Holiday Bonus ALL-DISTANCE Stakes Finals

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Very excited here at bestbet Jacksonville as our Holiday Bonus Stakes finals get underway this Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville. Not only do we have a stakes event over ALL DISTANCES, 330, 550, 660, 770, and 990, we have a stellar card to wager on as well. With 4 grade A races, 2 grade B races, 2 races C races and a Grade D event, we’ll witness the best at the racetrack in 9 of the 14 races scheduled on the card. If that were not enough, we will have great drawings for cash and prizes throughout the card, and as always on stakes nights, we will feature our fan favorite 2nd chance drawings.

Let’s take a closer look at the stakes event on the evening and see just what we can make of the all-distance card.

Saturday evening December 14th – Holiday Bonus All-Distance Stakes

Race 3 – (330 Yards) – Super sprinters to the front as we get to see some true early speed on display over the short 330 Yard course. No Denying Tr’s Zander in this one in my opinion. He has not been beat to the lead in 6 straight races and it comes through again in this one. Once in front, you win. Pushing the pace will be the strong breaking rusher Lk’s Patty Cake, who has not missed the top 2 spots at the turn in 6 races in a row. Others to consider here include Pat C Cin Sin, a top-grade threat that can fire out fast on occasion, and Kw Moscato, who has shown flashes of early burst well in her last 6 races. (1-8-6-3)

Race 4 – (990 Yards) – Like a box of holiday chocolates, you never know just what you are going to get in this super, super long race. Run once a year at bestbet, we never know who can really go this far, but we have our guesses. Tonight, Lk’s Livin Large looks like the one to beat. Why? In last year’s race, the Lashmet kennel finished first and second in this race. Breed that way, closing ability over the longer distances, and a good post = a winner. Gs Mary Mo should be a threat as well from the rail. She likes it there, she too has breed lines that call for more distance, and she has shown that she can gaining ground late over 660 yards. Don’t sleep on Slow Train Comin, a steady plugger that will just keep on running, and even with not so impressive lines, Ww Barrel Bomb might just explode with so much added distance to cover. (8-1-2-4)

Race 9 – (550 Yards) – Now back to a more normal distance and more recognizable names. Multi-stakes winner Pat C News did just what he does, win in round 1, and now gets another great post in this final round race. He has blistering early speed and will not be beat to the turn. Holding on is his only problem. With others in traffic places, he will to just enough to survive the stretch run to win yet another stakes race. Pushing the leader will be the high-power duo of Ww Blazin Crest and Signature Strut. Both greyhounds have been red hot as of late winning 4 of their last 6 efforts. Each has blistering speed in the open, and if either can get too close to early to News, either once is capable of the upset. This could be a three-way photo for win. Dutch Lantana gets the best of the rest title in this affair. With a good post, a superior late kick, and determination, I don’t think that anyone else can steal away the final spot in the superfecta from him in this effort. (2-5-8-3)

Race 11 – (660 Yards) – Clearly the best greyhound going over 660 right now is Rpg Get You Back. Breaking, rushing, and running up top are the keys to her success, and she has been on top of all of her keys as of late. With 4 wins in 6 races, and 6 straight in the money, she is a monster over the 660-yard course. Look for more of the same tonight from a great starting red box. Lk’s I Got This was the other winner in qualifying rounds and should not be ignored here. She is not as consistent as Get You Back, but she has more late drive and can threaten with or without the early lead. If she takes full advantage of the outside post, she too could be a threat to win, and for sure will make it interesting in the stretch. Don’t forget about the other closers too. Newcomer Tmc’s Skatman is starting to figure out the longer distance and will close fast from a good starting box, and the even chasing threat Gs Audrey could factor as she has not missed the money in 5 straight including a pair of wins from similar inside post positions. (1-7-2-3)

Race 14 – (770 Yards) – The lock of the evening comes in the nightcap as no one, and I mean no one, it going to beat Pat C Quen in this race. He is the clear favorite tonight and has smoked the 770-yard course in his last 3 attempts. Sure, he might have finished a close 2nd in the 770 Marathon Challenge, but tonight he gets his revenge in a big way, with a big time VICTORY! Dueling for a distance next best will be the likes of early speed leaders Jennifer Lacy from a great post, and the closing duo of Rs Polly Eyes and Gs Devin Ann. No doubt here that Jennifer steals the early lead, but just doesn’t have the mustard late to hold on for place. Polly and Devin both can come on strong late and both ran similar races in qualifying. (Both second and within .01 of a second in time) Either could find a way to the place position, but neither are of the caliber of QUEN. Class edge to Polly so she gets there just ahead of Ann. (5-3-7-1)

Make your plans to join us on Saturday evening as we get to see the best greyhounds over every distance compete on this stellar card. And don’t miss out on your chance at a ton of cash and prizes with our drawings. Make your reservations and don’t get shut out this weekend at bestbet. I’ll see you at the races!