Stake Races for 2018

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2018 Orange Park Derby 1/15/2018 1/19/2018 1/22/2018 1/27/2018 2/3/2018 Drink It Off 
2018 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/19/2018 2/23/2018 2/26/2018 3/2/2018 3/10/2018 Ww Whatsapp 
2018 IronHound Stakes 3/30/2018 4/2/2018 4/7/2018 4/14/2018 Saylor Lee 
2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/14/2018 5/18/2018 5/21/2018 5/26/2018 6/2/2018 Lk's Black Gold 
2018 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/16/2018 7/20/2018 7/23/2018 7/28/2018 8/4/2018  
2018 bestbet Derby 10/22/2018 10/26/2018 10/29/2018 11/3/2018 11/10/2018  

Stake Races

bestbet Derby
Orange Park Derby
bestbet Sprint Classic
bestbet Puppy Stakes
James J Patton Marathon
James J Patton Silver Cup
bestbet Juvenile
Night of Stars

2007 Orange Park Derby Bios

Deco Deano - Points (52)
Career Totals (40-15-8-4-5); OP Meet Totals (27-10-6-1-4)
Bd – M October 2004 Awesome Assassin – Deco Hexagram
Owned By – Henry T. Howe
Runs for the B & J Kennel
Trained by Eric Griffin
I guess you could say that the second time was a charm for Deco Deano over the 660 yard course. He didn’t fair too well in his first stint over the added distance course, but this time around things just clicked. Deano was the only greyhound in the field to win 3 of the 4 qualifying rounds and in turn he was the leader in points for this event. If you add those wins to his previous total at 660 you get 6 victories in his last 8 efforts. Deano also holds the distinction of the fastest greyhound on the meet at 660 yards. Before the stakes even started, he showed everyone what he could do with a clean run on the lead. In that effort he won by 10 lengths and posted up and ultra fast 37.38 second clocking. Deano is no stranger to stakes competition as he also won 3 rounds of the 2006 JGR Juvenile and missed winning the final at the wire by a head. Deano has the best chance of any greyhound in this field to win this race without breaking to the early lead. Granted he has won from the front in the past, but his luxury is that he doesn’t need to be 3 in front to win this final. Deano is the first of two entries in the finals for the B & J Racing Kennel. As for post positions I don’t think that it really matters all that much. If he could pick I would think that he wants to be in the rail posts or on the outside. Anywhere away from the traffic where he can get close enough early on to be a big factor at the finish line.

Gottagetitdone - Points (48)
Career Totals (83-11-16-19-12); OP Meet Totals (30-4-8-7-7)
R – F February 2004 Teamster – Let’s Get Itdone
Owned By – Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Chris Nemeth
Gottagetitdone picked right back up in the stakes where she left off the last time that she was at 660 yards. Running well and finishing in the money. Early in her career she climbed up from grade D to grade B over the added distance and from the look of things during the qualifying rounds, maybe this is where she should be running all of the time. She won 2 of her 4 efforts and hasn’t missed the superfecta in 5 races in a row. She has gotten out of the box well in each of those starts and has shown a bit of a close at the end of a couple of her races. All in all this is a new experience for her as she has made the finals of a stakes race in her very first try. The kennel on the other hand is no stranger to the finals of this race as they have had 3 or more finalist in the last 4 years in a row. Done is the first of four entries in the finals for the DQ Williams Kennel. Here she should be asking for a rail post position. Both of her victories in the stakes came from the most inside post positions. She ran a greyhound down from the 1 box and took early control from the 2 box to coast around for the other win.

Do It With Grace - Points (48)
Career Totals(154-38-28-25-28);OP Meet Totals(30-5-7-4-6)
Bk – F March 2003 Get Over – Midnight Angel
Owned By – Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Chris Nemeth
Do It With Grace is the veteran of this field not only in starts, 154, but also in stakes experience, 6. She is the only greyhound to finish in the money in a big time stakes on our circuit and she has done it twice. She finished 3rd in the 2005 Orange Park Derby and 4th in the 2005 Mayor’s Cup. Granted she is not a returning finalist, but the closest thing to it in this race. Her break is the key to her success over the 660 yard course and that was no more apparent than in the 2nd round. She hit the lid and left a field of stakes greyhounds by 10 lengths. This was the only race that she won, but she was consistent as they come finishing in the trifecta in every qualifying start. Grace is the second of four entries in the finals for the DQ Williams Kennel. Post? Well that’s an interesting subject as she has excelled as of late from one of the toughest post at the racetrack over 660 yards. From the 8 box she has won 2 of her last 3 efforts and finished in the quiniela 3 straight times. All rail all the time, I bet the one box might be ok for her too. All in all it’s really about her break. If she beats the box in this effort, she is going to be a handful to catch for any of these greyhounds.

Scaldedwildebeas - Points (45)
Career Totals (93-34-18-16-8); OP Meet Totals (27-11-5-4-1)
Bd – M March 2004 Talentedmrripley – Hard Traveler
Owned By – Walter S. Ray or W. Shannon Ray
Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel
Trained by Mike Gerard
Since moving to 660 yards Scaldedwildebeas looked at home. Sure he has been a pretty good sprinter. Even won a stakes race, NOS XVIII, but never has he looked as dominate as he has since heading across the track. Here he has been in the quiniela in 9 of 11 starts and won 6 times, including a run of 5 wins in a row. He has won with or without the early lead in races and has posted up some really big efforts. He made his way to the finals with wins in the first two rounds, a second place finish and a seventh place effort in the semi-finals. Granted that wasn’t his best effort, but I wouldn’t count him out of it just yet. A lot is riding on this greyhound in this race. The Lester Raines Kennel has won this race the past two years in a row with Craigie Bouquet in 2005 and Beas half brother Dac in 2006 and this is their only entry in the finals. Beas is also owned by the same people that owned Dac, so they are going for back to back wins as well. So much pressure on the “Little Fat Guy” to perform and with the help of his trainer he should be ready for the action. Beas key to success so far has been his break. I know he doesn’t make the lead all the time, but as long as he is close he has a shot to pull out the victory at the end of the race. In 5 of his 6 winning efforts he was at least 2nd at the first call. So where does he want to sting from? Well I would say far inside or far outside. He has won from the one box and a pair of races from the 6 and 7 boxes.

