Round 2 bestbet Puppy Stakes

The second round of the 2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes is upon us, and there should be several opportunities to cash some tickets this weekend. We have some great greyhounds and races on tap as all 72 of them return for this round. (Remember the field will be cut down to 5 races for the next round on Monday evening May 21st.) So, let’s take a closer look at the fields and see if we can get some picks right this weekend.

Round 2 of bestbet Puppy Stakes

Friday evening May 18th, 20018

Race 2 – (Seven greyhound field) the 5 box is empty and that should give more room to the midtrack greyhounds, but it wont matter much! I don’t thing she can get the early lead, but that doesn’t matter much either as phenom Jedi Auntie Pho can come from off the pace to win too. Pho has yet to lose at bestbet and is a perfect 7 for 7 in her career at the racetrack. She has serious gears late and will post up another fantastic win in this effort. With a great post and back to back wins, Kc’s Rich also gets a look in this effort. Always tough from the rail, he will make a move late to challenge. Pat C Alex has the class edge on the field as he has won more A’s than some have starts. He knows how to get it done is looking to rebound her from a fantastic starting box. Now for the frontrunner, Lk’s Holiday Fun. No greyhound breaks better and she even gets more room with an empty post. Expect for her to steal a ton early and for her to fade back late as the closers blow by. (3-1-8-4)

Race 4 – (Seven greyhound field) Another empty post and yet again more room for Kentucky to get out fast and control this effort. Just missing in round 1, he had won 3 straight and I think he gets back on track in this effort. Post also helps Cp’s Nauset Flo here. This greyhound is all about the rail and gets it once again, well for the first time in 5 races, and will find her break and threaten throughout this race. Arkans Linx moved up to grade A with a big-time win in round number one and looks to continue that success in this effort. She likes the post, has been in the quiniela in 5 of 6 races, and will be a force throughout once again here. Late don’t sleep on Pat C Alert. I know he has been a bit inconsistent as of late, but when he clears, i.e. he will have extra room with the empty post, he can be a threat to win any race. (6-3-2-4)

Race 5 – Wide open race here and it prize for the taking for someone. Lets got with Jack’s Mizz Tutu. Tutu has been breaking well as of late and should be able to see the from end again in this effort from a good rail post position. The only question that remains for her is can she hold on to the wire for the W? We will see… Pressing throughout will be the cagey veteran Vicki Of Ruckus. She has won several grade A’s at the racetrack and likes breaking from the outside post. She too has a good short to win this effort. Last Act Leon is a converted router that should make his presence know in the stretch to the leaders once again. He finished well in round one with a strong second place effort. Finally, is Craigie Hotrod. He looked good breaking in and he can really fly when he gets his nose out in front early on. He is better than the 7th place finish he took home in round number 1. If it all goes his way early on, he will be primed for a round 2 upset. (2-7-4-3)

Race 7 – With no consistent early speeders here, Arkans Red looks like he could be the one to catch on the front end. Granted, he doesn’t like the post, would rather be outside, but normally breaks well from the rail positions. Once in the lead, he is tough to run down, and even with all this closing talent behind him, he will be a tough out in this effort. Flying up in the final few strides will be Craigie Javier. This greyhound is in the right post and will shift gears late to come on strong and make a run for the win at the wire. His stakes experience will help him out tonight. WW Xavier might be a pure puppy, but he has shown some skills so far at bestbet. In round 1 he ran into trouble and was not up to the task, here he bounces back with a strong effort. Se’s Joe K is better than he showed in round number one and will be poised to factor in this effort. He broke in with a flourish early and I know that he can give more than he has shown lately. Sleeper pick, he could upset if he gets the ship righted early on. (1-2-5-4)

