Qui You leads day 2 of the Summer Warm Up Series Main Event! The chase for the champions trophy and a $68,443 pay day. Action resumes tomorrow!


The Summer Warm Up Main Event drew a total of 595 players generating a generous prize pool of $297,500. 92 players are returning to action with just 32 eliminations out of the money. Paying 60 places and a top prize of $68,443. Qui You returns with the overall chip lead with 145 big blinds. Blinds will resume at 2000/4000/4000 at 12pm. The live stream of the final table will be broadcasted on twitch.tv/bestbetlive FacebookLIVE, and youtube.com/c/bestbetLIVE

Here are the current chip counts, seat assignments, and payouts for the day 2 restart.

$570 NLH
$200,000 Guarantee
Players Prize Pool
595 $297,500
Pay 60 places
1st $68,443
2nd $40,757
3rd $25,287
4th $16,362
5th $11,900
6th $10,412
7th $8,925
8th $7,437
9th $5,950
10th $4,462
11-13th $3,867
14-16th $3,272
17-20th $2,677
21-30th $2,082
31-40th $1,785
41-50th $1,487
51-60th $1,190


Copy of Restart Packet