Puppy Stakes Round 1

Another exciting stakes race is upon us, and this time around, it is going to be full of surprises. The 2018 edition of the bestbet Puppy Stakes features 72 of the best puppies at the racetrack, and like most puppies, you never know what you got until they run. There are plenty of money making opportunities in round one as you get the young ones against the seasoned veterans. So, lets take a look at the races in round 1 and see if we can get you week started off right here at bestbet Jacksonville.

Round 1 of bestbet Puppy Stakes

Monday evening May 14th, 2018

Race 2 – There is only one grade A winning greyhound in the field, so let’s go with him. Beautifulcharlie has 4 wins in 6 races, including some serious times. He has great late speed and will love the inside post. Charlie gets it done. Se’s Joe K also gets some love. Breaking in he was a force. Now rested and ready to go, expect him to challenge from the 1 box. Lk’s Berry Frost will be the pacesetter in this race, but don’t sell her too short. She has won back to back races and will factor to the wire. Kc’s Rich can flash on occasion and is coming off a strong win. He must break to contend here. (3-1-5-6)

Race 4 – Forget the last race, Jedi Fawney is the real deal and will prove it in this round 1 race. She has blazing speed, breaks well from the outside, and can come home with the rest of the closers too. She finds a way to get back on track, and if she gets loose early, this could get ugly. She will not be alone in this effort though, upstart puppy Jw Arrieta has won 3 straight and looks the part, now she just has to be the part against the grade A’s. Pat C Alex is a solid grade A greyhound that will flourish from the wide post in this race, and he too could take home the W if it all goes right for him. Winning might be a stretch for Tempo Cinch, but you must like him in the money again here. With 6 straight cashes, you know he will be in the mix at the wire once again. (6-5-7-2)

Race 5 – Even though it is not his best distance, Craigie Javier is the only solid grade A in this effort. Closing is his forte over the shorter course and he will have to be all out late if he wants to get it done. He has a far from great post, so effort is what he needs tonight to win. Leading the way early should be the box breaking threat Lk’s Patty Cake. Outclassed here, her speed will only get her so far, but she could surprise them all with a little held behind. Fellow grade A, Pat C Alert, will be heading to the rail early and looking for room to rush, run, and contend again, along with the late blooming grade dropper, who is finally back inside the 5 box, Km Caitlynjenner. (7-3-5-2)

Race 7 – The hottest greyhound heading into the stakes comes our way in race #7! Kentucky Rich has won back to back to back races in grade A, and no one here should be able to hold a candle to him. He has the best early speed, should be unabated to front end and continue the streak in this effort. There are a few other top-grade rushes that could prompt the pace throughout in this effort. Avenging Angel just missed last time out and could provide with a late challenge at the wire. Mitey Mozelle is an early speed solid grade A that will be around the hunt for the majority of this effort. Don’t sleep on Pat C Fake News either. I know it is a bit of a jump up grade as of late, but the post is ideal, and he too can close late on occasion. If he gets loose, he might just be making news at the wire. (3-4-8-2)

Race 9 – Good mix here of the old meets the new as we get cagey grade A veterans taking on the rising stars. Dc Midnight Rider has won 3 of 6 races in grade A and should like the midtrack post position. A stalking closer, he will be around the hunt early and take over late to win. Providing a challenge could be the newcomer, Pch Just As I Am. This pup has won 3 of 4 official starts and has not missed the money yet in her brief career. Tough to ignore her last win by 11 in 30.66. Cp’s Bee Bruce is another solid grade A greyhound that is a chasing closing threat that is almost always in the money. Tough post here, will need to overcome it to contend, and don’t forget the pacesetter Iron Hearted. The best breaker in the field will take the heart out of the other early speeders here as he hangs tough in front to the stretch before surrendering late. (6-7-1-3)

Race 10 – Talk about puppy power, this could be the one greyhound that most everyone is fearing in this stakes. Jedi Auntie Pho has won her first 6 races in a row and all of them have been in impressive fashion. She has a blazing rush to the first turn and can turn on the jets in the second half of the race. Her 4 straight sub 30.50 times are something to right home about. Watch her dominate once again here. She is not without her challengers though. Cp’s Nauset Flo is a solid grade A stakes competitor that has good early speed and could threaten through the early stages of this race. Lnt Batman is a good stalking closer that could throw his hat into the rink in the stretch as well, and don’t forget about Jack’s Mizz Tutu. Hot off a win and back in grade A, this greyhound can be a tough out as well when he is close to the leaders early on. (7-4-6-8)

Race 11 – Easy picking here as Lk’s Holiday Fun is the class of the field. If she wouldn’t have got run into in the far turn in her last effort, she would be working on a 6 race in the quiniela streak. Still 5 straight isn’t bad, and she has enough left late on the early lead in this race to get back to winning. She loves the rail, will out break everyone to the inside of her, and she will have her way on top throughout in this effort. Trying to catch up and run her down before the wire will be a trio of talented greyhounds. B My Sherry is a solid grade A closer that is ideally posted wide in this effort. She can come on late with the best of them and could get it done if she gets around close enough early on. Converted router Reble Fred is not at the right distance but has grown up around the oval since his last 550 start. He should close well late and challenge in the stretch here. Jw Rosario might not have the class yet but has the closing ability for sure. He has not missed the money in 6 straight and that trends continues from an advantageous post position. (4-6-2-7)

Race 12 – Another talented pup that might be hard to take down in round number one is Lnt Joker! Joker has breezed up to grade A in just 5 starts, winning 3 all under 30.90! With a good mix of rushing speed and determination on the lead, he is a tough nut to crack on the front end. Tonight, I see more of the same as he clears early and races off late. He should be challenge by solid grade A Se’s Fast Fanny. Fanny must break better her to contend, but her experience could play into her favor in this effort. Saber Crush is another pup that has done well as of late. Winning back to back races in super fashion, from the same post position that he has in this effort, he could be poised for the hat-trick if it all goes his way in this one. Another greyhound to not forget about is Dc Thunder Dog. Thunder can he boisterous when he is close to the early leaders in any races. He can dominate once his nose gets out in front early, so he will need to be on his breaking game in this effort, if he wants a chance to win. (3-4-7-5)

Race 15 – We saved the best for last as we cap off the evening with the most competitive stakes race on the card. No doubt everyone is going to pick Lk’s Black Gold to win this one, but the selection might just be that cut and dry. I too like the veteran as she is battle tested, has a great break, a great post, and will show up to compete, but even though I think she wins, it is going to be a hard road to get home on top. Workinthecorner has really taken off as of late and with 4 wins in 5 races, you must consider her a big-time threat here, especially since she is near the rail, and is very determined once in front. Stakes veteran Jedi Texas Acre just missed out on winning the 2018 James J Patton Silver cup and is well rested and ready to go in this effort. He will break, he will factor, just remains to be seen how long that will last. Pat C Kudos can flash as well. She might be a pup, but she has the skills to get things done. She needs to find her break, and the post could help with that. Forget her last effort, she makes up for it in this one. (8-3-4-2)

All 72 greyhounds will return for round number 2 which will run on Friday evening May 18th at bestbet Jacksonville. Pick your favorites and don’t miss out on exciting stakes racing action over the next 3 weekends here at bestbet Jacksonville. Come on out and Join us, and I’ll see you at the races.