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Well maybe not BREAKING News, but Rushing News, might be more of an appropriate title for the finals of the 2019 bestbet Puppy Stakes. A stellar field of greyhounds took to post on Saturday evening June 1st at bestbet Jacksonville and little came in the form of surprises. As coach Dennis Green once said, “They were who we thought they were!” in this race as the greyhounds that were supposed to run, DID!

As the lure rumbled and squeaked through the far turn in the 11th race on the evening card, the box popped open and we were off in the finals. At the start it was Pat C Zoe with the slim lead over littermate Pat C Live Wire and Arkaskamoonshine. But those first few strides would not tell the tale of this effort. Right in the neighborhood was race favorite Pat C News, and he didn’t come into this race as the leader in points for no reason. Hitting the turbos, he rocketed by everyone in front of him on the way down the front stretch and took over complete control of this race. His break and rush have been a trademark of his recent winning ways, you know, 8 of 10 starts, including his last 3 in a row, and tonight it was in full display once again. Hugging the rail in chase mode, littermates pat C Zoe and Pat C Live Wire were the closes threats as the field got bunched up midtrack and Dutch Betty Jean slipped by on the inside. Around the turn and down the backstretch they headed with News balling out on the front end all alone. Coasting ahead of the rest as his kennelmates tried to keep pace behind him to the far turn. There News as still picking them up and putting them down with ease, but it was the chasers that would have a little more issues to overcome. Pat C Live Wire moved to the rail and cutoff littermate Pat C Zoe and shuffled her off the rail and gave room to run for the closing Dutch Betty Jean. Down the stretch they went, and even though the field might have picked up some lengths on the lead as they approached the finish line, News was never in question in this effort as he took the near box to wire win by 2.5 lengths in an impressive time of 30.43 seconds. Pat C Live Wire was next best, followed by the closing Dutch Betty Jean in 3rd and the early leader, and constant threat Pat C Zoe in 4th. Rounding out the field was Arkaskamoonshine in 5th, Ww Surfer Girl in 6th, Gs Travis in 7th, and last was V Twin who was bumped and fell in the 1st turn.

Congratulations head out to the Pat Collins Kennel, Owner Pat Collins, Trainer Scott Jarvis and the rest of the crew that are connected with this fantastic greyhound. They are making this kind of a common thing as they won the last sprint stakes race, the 2019 James J Patton Silver Cup, with fellow finalist Pat C Zoe. For those that don’t know, Pat C News is the brother to last years All-American Pat C Rare Deal, and frankly he might just turn out to be better than she is. He has a long time of racing ahead of him and he has been dominating the racetrack over the last month or so. So far in his young career he has won 15 of his 27 starts and has finished in the money 23 times. Recently he has been in the trifecta in 16 of his last 17 races and has won 11 times, including his current run of 4 races in a row. His blistering early rush, along with his ability to steal away many lengths early, will allow him to hold on late and win many, many, more races at bestbet Jacksonville. The best is still ahead for this pup who won’t turn 3 until January of next year. Expect to hear his name often as we know big things are ahead of him at the racetrack. Once again, congrats to the “NewsMaker” and good luck in the future here at bestbet Jacksonville.