Craigie Grandy - Points (40)
Career Totals (32-7-7-5-4); OP Meet Totals (26-6-6-4-4)
F – F September 2004 Craigie Brooker – Greys Starwishes
Owned By – Henry T. Howe
Runs for the B & J Kennel
Trained by Eric Griffin
Talk about stepping up when you need to, Craigie Grandy won two rounds in the stakes including a semi-final 8 length knockout to grab a spot amongst the elite 8 over the 660 yard course. With just 32 races under her belt she is the least experienced in the finals, but those numbers can be deceiving. She is one of only two true 660 yard greyhounds in this final field, so the converted sprinters might want to remember that. Grandy is competing in her 1st stakes race and makes her 1st final round appearance in this effort. She is the second of 2 entries for the B & J Racing Kennel. Grandy’s wins have mostly come from good breaking efforts, but she does have something left in the tank late on occasion. As for post positions, there is only ONE. Just give her the one box and it might replace the diamond as a girl’s best friend. Never missed the money, won 2 of last 4 efforts.

Kelsos Spitfire - Points (38)
Career Totals (34-7-7-4-5); OP Meet Totals (31-6-7-4-5)
Bk – F March 2005 Kelsos Kingpin – Kelsos Spinster
Owned By – John W. Kelly
Runs for the John Kelly Kennel
Trained by Craig Holmes
Kelsos Spitfire makes her second stake race final in a row as she finished 3rd in the 2006 JGR Juvenile. Here she is stretching out over the longer distance course and it really didn’t matter. Her late speed translated to the added distance well and when she broke to the lead in the 3rd round, forgetaboutit. She went box to wire and beat a pair of fellow finalist with ease. At just 23 months old, Spitfire is the youngest greyhound in this field. What she lacks in experience, she makes up for with heart. She gives her all in every effort and tries her best even when she doesn’t get into early contention. Here she is going to need a big break and some post position help if she wants to factor at the end of the race. Spitfire is the only entry in the finals for the John Kelly Kennel. You don’t even have to ask here about post position as she loves to race outside. I know her biggest effort at 660 yards came from the 4 box, but she also won her start from the 8 box too. In her last final round race she started from the 8 and finished 3rd. If she gets it again you just might see a repeat performance.

Gain The Win - Points (38)
Career Totals(89-22-22-16-13);OP Meet Totals(30-12-6-4-3)
Bk – M May 2004 Oshkosh Slammer – Dandi Sender
Owned By – Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Chris Nemeth
Gain The Win had the least amount of 660 yard experience than any one else in this final heading into qualifying, but he didn’t let that stop him. Granted his closing ability looked to be enough to get him thru 660 yards but his 6th place finish in the 1st round didn’t bode well for him. Quickly he rebounded with a win, a third and a second place finish. In each of his quality efforts he did make up a bit of ground throughout and hopes to do more of the same in this final round race. He is the third of four entries for the DQ Williams Kennel in this race and is competing in his first finals after 3 tries in stakes races. If we are talking about post positions, then Gain The Win wants the inside. In his last 15 efforts from the inside he has won 9 times and has missed the superfecta only once. At 660 yards the numbers get even better. He has been inside the 4 box 3 times and has a pair of wins and a third place finish to show for his efforts.

Santa's Playgirl - Points (34)
Career Totals (60-25-12-8-2); OP Meet Totals (22-13-3-2-1)
Bd– F September 2004 Teamster – Miss Setter
Owned By – Sharon L. Williams
Runs for the DQ Williams Kennel
Trained by Chris Nemeth
Santa’s Playgirl was the favorite to win the whole thing a couple of months ago and by the skin of her teeth she makes it into the finals as the 4th and final competitor from the DQ Williams Kennel. Throughout the fall she won 8 straight races and 11 in 13 starts. She was breaking like a machine and once in front, they are no greyhounds at the racetrack that can catch her. She cooled off a bit but jumped right back into the fray with a big win right before qualifying. In the 1st round she backed that up with another monster effort as she recorded the fastest time of the night, 37.46, 6 lengths ahead of her nearest competition. In the rest of her effort she sat in the box and finished 2nd, 5th and 6th. Winning the tiebreaker, she gets a chance to prove her recent doubters wrong in this final round race. Whether or not she has looked flat, you have to consider this greyhound a big time threat to win this race. If she hits the lid, it’s all over but the crying. Playgirl has former stakes race experience too as she just missed the finals of the 2006 Orange Park Puppy Stakes and finished a close 5th in the finals of the $50,000 2006 First Coast Classic. Both of those races came over the 550 yard course and now back at home at 660 she is producing once again. Here Playgirl should be wishing for the outside. This is where she thrives from at 660 yards. In her last 13 efforts outside of the 4 box she has won 12 times, 4 times each from the 5 and 6 boxes. With a good post and a determined break, the last greyhound in the finals might be the first one at the finish line.