Stake Races for 2017

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2017 bestbet Derby 1/16/2017 1/20/2017 1/23/2017 1/28/2017 2/4/2017 Barts Risingstar 
2017 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/2/2017 2/24/2017 2/27/2014 3/4/2017 3/11/2017 Js ArmdnDangerus 
2017 IronHound Stakes 3/17/2017 3/20/2017 3/25/2017 4/1/2017 Boc's Queen Lady 
2017 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/15/2017 5/19/2017 5/22/2017 5/27/2017 6/3/2017 Ww Next Bigthing 
2017 Battle of the Sexes 6/12/2017 6/16/2017 6/19/2017 6/24/2017 7/1/2017 Pullanallnighter 
2017 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/17/2017 7/21/2017 7/24/2017 7/29/2017 8/5/2017 Real Good Feelin 
2017 Orange Park Derby 10/23/2017 10/27/2017 10/30/2017 11/4/2017 11/11/2017  

Stake Races

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Night of Stars

2009 Jacksonville Sprint Classic Bios


Kiowa Wish Frank - Points (44)
Career Totals (136/68-32-18-8)
Bk M November 2006 Kiowa Sweet Trey Sol Adara
Owned By Smith Greyhounds, Inc.
Runs for the James E. O'Donnell Kennel
Trained by Sue Gerard
Kiowa Wish Frank was the only finalist not to win a round during qualifying, but he was in close contention in each and every effort. He finished 2nd three times and third in another race where he was bumped off the lead at the 1st turn. No matter to him though as he starts from a similar spot to the one he had in the last stakes final. Other greyhounds performed better in qualifying. Others counted him out of it. He had not shot to win. His time was over, but in that race, the 2008 Sunshine State Silver Cup, someone forgot to tell Frank. He rushed to the lead and took home the title. One of the four stakes wins he has on our circuit. The others are the 2007 Orange Park Puppy Stakes and NOS XX and XXI. Frank is the old man in this field of youngsters but he is not done just yet. Recently named to the 2008 ALL-AMERICAN TEAM, Frank is creeping up on the 80 win plateau with each and every victory. Another stat not be overlooked, Frank has finished in the money in 23 of his 24 efforts against stakes competition. This will be Franks fifth stakes final and did I mention that he has won the previous four? I did now. The third of three from the O'Donnell Kennel in the finals, Frank would love to see red next to his name when the posts are drawn for this final round race.

Ru Tuff Enuf - Points (52)
Career Totals (32/12-8-1-3)
W R M May 2007 Let's Winendine Faith Keeper
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the D.Q. Williams Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham
Big things were expected of Ru Tuff Enuf early on as he was entered into the 2008 Jacksonville Juvenile with just four starts under his belt. He did win a round and made it to the semi-finals, but he would have to wait and grow up a bit to make it to the finals of a stakes and that comes in the 2008 Jacksonville Sprint Classic. Winning a round and finishing a close second in all the rest, Tuff Enuf has lived up to the name that was given to him as a puppy. Tuff Enuf has been in tough in each and every effort too. He has draw against the best, two or more of the finalists in 3 of the 4 rounds, and has held his own. With a combination of break and late speed, the youngest of the finalists must not be over looked in this finally. Tuff Enuf is the first of two entries for the DQ Williams Kennel in the finals and they are no strangers to winning stakes events on the Jacksonville Racing Circuit. As for post positions in this final, Tuff Enuf should just wish from something away from the crowd. He has performed well from the far inside and the far outside and either would be a good place to start a run in this final round field. On top of his game right now this puppy who is not even two yet, will need to keep up the good work if he is going to contend against this very tough field tonight.

