Stake Races for 2018

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018 Lk's Black Gold 
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

Stake Races

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James J Patton Silver Cup
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Night of Stars

2010 Jacksonville Sprint Classic Bios


Eds Joy Of Pride - Points (38)
Career Totals (48/10-5-11-6)
W F Bd F December 2007 Domingo Dodge Cherokee Queen
Owned By John M. Crowe
Runs for the Crowe Kennel
Trained by Garnet Crowe
Eds Joy Of Pride is the probably the surprise entry in this final round field, but if recent history has anything to say about it, maybe she shouldn't be. Her brother Eds Budby just won the 2010 Orange Park Derby, and this litter of greyhounds out of former JGR racing star, Domingo Dodge, are really showing their stuff over the Orange Park oval. Eds Joy Of Pride showed her late speed over the 550 yard course and used it to her advantage in each and every one of the qualifying rounds. She made her way into the finals by never giving up and finishing in the money in all four efforts. With a win, a pair of thirds, and a fourth place finish, she was a factor late in each race as she never finished more than three lengths off the winner in any start. Her best effort came in round one as she was too close too soon and there was no one that was going to be able to hold her off at the finish line. Well, I guess you can say that the third time is a charm for this little girl as she failed to make the finals of the 2009 Jacksonville Juvenile or the 2010 Orange Park Derby, but gets a chance here to take home back to back stakes titles for her family, her owner, and her kennel in this effort. Post position is all over the place for her and as long as she can get room to the rail I really don't think it matters all the much to her in this effort. Something to the edges would be good for her to start from, and if she could get the one box that might be a bit of a bonus for her too. The key to her success in this race is breaking well. Well all know she can close, but she can't be too far back to early against this talented field.

Blaze N Ray - Points (38)
JGR Career Totals (80/26-15-16-6)
Bd M February 2006 Craigie Whistler Rayvan
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by David Helton
Blaze N Ray might be the story of this stakes race. By making the finals of this event he is doing something that you don't see every day. A greyhound that made the finals of a stakes race two years after making the same final. Yep, that's right Blaze N Ray was a finalist in 2008 and now make it back in 2010 for the DQ Williams Kennel. Ray has really rounded back into form since returning at the start of this year after a three month layoff, and it showed best in the qualifying rounds. With a win, and three third place efforts, Ray solid rush and great closing speed saw him contend in each and every effort in the rounds. His best though came in round two. There he broke from the favorable one box and took the lead up the backside. Drawing away from the field late, Ray, posted up the fastest time of the day and was almost six lengths better than anyone else in the field at the finish line. Post position for this greyhound is TOO EASY DRILL SERGEANT, all he wants is the one box. He is eighteen for twenty in the money with eleven wins from the red box at the Orange Park Kennel Club, including the best trip of his career a seven length win 30.29 seconds. Ray is a duel threat and if he gets loose early on, everyone in this race better pay attention at the finish line.

Sassy Gloria - Points (36)
JGR Career Totals (78/31-16-7-8)
Bd F June 2006 Fuzzys Cannon Sassy Nan
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by David Helton
There is one in every stakes final and this time around the I SHOWED UP WHEN I HAD TO AWARD goes to Sassy Gloria. After a solid second and third place efforts in the first two rounds, Gloria seemed in a good position, but after a trouble ridden eighth place finish in round three she was in dire straits. Her only chance was to win the semi-finals and hope for some help, and that is just what happened in this race. She did her part and posted up the best trip of her qualifying efforts. She broke close and ran down La's Anthony in the stretch to take home the victory. With the win she tied for the final spot in the stakes and won the tie-breaker to give the DQ Williams Kennel four entries in this stakes final. Even though she is very talented this is only her second stakes event, she competed in this same race last year, but this time around she make it into the finals. Like most DQ greyhounds she has late speed to burn on occasion, but she is a double threat in that she can go to the lead and beat you on the front end too. Gloria likes to run midtrack, but can win races from a ton of different starting positions. Breaking close and having room are really the things she needs in this effort, so a post away from the crowd will be where she wants to start from. But you never know, her last race which she had to win, started in the 5 box. If Gloria wants to run and compete in this effort, she has the skills to upset this field tonight.

Rs Libby Lu - Points (40)
Career Totals (94/31-16-11-14)
Dk Bd F May 2007 Lonesome Cry Sweet Sandra Sue
Owned By Ronnie Stanley
Runs for the Stacey Blanch Kennels
Trained by Linda Blanch
Rs Libby Lu was the pre-race favorite to win this event and thru some hard work she finds herself in the finals with a chance to delivery on that promise. She was the winner of the 2009 Sunshine State Silver Cup, the last sprint stakes final, and since returning from Wheeling she has been on a mission. In the rounds she posted up a win, a second, and a pair of fourth place finishes. Her best effort came in round two as we saw the true Libby Lu that all of us have become accustom too. She burst from the starting box to take instant command of the race. Once in front she held tough throughout as he turned back the challengers all the way to the stretch to take home the slim win at the finish line. Rs Libby Lu is competing her fourth stakes final for the Stacey Blanch Kennel and in two previous ones she has finished in the quiniela at the wire. Breaking well will really be the key to her success in this final round race. Post position really will not come into play, but if she would have her druthers it would have to be something to the far inside or outside on the racetrack. The two box could be good for her. She has won her last five races in a row from this starting box. If she does make the lead in this final round race, they are going to have a hard time getting to her before the finish line.

