Finals of the 2020 bestbet Sprint Classic

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Another great stakes weekend is ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville. This Saturday evening, March 7th, we will run the finals of the bestbet Sprint Classic and crown a new champ. But that is not the only thing going on. We will have the fan favorite Mad, Mad, Money Machine on tap and our second chance drawings. Another talented field of greyhounds will vie for the title in the 11th race on the evening card. With 2 greyhounds winning 3 rounds, 4 winning at least 2 rounds, and 5 greyhounds in the money throughout in qualifying you know we are going to get a show. Let’s take a closer look at the finalist and just how this race may play out on Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville.

Saturday evening March 7th, 2020 – Finals of 2020 bestbet Sprint Classic

  1. Ww Bizlilboyblu (Kc And All – Ww’s Baby Bonnet) is a late bloomer that has found all the right stuff at the right time. He stole away a win in the semi-finals to get here and should make the most of the 1 box. If he gets loose early on, he might have a shot to win.
  2. Super C Addison (Superior Panama – Super C Alice) is a true closer that just finished 4th in the finals of the 2020 Orange Park Derby. She loves the rail and gets it here in the 2 box, but that won’t be enough to get her a win. If she wants the title, she must break better tonight.
  3. Penrose Boss (Barcelona Boss – Penrose Macie) won 3 of the 4 rounds of the stakes and is just an all-around strong puppy. Talented with early and late drive, he is a double threat, and from a great post position, has to be considered a factor to win. If he makes the lead, they won’t catch him.
  4. Lk’s Effingham (Lk’s Now R Never – Lk’s Imagine It) is a bit of an underdog in name, but not on paper. Another long starter that is coming into her own now, she too could surprise if she gets out of the box. A midtrack runner in a strong starting box could be the equation that equals a win.
  5. Oshkosh Hoggy (Kiowa Mon Manny – Oshkosh Serena) is a hot a cold running greyhound that can scald fields when his temperature is right. A good closer, he doesn’t need to be in the early lead in order to get things done. Winning could be a stretch from this post, but with that late kick, a money spot is still on the table.
  6. Lee Danger (Kiowa Mon Manny – Lee Juliet) is the only greyhound not to win a round during qualifying, but he was oh so close as he missed by a nose TWICE! He too is a strong closing threat that will make his presence known in the stretch. Who knows, maybe he was just saving that winning effort for tonight.
  7. Easi Conroy (Seldom Told – Easi Celtic) was the only undefeated greyhound heading into the semis. No worries about stumbling twice in a row, this pup will rebound here. The real deal draws a great starting box and could just be the one to beat in this effort. With or without the lead, he will threaten for the win.
  8. Pat C Lookie (Pat C Sabbath – Pat C Lulu) no greyhound drew better than Pat C Lookie. She was born to run from this post and has won back to back races from the 8 box in 30.20 and 30.18 seconds. She breaks from here and will be way to tough to beat once she sees the clean air up front. Post position makes her the favorite tonight.

Well when the box comes open this race is going to be a barn burner. No real breakers, I mean really fast starters that hit the lid all the time. We have several greyhounds here that can break and rush, but we also have stalkers, and closers too, so it will really depend on who breaks and who gets room early. Post position plays a role in those surrounding and that is what I think will make the playing field just a bit tilted in this effort. Rusty runs by, the box opens, and out like a shot will be Pat C Lookie. This greyhound ABSOLUTELY loves this staring box. She hits the tree every time out from the outside and tonight will not be an exception to that rule. She will be in front and that makes the rest of the quality field work hard in order to keep up and have a shot to win. I don’t think this race will be a runaway, she will be pressed throughout, but in the end, she finds a way to hold on. Others that I see contending are the puppies that are poised around her in the ranks. Easi Cowboy could have won all the rounds, without the early stumble, and can break, stalk, close and win against the best at the racetrack. The 7 box is a great spot for him, and he can follow the leader early and give it a go in the stretch. If anyone is going to get by Lookie late, if might just be him. Penrose Boss also won 3 rounds and gives the same rush, stalk, close efforts that Conroy does. He is posted well too and will get extra room with no speed at the break next door. He has the raw speed to run with the top boys and girls tonight and could get it done as well if he is too close too soon. Rounding out the superfecta is the super stakes experienced pup, Super C Addison. Strictly a closer, she will not be around early on, but late she will make a run for the roses. She too is in an ideal post and could be closer that we all think early on. She can fly home in a hurry and possess the sills to run up into the money. Winning would be a stretch for me but finding a spot in the money is not since she has only finished out of the cash twice in her 25 career efforts. (8-3-7-2)