Kiowa Spock - Points (44)
Kiowa Spock (44 Points) Career Totals (47/18-6-7-5)
Bd M March 2007 Kiowa Mon Manny Kiowa Sweet Sue
Owned By Smith Greyhounds, Inc.
Runs for the James E. O'Donnell Kennel
Trained by Sue Gerard
Kiowa Spock was the fastest of the fast in two of the four qualifying rounds as he nearly broke the track record in the semi-finals. He stopped the clock at 30.19 seconds, which was just .05 off the all time mark. With those wins and a third and fifth place effort he secured his spot in his second stakes final in a row. Spock is no stranger to the finals, he is also no stranger to probably race favorite Count Ivan. He finished second to him on three occasions in stakes races, including the finals of the 2008 Jacksonville Juvenile. Spock is a good closing greyhound that makes up ground in almost all of his races, but his superstar status comes when he decides to break. Once this greyhound gets to the lead in a race he will not relent. He just keeps going and in turn, fields gets further and further behind, and the clock gets lowered and lowered. In the open on the lead there are not too many greyhounds that can keep up with him, but most of them just happen to be in this stakes final field. Post will not matter as long as he breaks, but far inside or outside seems logical to me.

Take It Over - Points (52)
Career Totals (65/43-9-3-1)
Bk Bd M February 2006 Get Over Cm Lil Bit
Owned By Henry T. Howe
Runs for the B & J Racing Kennels, Inc.
Trained by Chris Grieb
No big surprise that Take It Over is in the finals of this stakes event. He is one of the best greyhounds on the circuit and has all of the skills to be successful against any competition. He has a great break and rush to the turn as well as some speed coming home. He has flirted with the track record on several occasions and has a great kennel working behind him. Once on the lead Take It Over is very hard to run down, and in his great career it has only happened once. He won the first three rounds of the stakes, before running into trouble in the semi-finals, and that ended his nine race win streak. This stakes race was the fourth that he has competed in and this is his second final round appearance. Over is looking for the magic that came in his last stakes final where he was the winner of the 2008 JGR Puppy Stakes. He not only won that stakes, he went thru the rounds and the finals undefeated. As the second of three greyhounds for the B & J Racing Kennel, Inc., he has a lot of pressure on him to bring home another stakes final win. If Over breaks it really doesn't matter what post he starts from but if he had his druthers, it should be something outside. When breaking from the 8 box he rushes first and then moves inside and makes the most of the extra room early on. If he wants to win this race, the rest of this field might be running for place tonight.

Kiowa More Am - Points (46)
Career Totals (76/18-14-8-8)
Bd F August 2006 Trojan Cruze Kiowa Morley Cee
Owned By Smith Greyhounds, Inc.
Runs for the James E. O'Donnell Kennel
Trained by Sue Gerard
Kiowa More Am is a big early speed greyhound that really stepped up her game in the qualifying rounds. She won the first two with gritty determined front running efforts, with some very strong closers on her heels, and surrendered late to fellow finalist La's Anthony in the third. In the semi's she was roughed up early and finished in sixth. As the no name of the three entries in the finals for the James E. O'Donnell Kennel, she might have the most to prove. She is not household name, she hasn't almost broke the track record, but she has the break and skills to beat some the best greyhounds on the circuit in stakes race competition. This final will be her second, she was also in the finals of the 2008 JGR Puppy Stakes, but this time around she will be looking for a better result. Post could play an important role for her in this final round race. She loves to run from the inside part of the racetrack and the rail especially. She has fared well in the past from here and it could make a difference who is in the early lead in this effort. The thing that this field better do, is not to take her for granted or overlook her abilities. She has the early speed to get the lead in this effort and if she does stick her nose in front, it could change the outcome of this race.