La's Anthony - Points (48)
Career Totals (108/45-25-11-9)
R M June 2006 Dustin The Way La's Felisha
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by David Helton
La's Anthony gets the distinction of being the only returning finalist in this race as he broke well and worked hard thru the qualifying rounds to take home a win, two seconds, and a third place finish in the four trips around the oval. What more would you expect from this stupendous greyhound. His shining moment in qualifying came in the second round as he jumped the gun from the eight box and took quick command of the race. There he was five lengths clear of the field and held strong all the way to the wire for the win. Trying to win this stakes like his daddy did in 2004, Anthony is still looking for that elusive title after making his eighth final round event in this start for the DQ Williams Kennel. What might be even more impressive is that he has finished in the money in four of the previous seven stakes finals that he can competed in. Anthony is all rail all the time and everyone would expect him to start from the one box. Don't get me wrong that post would be fine, but what about the six? He has been in the money in twenty-one of twenty-five starts from this post with nine wins. Besides, in stakes he is four of five in the money from there including his closest finish in a final, fourth by a length in the 2008 JGR Puppy Stakes. Ok so the post might be up for consideration but one thing you can be sure of, if he breaks like he has been he is going to be tough to keep out of contention in this race.

Wp's Commodore - Points (44)
Career Totals (64/18-12-4-9)
Bk M December 2007 Fuzzys Cannon M's Countess Amy
Owned By Henry T. Howe
Runs for the B & J Racing Kennels, Inc.
Trained by Tom Artzer
Wp's Commodore might have had some trouble in the 1st round after missing his break, but he more than made up for it in the upcoming rounds. Drawing some better posts and getting of the box in more of a hurry helped a bit too. Round two saw him press throughout and challenge for the lead all the way to the wire for a close second place effort, and in rounds three and four he just dominated. He burst out fast and sailed his way to the early lead, and eventually the wire, for back to back winning efforts. His third round race was a thing of beauty and has to be considered the best of his bunch. There he posted up the race of the evening and was faster than anyone else on the racetrack. Commodore has a little bit to prove in this race too as he is running for some kennel and family pride. B & J won this race last year with Count Ivan and Commodore is Ivan's half brother, same Mom, and he is hoping that it all runs in the family in his first stakes final. In this final round race Commodore is hoping to draw away from the early speed and have room to rush to the turn. His dream spot has to be the eight box. He just loves it out there and breaks extremely quick when he starts off in the tiger stripes. His last three efforts from this post have produced a pair of wins and a close second place finish. All he has to do is break in this final round race and he is going to be a handful for anyone for the duration of this effort.

Hallo Mr Great - Points (56)
Career Totals (84/24-11-14-11)
W F M August 2007 Hallo Mr Finigan Kiowa Kay Dime
Owned By Smith Greyhounds, Inc. or Pauline O'Donnell
Runs for James E O'Donnell Kennel
Trained by Mary "Sue" Gerard
Hallo Mr Great is the early speed machine of the racetrack right now. No greyhound has been more consistent out of the starting box, before or during the qualifying rounds. He has been coming out quickly in each and every effort and that is the main reason that he finished second in points in this stakes race. Mr Great made it into the finals with a pair of wins and a pair of second place effort, and the best of the bunch came in round three. There he outrushed everyone to the lead and coasted up front all the way to the wire for the easy victory. Mr Great is no stranger to stakes competition or winning qualifying rounds. In the 2009 JGR Puppy Stakes he won the first two qualifying rounds before falling in the semi-finals and just missing a Saturday start. This time around things went better for him and he is competing in his first ever stakes final as the only greyhound from the O'Donnell Kennel in this race. With his solid break and great rush to the turn anything on the edges should be a good place for him to start from. The one, two, or seven, eight, would be ideal, but if he does hit the lid it really won't matter all that much. With eleven quinielas in his last fourteen races, including his last six races in a row, this greyhound should be a major force in this final round event.

Lady Avery - Points (60)
Career Totals (37/10-6-5-4)
Be F April 2008 Trent Lee Leafs Falling
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by David Helton
Lady Avery had her coming out party in the qualifying rounds of the 2010 Jacksonville Sprint Classic. Here she parlayed her tremendous late speed into some fantastic efforts. A win, is a win, is a win, and that might just be her mantra for this event. Even though her wins were not by a country mile, they still count as victories. She made the lead in points for this race with a close second in the first round, and three wins in her next three stakes rounds. Two by a neck and one by a nose, as she made sure that everyone watching got their money's worth of excitement at the finish line. All of them were such big strong closing efforts it's really hard to say which one was best, but if you had to pick one it would have to be in the semi-finals. There was last at the first turn and looked out of it six lengths behind the former stakes winner Rs Libby Lu. But Avery did not give up, she just kept coming and coming and at the wire she edged out Libby Lu for the win. Lady Avery is firing on all cylinders now and was the only greyhound to win 3 qualifying races. What makes this even more special is that she will be competing in her very first stakes final and she joins the other three finalist for the DQ Williams Kennel in this event. Coming out a slowly as she does in some races, post position really doesn't matter all that much to her. She just needs some room to get around the turns cleanly, and that will allow her to do what she does best, CLOSE! If she had to choose a spot to start from in this effort I think it would be the 8 box. She has won 3 of 4 career races from there and has never lost a race over 550 yards from this post position. If they are going to beat her in this one, they better steal a ton in the early stages of this race.