Preview of 2019 bestbet Sprint Classic Finals

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Its time for the 2019 bestbet Sprint Classic final here at bestbet Jacksonville. Loads of talent on tap for this race as half the field won 2 of the 4 qualifying rounds, and 6 of the 8 finalists didn’t miss the money in any of their efforts. A good mix of breakers, rushers, and closers in this race, so it should be an exciting trip around the oval to watch in the 11th race for Saturday evening August 3rd at bestbet Jacksonville. Don’t forget about our Mad, Mad Money Machine and our Second Chance Drawings that will going on throughout the evening.

Let’s take a closer look at the finalist and just how we see this final round race playing out.

Race 11 for Saturday evening August 3rd, 2019 – Finals of 2019 bestbet Sprint Classic

  1. Lk’s Livin Lucky (Lk’s Vespar – Plover Drive) is a big-time early speeder that drew a great post position in this effort. No break next to her, she might see the front, and could dominate on the lead. Can be short late, will need to steal many lengths early. Won 2 of 4 rounds.
  2. Braska Hazel (Defrim Bale* – Braska Jibber) is the best closer in this field and would be a big-time player from the outside posts. Locked inside, she is going to have a rough go of it, I think. She can still close though and will make it interesting late.
  3. Dutch Calvin (Kc and All – Dutch Belinda) best raw speed of the bunch that almost set a track record in qualifying. He is unmatchable if he gets loose, and he drew a goo spot to start this race from. This race is his to lose. If he is close early, no one here can contend with him. Winner of 16 of 27 lifetime starts with 23 starts in the money.
  4. Mo’s Tweety (Jax Manny – Mo’s Soul Surfer) is a model on consistency that has been in the money in 18 races in a row. She too has good early speed but can be short at the end of the race as well. With an empty box she could see the front end, and will need to, in order to have a chance to win.
  5. Blaska Favolite (Tmc’s Remedy – Braska Flaver) stepped up in semis with win to make finals. Good closer that can win from off the pace. Runs best near the lead. Likes post. Must break and be closer early in order to have an outside shot at the upset.
  6. Mo’s Tom (Jax Manny – Mo’s Soul Surfer) similar racing style to his sister. Almost as consistent, 11 of 12 in the money. Less short at the end of the race but not as good as a breaker either. Just a consistent chaser that flashes on occasion for the upset victory.
  7. St Pete Dreamin (Farloe Black* – Rck Amazon) is a sleeper in this race that people better pay attention too. He has won 8 of his last 11 races and has enough early speed to get to the lead and stay there against this field. He loves it outside and won round 2 from this post. Watch out!
  8. Arkans Shilling (Surf Lorian – Arkans Bd Spring) is never in the big name talks at the track, but maybe she should be. She is a consistent threat that has seen the quiniela in grade A in 17 of her last 25 starts, including in the money finishes in 23 efforts. She can break or close to win, but from a not so hot post, she must come out running in order to factor.

As the lure motors through the far turn and by the starting box, the lid pops open and out comes everyone. From the start this is a highly contested event. Lk’s Livin Lucky gets a false start with the slow breaking and wide rushing Braska Hazel next to him as Mo’s Tweety and St Pete Dreamin come rushing up on the outside. Dutch Calvin broke too and is not far off the lead pack as they rumble up the frontside. By the first turn Livin Lucky is in a slim lead over the chasing pack which are all in close proximately. Down the backside things start to change as Calvin starts to get revved up. He is looking for room and picking up the greyhounds in front of him as they all try and catch the leader. By the far turn Lucky’s lead has evaporated and Calvin is nipping at her heels. As they turn for home and head down the stretch, Calvin shifts gears and blows by the leader to take over command of this race. Drawing off with every stride he is no doubt the winner at the finish line. Lucky holds on for place as the chaser St Pete Dreamin and Mo’s Tweety settle for the remaining spots in the superfecta at the finish line. (3-1-7-4)