Stake Races for 2018

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018 Lk's Black Gold 
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

Stake Races

bestbet Derby
Orange Park Derby
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James J Patton Marathon
James J Patton Silver Cup
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Night of Stars

2009 Orange Park Derby Bios


Penny Candy - Points (56)
Career Totals (102/55-17-13-8)
Bk – F January 2006 Stan’s Boy Flyer – Mystic Angle
Owned By – Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham
No big surprise here as Penny Candy wins three of the four rounds of the stakes and is the top qualifier in points. Frankly she is the best greyhound at the racetrack over 660 yards and that may extend to the rest to the country too. She was the national win leader in 2008 with 42 victories in 71 races and missed the money on only 3 occasions, once over 660 yards. She can win from the front, like she did in the 1st round of the stakes by 9 lengths, or from off the pace, like she did in the second and third rounds. She is one of four finalists for the DQ Williams Kennel and she is the only returning finalist from the 2008 edition of this race. Last year she just barley made it into the finals, but showed her true colors in that final round race. She came from way back to just miss taking home the title by a head at the finish line. Penny also made the finals of the 2008 James J Patton Marathon Race, where she won all the qualifying rounds and finished a close 4th at the finish line. Penny is as complete of a greyhound as they come. She can do it all and there is no doubt that she will be the betting favorite come post time. All she has to do is stay away from the middle post positions. From time to time they have been her Achilles heel. She doesn’t break very well from here and almost always seems to find trouble in the early going. With all the talent she has, she normally rallies late for an in the money finish, but winning has been hard to come by on different occasions. Clearly the class of this field, this 2008 All-American hopeful is going to be tough to keep out of the winner’s circle at the end of this effort.

Lover Girl Bambi - Points (52)
Career Totals (71/11-10-14-9)
Bd – F June 2006 Get Over – Dave’s Lovergirl
Owned By – David Helton
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham
If you want to talk about shining in the stakes rounds, then this is the greyhound that you need to talk about. How about 2 wins, a second and a third place finish in 4 races? This is the best run that Bambi has probably ever put together in her career and doing it against the best the track has to offer, well that is special in itself. Sure in the past she has shown some talent and won some races, but her recent return to grade A was only the second time in her career to get to the top level of competition. Closing has become her forte and in her last qualifying round race she beat the mighty Penny Candy. What is strange though is that her best race might not have been a win. Two races back she finished second and in that one she had to overcome some serious trouble and drive from WAY back in order to get up into the place position at the finish line. Bambi is the second of four entries into the finals of the Orange Park Derby for the DQ Williams Kennel, and this one is owned by trainer David Helton. David always does a fantastic job and this time around he even gets to route and tout for his own greyhound in the finals. Another interesting point is this greyhound is out of the former Jacksonville Racing Circuit superstar, Get Over, who has had a finalist finish in the money in 2 of the last 4 years in this race. Bambi might have been overlooked by many in her second attempt at stakes competition, but she proved them all wrong and make it all the way to her first final round appearance. Post may play an important role for her as she loves the rail and has never missed the money from the red box.

Dirty Picture - Points (50)
Career Totals (31/10-6-1-6)
R – M March 2007 Coldwater Konow – Chance With Me
Owned By – Tina M. Williams
Runs for the D.Q. Williams Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham
Dirty Picture is starting off his career in the right direction as he makes it to his second stake race final in a row. This greyhound is multi-talented and has proven, like so many other DQ Williams greyhounds before him, that he is not only capable of running the longer route; he is capable of winning and running tough at 660 yards. This greyhound showed great early speed over the added distance and never finished out of the money in all four efforts. He won two races, finished second in another and capped off another round with a fourth place effort. Picture is the third of four greyhounds for the DQ Williams Kennel in the stakes and looks to improve on his 5th place finish in the 2008 edition of the Jacksonville Juvenile in this effort. You know trainer David Helton will have him ready to go in this effort, like he always does, but unlike his closing counterparts the most important part of this race for him is going to be the break. In both of his winning efforts he stole the early lead and was getting picked up at the finish line. He is a bit short over the 660 yard course and without the lead; it may turn into a long day for this talented youngster. Post for him really doesn’t matter all the much for a couple of reasons. If you break well, you can start from any post and he has proven so far that he can get the job done from a plethora of different starting locations. Tonight it’s all about he gets out of the starting box.

Kiowa Truefriend - Points (48)
Career Totals (148/28-31-30-14)
Bd – F November 2005 Flying Penske – Kiowa Tom Long
Owned By – Smith Greyhounds or P. O’Donnell
Runs for the James E. O’Donnell Kennel
Trained by Mary Gerard
Kiowa Truefriend is the journeywomen of the finals of the 2009 Orange Park Derby with 148 races under her belt and with each and every effort she has given all that she has. The majority of those races have been spent in the top levels of competition here at the Orange Park Kennel Club running against the best we have to offer for over the last couple of years. Truefriend is the first of two entries into the finals for the James E O’Donnell Kennel and the second just shows how deep the family feeling goes as her sister Kiowa True Love also will contend. Trainer Sue Gerard and has always had good luck with the greyhounds that she receives from Kay Smith and has won several stakes events with greyhounds displaying the tremendous KIOWA prefix. Truefriend tried twice in 2008 to compete for a stakes final appearance. First was the Orange Park Derby and then again in the James J Patton Marathon. Even though she tried her best she was denied a spot in the finals, so this appearance will be her first on super Saturday. Truefriend made it to this point by winning her first round race and holding in the trifecta in the other three, with a pair of seconds and a third place finish. Breaking well and rushing hard early were the keys to her success the qualifying and I know she will want to stick with that game plan in the finals too. As long as she has room to rush the post is not all that important, but if she had to pick, far inside or outside should do the trick.

