time around his game is JOCK! Gs Jock to be exact and another greyhound sired by former JGR Racing star Domingo Dodge. Dodge offspring have had great success at the Orange Park Kennel Club and usually can run both 550 and 660 yards. Jock falls right into that category and his solid break and determined drive is what got him into this final round field. Jock put up a win, a pair of places and a 5th place effort to make the finals and it is easy to say that his best effort, was his first effort in the rounds. Breaking from the rail post, he exploded to the front end and took instant command of the race. He coasted all the way around the racetrack and was never really challenged at any point in that effort. His 30.69 second clocking was just off the best of the night that was recorded by the ultra fast Offthebrakedrake who put up a 30.66 second run later on the card. Jock is a rail runner that can get it done from almost any post on the races, well that is if he can get out of the starting box well, but we all know they have favorite spots and his has to be the rail. He normally comes out quicker from the redder posts, and that could be just the edge he needs to take home the title tonight. He has the chops to get it done, it's up to him to hold the Kennel name high again in yet another sprint stakes final.

Easi Mitchie - Points (42)
OP Career Totals (31/8-8-2-2)
R F F November 2009 Kiowa Mon Manny Uss Race By
Owned By Allyn L. Shaw
Runs for the PTL Kennel
Trained by Jim Rae
Easi Mitchie is a hot and cold running greyhound that can be a major threat in any effort that she gets room early on. She has proven this time and again at the Orange Park Kennel Club since arriving from Southland, and the stakes rounds showed off just what she can do when she wants to run. Heading into the semi-finals with a pair of second place effort and a sixth place finish, things looked bleak for her to make the finals, but where there is a will, there is a way. Saving her best race for when she needed it, Mitchie bombed from the starting box and took the lead heading to the turn, she held it to the backside, but was rushed by and was forced to stalk in third. Just when he looked like her chance had passed her by, Mitchie dug deep, found that little something more, and powered by the leaders on the outside to steal away not only a win, but a spot in the finals on Saturday evening. Mitchie is competing in her first stakes race and makes the finals in her first ever try. This PTL runner needs to find a spot away from the crowd in this effort so that she can get things all revved up by the finish line. She would love to start somewhere on the edged, like most of this field, but would prefer the inside a bit more than the outside. Just look back 6 races as she broke form the 2 box she won by 12 and posted up a personal best of 30.57 seconds. Time to see which way the faucet is turned on tonight! Will it be HOT or COLD?

System Of A Down - Points (42)
Career Totals (28/9-5-2-4)
R M December 2009 Dodgem By Design Star Olga
Owned By Andrew Owen of Stacy E Junk
Runs for Crowe Kennel
Trained by Garnet Crowe
System Of A Down seized the opportunity of his very first stake racing competition and found a way to will himself into this final round field. What is more impressive is how he did it. He did it with consistency. In each and every start in the stakes, he finished in the money and I guess he was trying to dismiss the DOUBLE Down theory. Winning in round one, he followed that up with a second, third, and fourth place finished in the other races and that was just enough to find a spot amongst the best at the racetrack on Saturday evening. Clearly his best race came in round 1 where he was out close, drove hard throughout and ended up outlasting the rest at the finish line. Down is no one trick pony and has enough left at the end of the race to come from just off the pace and get up for the late win. He has proven in the past that when he is clear with the lead he can run with the best of them and if he is going to cross in time for the checkered flag in this effort, the break is what is going to have to return to him. Inside is where he wants to be and a good post will help him get into the early groove that he needs to find in order to contend in this effort. Winning against this talented field might be a bit above this youngsters pay grade FOR NOW, but if he comes to run, you never know.

J's Robin - Points (41)
Career Totals (25/11-8-2-0)
BK F February 2010 Lonesome Cry Boy Trouble
Owned By Jerry Simons
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Louis Amaral
The phenom puppy is back and she makes her second stakes final in a row, as the third member of the DQ clan, here in the elite 8 for the 2012 Jacksonville Sprint Classic. Robin is the only greyhound in this field that has an in the money finish in a final and that came with a 3rd place effort in this year's Orange Park Derby. Hard to believe that she has only finished out of the quiniela once in her career over 550 yards and that came in her semi-final race. Before that effort she was on a run of 11 straight in the quiniela, including a win and a pair of close second place finishes in rounds one, two, and three. Late speed is her calling card and she can make up ground on almost anyone at any time or place on the racetrack. With near track record speed, she can be a dominate force with the lead too and if she breaks, this field might be hard pressed to catch her before the finish line. Don't overlook her talents just because she squeaked into this final round field as she has all she needs to post up a win in this effort. As far as post positions go, Robin wants something on the far inside or outside part of the racetrack. Give her the 1,2 or 7,8 and this field could be in for a bunch of trouble. Looking to get back to her quiniela roots, Robin will give her all in this race and might just find a way to outrock this field at the finish line.