Cjc's Hercules - Points (56)
Career Totals (35/15-5-4-3)
R M January 2007 Fuzzys Cannon Leprechaun*
Owned By Bobby Sidhu
Runs for the B & J Racing Kennels, Inc.
Trained by Chris Grieb
I think it is safe to say that no one expected Cjc's Hercules to be the leader in points for this event, but to his credit, he won three rounds and finished a close third in the other to top all competitors with 56 points. During the rounds Hercules drew good inside and outside post position and he used them to his advantage. Breaking sharply in each round, he was close early on and used his speed to hold on in the stretch for the victory. He is the hottest greyhound heading into the finals as he has won his last three races in a row. What might be even more impressive though, is how he took to the new racetrack in such a hurry. Hercules broke in at Palm Beach and quickly climbed the ranks to grade A. Jumping ship late last year, Hercules has been getting stronger and stronger in each and every start this year at the Orange Park Kennel Club and seems to be peaking at the right time. So far on the new year he has only missed the money twice and has won over half of his starts. Hercules is the first of three entries for the B & J Racing Kennels, Inc. in this final round field and in his very first attempt at stakes race competition, he is sitting as the leader in points in the finals. His only drawback here is that he might have had an easier time throughout the qualifying rounds than some of the other finalist. He only faced three of them, and each came in different races. Now it is time for him to step up and prove that he belongs in their company, and a good post position might go a long way to helping him out in this effort. He should be banking on the rail here, give him the one or two box and we should see his best effort in the finals.

Count Ivan - Points (49)
Career Totals (51/34-4-2-2)
Bd M November 2006 Kiowa Sweet Trey M's Countess Amy
Owned By Henry T. Howe
Runs for the B & J Racing Kennels, Inc.
Trained by Chris Grieb
Arguably the best greyhound at the racetrack right now, this third entry for the B & J Kennel, Inc in the finals will be the one to beat. Ivan broke in well last June and in each and every start he just keeps getting better and better and better. He has competed in three stakes and this will be his third stakes final. He was a close second to ALL-AMERICAN Kiowa Wish Frank in the 2008 Sunshine State Silver Cup and he went undefeated thru the 2008 Jacksonville Juvenile for the title. Ivan hasn't slowed down this year either as he has won 15 of his 18 starts and that includes a run of 11 wins in a row, which was stopped in the third round of the stakes. Ivan took home wins in 3 of the 4 rounds of this stakes and in all of those wins the clock stopped below the 30.40 second barrier. Ivan is the complete package. He has it all. The size, the drive the determination to win and the older he gets the more complete he has become as a greyhound. He is as fast as he wants to be and has been around the track record on several occasions too. As for posts just give him the 8 box and be done with it. In his career he has won 7 of his 8 starts from there and just missed in the other start. If Ivan comes out running in this effort and breaks and rushes like he can, it may all be over but the crying early on in this final round race.

La's Anthony - Points (41)
Career Totals (82/36-18-13-5)
R M June 2006 Dustin The Way La's Felisha
Owned By Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the D.Q. Williams Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham
La's Anthony had some bad luck in the semi finals as he was in contention for the lead at the first turn and was taken out of the race and finished 7th. This was the first time all year that he has finished out of the quiniela. (11-5-5-0-0) He barely squeaked into the finals by winning a tie breaker, but his previous work led him to the promise land. Anthony finished second in the first two rounds of the stakes and backed that up with a impressive win in round three where he stopped Count Ivan's 11 race win streak. Anthony is a lot like his dad, 2004 ALL-AMERICAN, Dustin The Way that is not even funny. Not only does he look like him, he also got a lot of the skills that daddy had. He has a strong break and can rush and run with the best of them and once in the clear he is as fast as any greyhound at the racetrack. His daddy held the old track record at 30.19 seconds and Anthony has stalked that time on a couple of occasions himself. This stakes final will be his fourth in a row and in the other three, he finished in the money at the wire. He was fourth by a length in the finals of the 2008 JGR Puppy Stakes, he was third in the 2008 Sunshine State Silver Cup and was also third in the Night of Stars XXI race. Anthony is the second of two entries in the finals for the DQ Williams Kennel and they always have their greyhounds ready to go come post time. He can win from almost any post, but far inside or outside will help his effort in this race.