Wired To Wind - Points (38)
Career Totals (19/7-2-3-4)
W R – M May 2007 Let’s Winendine – Faith Keeper
Owned By – Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the D.Q. Williams Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham
The youngest and the most inexperienced greyhound in the field is Wired To Wind, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at his efforts. This greyhound has really taken to the longer distances and that showed thru in his qualifying starts. The fourth greyhound from the DQ Williams Kennel in the finals, Wired is another converted sprinter that has shown multiple distance capabilities. With a win, a second, a fourth and a fifth place effort he coasted his way back into the finals in his first ever attempt at stakes race competition. I’ve been here a while now but it never ceases to amaze me that the DQ Williams Kennel can just take a puppy and throw him over to the distance and he takes to it like a horse to water. Helping this one out though is the mighty pedigree behind him. Let’s Winendine was a littermate to someone that everyone here know, Night of Stars winner, Let’s Rock It. Dine was a stakes competitor at Twin River and raced top grade at Wheeling Downs too. Both greyhounds lead back to the tremendous producer Greys Gold Dust and we all know how many stakes runners and All-Americans she has produced for DQ. Early speed over the distance is his forte too. He is going to have to come out well once again if he wants to compete for the title in this effort tonight. Post, well he is all rail all the time, so inside or far outside, where he can slingshot the turn, would be a good place for him to be.

Xtra Style - Points (37)
Career Totals (99/15-19-21-16)
W R – F January 2006 Kl’s Doug – Exceptional Bid
Owned By – Deborah Strickland
Runs for the Lester Raines Kennels
Trained by Mike Gerard
Xtra Style might not have won a race during the qualifying rounds, but she was oh so close on 3 separate occasions. In her four races she finished second, three times and was less than 4 lengths off the leader at the wire in each of those races. Her biggest race came when she needed it, she finished 7th in the third round, as she was just a nose short of the win in the semi-finals. This big time closers leaves it all on the racetrack in each and every effort and has shown that she can be a force at not only 660 but also at 770 yards. Style has competed in stakes events at 550, 660 and 770 yards and has made the finals now in two of her three attempts. Her other final round appearance came in the 2008 edition of the James J Patton Marathon Stakes where she failed to finish in the money in the finals. Hoping for a better result this time out, trainer Mike Gerard will have the only entry for the Lester Raines Kennel ready for action. Remember Mike and the Lester Raines Kennel are no strangers to this race or the finals. They won the 2006 race with DAC and won the 2005 edition with Craigie Bouquet. Style breaks slowly most of the time, so post shouldn’t play that big of a role for her in this effort. If she does decide to come out of the box a far inside or outside post should give her room to maneuver and give her shot at contending tonight.

Kiowa True Love - Points (36)
Career Totals (129-/24-17-25-20)
Bk – F November 2005 Flying Penske – Kiowa Tom Long
Owned By – Smith Greyhounds or P. O’Donnell
Runs for the James E. O’Donnell Kennel
Trained by Mary Gerard
Kiowa True Love stepped up big in the first two rounds of the stakes with a win and a second place effort by a nose. In both of those efforts she really hit the lid and came out running on the field. She held tough throughout in both efforts and was the closest thing you could get to be undefeated after two rounds like Penny Candy did. She rounded out the competition for the finals with a fourth and a sixth place run. In the semis she was really not at fault as she was taken really wide in the early turn and early speed greyhounds just don’t close all that well in races. Like her sister, Kiowa Truefriend, Love is from the James E. O’Donnell Kennel and has raced the majority of her races amongst the competitors at the top levels of competition. She has only tried one other time in a stakes race, the 2008 edition of the Orange Park Derby, but she didn’t make it to the finals. This race will be her first attempt at a title she might just have an outside shot at the win. Post might seem stranger but her best box might be the 4. She has won 5 of her 13 career starts and has finished in the money on 9 occasions. Breaking well really is the key to her success in this race, if she wants it; she needs to come out running in this effort.

Kat Jackofhearts - Points (33)
Career Totals (91/17-7-8-10)
Bk – M July 2005 Greys Flamebeau – Kat Sweetjasmine
Owned By – Dora J. Hardin
Runs for the Connell Kennel
Trained by Jennette Holmes
The biggest surprise of the qualifying rounds had to be Kat Jackofhearts. This greyhound won two of the four races and when he was in the lead, he was untouchable. This greyhound ran the race of his career in the quarter-finals as he won the battle royal over Uss Contender in the stretch. This race was the fastest time on the card and frankly the best effort of any winner that evening. Even though he failed to make the money in his other two starts, the duo of 16 point paydays was enough to earn him a spot in the final round field. Jack has been around at the Orange Park Kennel Club for a long time and gets the old man tag here against this slightly younger field. He has competed in and won races over all three distances, 550, 660 and 770 yards and at times has shown off his true racing abilities. The big question mark about him is: when is he going to decide to run? If he is close early on, he normally puts up a big effort, but if he is too far behind he has been suspect in the past. Jack is the only entry in the stakes for the Connell Kennel, but they are no stranger to putting greyhounds in the final and winning them since there return to the Orange Park Kennel Club. In three of the big four stakes events on the year they finished in the money and they won the 2008 edition of the Jacksonville Sprint Classic with Sign And Drive. Forget everything you might think and know, if this greyhound makes the front, he has the skills to upset this field, especially is he can get an far inside or outside post position.