Spreading Out the Points

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The third round of the 2019 bestbet Sprint Classic was full of surprises. None of the favorites won in the 4 races left in qualifying and 3 of those winners were 7-1 or greater. Loads of talented didn’t make the top spot and that really spreads out the points to the rest of the field. Lashmet was once again the leader of the pack as he took home 2 wins in the 4 stakes events on the card.

Breaking quickly and leaving nothing to question, LK’s Countess made the most impressive run on the races. Sure, it might not have been the fastest on the card, but she took full advantage of the early lead, and the mess behind her to demolish a field a greyhounds. Outrushing everyone to the turn, she was already in easy control when the trouble happened in her rear- view mirror. New challengers came up to try and put her down the backside, but she never thought of surrender. Drawing away to the far turn she was 6 lengths clear of the rest as she turned for home and she was not done just yet. Powering to the wire with every stride, she breezed to an 8.5 length victory in 30.65 seconds. The other Lashmet winner came in the 7th race as LK’s Livin Lucky wore down the early leader, and kennelmate LK’s Alexis to get the job done. Pushing the pace to the backside, the Lk’s duo looked strong up top, but once Living Lucky took over, it was curtains for Alexis. Lucky was not alone either and held just a slim length lead at the far turn. Finding that inner drive, he switched gear and gave it everything he had coming home. Even though he didn’t pad his numbers, he didn’t lose ground either as he maintained that length lead for the win in 30.51 seconds.

Braksa Hazel woke up again and showed just what a closer can do when she gets near the leaders early on. Breaking in the middle of the pack in the 9th race on the card, Hazel made the most of the post, found room to go, and rushed up to third at the first turn. She was way to close too early for the rest of this field and they would soon find out just what she can do the in the open. Down the backside she went gaining as she goes, and by the far turn, the lead had evaporated, and she was in command. One length was not enough for her though, so she turned on the juice and powered to a 5.5 length win in a blistering clocking of 30.33 seconds.

The other winner was St Pete Dreamin in the 10th. Breaking close to the early lead, he surged to the turn and stole 3 lengths on the rest of the competition as they headed down the backside. He would need every inch of that lead as he saw it shrinking with every stride he took. By the far turn it was just 2 lengths and in the stretch, it was getting dicey as they approached the finish line. In the end he managed to hold off the quick closing Dutch Calvin at the finish line for a half of a length win in 30.45 seconds.

The semi-finals of the 2019 bestbet Sprint Classic will run on Saturday Evening July 27th at bestbet Jacksonville. The field will be trimmed down again and only the top 24 greyhounds will have a chance to compete for the win.