Race 9 – This race will be highly contested from the get go. We have several good breaking greyhounds that are tough on top here and pay particular attention to the outside part of the racetrack. Se’s Fast Fanny was a first round winner that put up an impressive box to wire victory. She has gears to burn in the stretch and could get things done even without the early lead. She will need to be on her game to get back to back wins as another first round victor, Jack’s Lil Havoc, is right next door. A better breaker, Havoc creates just that when he can get to the lead, but he has been not as sharp when he has not been in the front early on. Same post, same result? Maybe? Also watch out for the pure puppy Jw Arrieta. Arrieta was 3rd in round one after winning back to back to back races to start out her career. She is all about the late speed and has a turbo in her pocket just in case. Watch her clear close, and challenge in the stretch. Setting the pace here could be Lk’s Berry Frost. This greyhound is money at the start, but not so much at the end of the race. She is short and will be once again here. If she wants to last the whole way for the win, she will need some help behind her in this effort. (7-6-8-3)

Race 10 – The pick of the night comes in this effort. The first-round winner, of winners, was Lk’s Black Gold. Breaking best and putting on a show, she won by almost 11 lengths. Tonight, she gets another good near rail post and I expect another box to wire romp! If you are going to lay down some green, this is the race to get into. Winning the NEXT BEST battle should be Jedi Fawney. This pup has nothing but impress since arriving and her closing style will be on full display once again in this effort. The is fine, she will get room vacated from Black Gold, and should chase down anyone ELSE in this effort for place. First round surprise winner Craigie Zuri gets another good 2 box here and will be ready for another victory. She will not get it, but she will be ready. She is tough when she can break on or near the early lead, and on will not be an option in this one. Chasing the pace throughout, she factors somewhere in the money. Mitey Mozelle is the other greyhound here that has a shot at a money position at the wire. A converted router, Mozelle will make up ground late and factor in the superfecta at the wire. (3-4-2-6)

Race 11 – More opportunities to pick your favorite as anyone would win this race. Six of the 8 finished in the money in round number one, including 5 greyhounds in the quiniela. Let’s go with Dc Thunder Dog in this effort. Just missing in round 1 and getting the best of the best post positions here, he will be ready to get out of the box and wire this field on the front end. He loves it out here, just look back 3 races to see what I mean. Cp’s Bee Bruce was out lasted in the stretch and had to settle for 4th, but he was only a length off the winner at the wire. He gets the same one box in this effort and I expect more of the same. Lk’s Hopscotch won in round 1 with a huge come from behind victory. He has speed to burn in the stretch for sure, but he will need to be close again to use them. He showed about his recent lines last time out, can he do it again? And let’s not forget Dutch Marco. Marco is a solid chasing greyhound that keeps in contention in most of his efforts. Tough middle post, but I think he can plug away in the superfecta for the duration of this event. (8-1-6-5)

Race 12 – The Lead might be reserved for Iron hearted in this effort, but the bad news for him is that he will not keep it all the way to the wire. Iron Hearted is short, short, short in the stretch and will prove that way once again in this effort. He loves to break inside and will set the pace, 2nd is the best he can hope for here. Sumalee is the greyhound to beat for him in this effort. Showing up big time in round 1, she raced off with the early lead and dominated the field on the front end. From a similar post position in this effort, she will be close enough early to stay interested and have enough left late to take down the leader before the wire. Others to consider include, solid closing grade A Dc Midnight Rider, who is looking to improve on that 5th place finish, and Avenging Angel, who can hang tough with the leaders if she can get out of the starting box close. (3-2-4-6)

Race 15 – Capping off the evening we another highly competitive race. Here Workinthecorner seems like the one to beat. Wining 4 of 6 races, and finished 3rd in round 1, he has the tools to get the job done here. He has a good break, a solid rush to the turn, and even though he can be short late, he has enough to get to the line. Not saying he will win alone, but he should be up to the task here. Challenging him will be the brother duo of Lnt Joker and Lnt Batman. Here I like evil over good, as Joker is more explosive and has a better starting box, but Batman is no slouch either. Both greyhounds can fly in the open and each finished in the money in round number one. Each could pull off the upset if their mood is right in this effort, so we will just have to wait and see what kind of Gotham power they bring to the table tonight. Don’t sleep on the pure puppy Pch Just As I Am either. This girl has flashed some serious late speed and her last from this post was a masterful 11 length victory. She has no speed around her and could get out quickly in this effort. If she comes to run, you never know. (7-8-6-3)