Stake Races for 2017

Stakes Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Finals Winner
2017 bestbet Derby 1/16/2017 1/20/2017 1/23/2017 1/28/2017 2/4/2017 Barts Risingstar 
2017 James J Patton Silver Cup 2/2/2017 2/24/2017 2/27/2014 3/4/2017 3/11/2017 Js ArmdnDangerus 
2017 IronHound Stakes 3/17/2017 3/20/2017 3/25/2017 4/1/2017 Boc's Queen Lady 
2017 bestbet Puppy Stakes 5/15/2017 5/19/2017 5/22/2017 5/27/2017 6/3/2017 Ww Next Bigthing 
2017 Battle of the Sexes 6/12/2017 6/16/2017 6/19/2017 6/24/2017 7/1/2017 Pullanallnighter 
2017 bestbet Sprint Classic 7/17/2017 7/21/2017 7/24/2017 7/29/2017 8/5/2017 Real Good Feelin 
2017 Orange Park Derby 10/23/2017 10/27/2017 10/30/2017 11/4/2017 11/11/2017  

Stake Races

bestbet Derby
Orange Park Derby
bestbet Sprint Classic
bestbet Puppy Stakes
James J Patton Marathon
James J Patton Silver Cup
bestbet Juvenile
Night of Stars

2006 - XVIII Night of Stars Bios

Bios for the  2006 - XVIII Night of Stars
Tough, Tough, Tough is the way to describe our race tonight. Y0U'LL LIKE ME (7) (4-3-0-0-1) is the win leader on the meet and has won 4 straight and 8 of his 11 efforts. He has yet to finish out of the trifecta or run above 31 seconds at Orange Park. KAY V TATOO TONY (3) (8-3-2-1-0) is the best early speed greyhound and he currently has won 12 straight races over the last 3 meets. Tony finished 2nd in the NOS XVII race. GOT R DONE SEEYA (8) (4-2-0-1-1) is the fastest greyhound on the meet and just one win behind his littermate for the win lead. If he gets loose, everyone will be in trouble tonight. FTH JIVE TALKER (2) (3-1-1-1-0) is in a tough post but has enough late speed to overcome any early problems. SCALDEDWILDEBEAS (1) (12-2-4-0-3) runs well from the rail post positions and will be coming on strong at the end of this effort. BARTS ROMEO (4) (10-4-1-2-1) has won 4 of his last 5 races and has been in the superfecta all 15 starts on the meet, but he hasn't faced a field like this one so far. PTL JUNEBUG (6) (1-0-1-0-0) has good early speed from the box and should challenge early for the lead. PAT C SUMMON (5) (6-2-2-0-0) has been on fire as of late and if all goes his way tonight, he has an outside shot at the victory in this effort.