Well LOOKIE Here

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Over the years I have witnessed hundreds of stakes events at a myriad of racetracks around the country, and one thing seems to ring true. The best greyhound in the race, doesn’t always win. When you open the box full of elite greyhounds, anything can happen. I have seen dead locks run last just as many times as I have seen favorites dominate fields. So, in the 2020 edition of the bestbet Sprint Classic I didn’t know what to expect. Sure, it looked easy on paper but, they still have to run the race. But then the box popped open and but all of my doubts to rest.

Storming out of the box to the front end was the race favorite Pat C Lookie. Bursting clear early, Lookie proved that her coveted 8 box did lead to a supreme break and early control of this race. She was chased hard up the frontside by the rest of the field, but at the turn, we would all find out just how this race would pan out. As Lookie continued to coast up front, she made it to the turn on top and was easily in command over the rest of her rivals. Three lengths clear of the rest now, but this race was not over yet. Chasing her was the dynamic duo of Blanchard greyhounds, Easi Conroy and Penrose Boss. Both greyhounds had broke in the middle of the pack but worked through traffic and turned on the jets to rally up into position behind the leader as they motored around the turn and down the backside. Lookie kept on doing what she does best from the 8 box, lead, and Conroy and Boss where finding their second gears as they found running room down the backside. By the far turn, Lookie’s lead was being chipped away at as Conroy and Boss were picking up the pace and as they turned for home it looked like it could get very interesting before the wire. Lookie was running her best upfront and was digging in deep with every step she took toward the wire. Conroy and Boss were on top of their game as well as they narrowed the gap to the leader with every step, they took up the stretch. As they approached the finish line, it was going to be close, but not as close at it needed to be. Lookie repelled the challengers with a strong final surge and secured the win at the wire for the Pat Collins Kennel. Conroy gave it his all but was just a length short of getting it done tonight. Boss settled for third after a strong pressing effort as Lk’s Effington gradually gained for a distant spot in the superfecta. Chalk was the name of the game this time around as the winner as the top three favorites in this race, and the top three-point leaders in qualifying, capped off the trifecta run at the finish. Completing this race was Lee Danger in 5th, Ww Bizlilboyblu in 6th, Oshkosh Hoggy in 7th, and Super C Addison in 8th.

Congratulation head out to the Pat Collins Kennel, Owner Pat Collins, Trainer Scott Jarvis, and Skylar Jarvis too for pulling that great 8 box for the champ Pat C Lookie to break from. Such a talented pup who has a bright future ahead of her. Expect big things from her in the future as we still have some more stakes racing to do this year at bestbet Jacksonville.