2019 bestbet Puppy Stakes – Round 2

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The second round of the 2019 bestbet Puppy Stakes will run on Friday evening May 17th at bestbet Jacksonville. The Pat Collins Kennel was the big winner in round 1 with 3 victories, including race favorite Pat C Zoe, and as no other kennel recorded move than 1 win, there are a lot a people trying to catch up. All seven races return to action in round 2, so you can cheer on your favorites just like you did in the first round. Let’s take a closer look at the races and see if we can start off your weekend right with some winners.

Friday evening May 17, 2019 – Round 2 of bestbet Puppy Stakes

Race 4 – First round winner, and solid grade A, Pat C Bbq is going to be tough to beat again here. Will find a way to the rail and come from off the pace to get it done again. Biggest threat is his kennelmate Pat C Zitty. Another solid grade A with 5 races in a row in the money. Don’t forget about the well posted even factor Ww Surfer Girl, or the late closing Rs Uma Eyes at the finish line. (4-8-2-7)

Race 5 – Another race, another solid grade A Pat Collins threat. Pat C Live Wire will be all Motley in this race as she stalks the pace and outlasts the leader for the win. Banging the box and making her work will be the first-round winner Lk’s You Got It. If the mood suits, she could get back to back wins. Other contenders include the finally on the inside of the racetrack stalking factor Ww Eddy, and the always closing Pat C Stealth. (5-8-1-4)

Race 7 – Race favorite will keep on doing what she does best, breaking and winning. Up front she is a monster and expect more of the same in this race against a couple of 660 converts. The real race is for place and it could be a close contest between first round winner Wp’s Springriver and the totally posted pace chaser Dutch Betty Jean. Keep an eye out for the closing Bgr Thunder Snow late as he will find a way into the superfecta for the 5th straight time. (5-7-2-3)

Race 9 – Pat C Sly Murry will have work to do late to get the win, but the post is just too good here to deny him in this effort. This solid grade A has been the favorite in 6 straight races, and he has won 3 of those efforts. Overdue for the top spot. Atkaskamoonshine, also a closer, will make up ground late for the best of the rest title. Early Jc’s Ice Cube could set the pace, but he is no match for the big dogs late, and Arkans Bb Kodiak will be a solid threat throughout in this effort. (2-7-5-3)

Race 10 – More Pat Collins here with first round winner Pat C Todd back in action. Like the rest, a solid grade A that can win with or without the early lead. He is posted well and will do what must be done to repeat. Providing the challenge all the way should be the rested rising star Wp’s Ironman, along with Tmc’s Dynasty, who drew the best rail post in the building in the red blanket. Gs Travis could surprise too if he gets loose. This closer has done well in grade A and has gears late to get into the mix. (6-7-1-3)

Race 11 – The best early speeder in the stakes gets a chance to try and win again. Pat C News was nipped at the line in round 1 but has 4 wins in 6 races in grade A showing. He will not be beat out the box, and this time around, from the 8 box, he holds tough to win. Trying to run him down will be a trio of strong chasing threats. Js Dollar Sign, Lk’s Balderdash, and Kells Marie all are posted well, can close, and were factors in their first-round races. If any break better than last time, there could be upset minded tonight. (8-3-1-4)

Race 12 – The Pat Collins trend continues on as Pat C Dragnet looks best in the stake’s nightcap. With 4 wins a 5 quinielas in 6 starts, he has the goods. Forget that last effort as tonight he clears early and dominates on the lead once again. The well posted early speeder Atx Breakandbad should make Dragnet work to the stretch, but late everyone better watch out for Regall T Bird and B My Patrick as they could challenge at the wire. (6-1-3-2)

The third round of the 2019 bestbet Puppy Stakes will take place on Monday May 20th at bestbet Jacksonville. The field will be trimmed down and only the best of the best will move on for a chance at the finals. Join us!