Bios 2018 bestbet Puppy Stakes

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Lk’s Black Gold – (69 Points)
OP Career Totals (73/39-13-9-3)
BK – F October 2015 Jack’s Big Lad – Lk’s Live Wire
Owned By – Jill Lashmet
Runs for the Lashmet Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham

Not a real big surprise here as the most experienced stakes round in the field came out on top at the end. Winning three of the four rounds, and finishing second in the other, Lk’s Black Gold used her blazing early speed to make it to the top of the heap in qualifying. Her best effort might have been in the first round where she won by almost 11, but to me the semi-final trip was even more impressive. She broke to the top and had to stay strong throughout to get the win. No drawing away easily for fun, she had to work for it with every step around the oval, and against a highly touted field she turned by the challengers and held strong all the way to the finish line for the slim win. Black Gold is the first of 4 greyhounds in this stakes final for the Lashmet kennel. Competing in her 6th stakes event and making the finals of 5 of those races, she knows what to do, but that ever-elusive title is still out of her reach. She has been in the position several times to score a stakes final win, but one way or another, she has been run down late and beaten in the stretch. She can be short on occasion to stronger closing greyhounds, but that is the price she must pay for all that ankle burning speed from the starting box. Post position is not all that important to her, but what really matters is getting out of the starting box in a hurry. It can aide her in her efforts though as the edges have been very good to her in the past. She likes to rush hard and have an open lane in front of her and the ideal spot for her to start this race from would be the 8 box. She almost always hits the lid from out here and loves to slingshot that turn and increase her early margins down the backside. In her seven career races from here, she has won 5 times and has never finished out of the quiniela. It this the time she gets it done? Will the stakes title finally be hers to hold? We will soon find out.

Lk’s Berry Frost – (63 Points)
OP Career Totals (78/16-7-10-11)
BK – F November 2015 Jack’s Big Lad – Lk’s Flawless
Owned By – Jill Lashmet
Runs for the Lashmet Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham

Lk’s Berry Frost really stepped up during the rounds and found a groove that she has not possessed anytime during her career at bestbet. Breaking fast has really been the difference maker for her as she finished 4th in the first round and then back to back to back races to complete the qualifying rounds. One of three greyhounds to win 3 rounds of the stakes, she must be considered a threat here once again in this stakes final. The second of four from the Lashmet kennel in the finals, this pup might not have the splash wins like the others, but she sure is determined on top when she gets there. This was never more on display than in her third-round race. There she bombed out fast, stole a huge lead at the first turn, saw that lead dwindle to the far turn, but dug in deep, and held firmly ahead of the rest all the way to the finish line for the win. Running in her 2nd stakes event, this race is her first chance at a final, and we will have to wait and see just what she can do against the elite 8. Like her kennelmate, the edges seem to be the place she wants to break from, but more specifically, she likes that 8 box. In 16 career starts, she has won nearly half the time, 7, and has finished in the money 14 of those trips around the oval. If she wants to have a shot here, she MUST continue to hit the lid and steal the lead tonight.

Jedi Auntie Pho – (59 Points)
OP Career Totals (10/9-0-0-0)
R BD – F June 2016 Deerfield Mover* – Jedi Freckles
Owned By – Louie Rivera
Runs for the Ocala Kennel
Trained by Antonette Gerard

I don’t know what to say except, OH MY GOD! Jedi Auntie Pho had a better start to her career at bestbet than anyone else that I can remember. She won her first 9 races in a row, and that included the first 3 rounds of the stakes. In the semi-finals, she didn’t break, ran into trouble, and the streak came to an in, but as they say, you can’t win them all. She is clearly the fastest greyhound in the field and can punish them when she gets loose. The first of two from the Ocala Kennel in the finals, put on a show in round two. Breaking close, she surged to the lead at the first turn and left the field in her wake. Increasing with every stride she took, she easily coasted away from the field as she crossed 6.5 lengths better than the rest in a blistering 30.30 second clocking. Auntie Pho is the pure puppy of this bunch, and frankly, she is just starting to figure things out. With just a few reps under her belt, it is hard to distinguish just where she wants to break and run from. As a rusher, I would think the edges would do her well. Give her room to clear close and find a lane to the turn. She is not short, she has gears to burn late and if she wants to win this race, she might just have to come from off the pace to get it done. Looking at her lines, you must guess 6 box! She has had that starting position in 3 races, and she has won each and every one of those starts. Can the puppy, get back on track, and dominate the finals? It going to be exciting to see.

Kentucky Rich – (55 Points)
OP Career Totals (44/14-8-5-5)
DK BD – M May 2016 Pat C Clement – Kentucky Fire
Owned By – C Don Godby
Runs for the Lashmet Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham

Another greyhound who has really stepped up his breaking style and his finishing in the money percentage is Kentucky Rich. Just missing out in rounds one, two, and three, Rich needed a big-time statement effort to go into the finals with. Overcoming that runner-up stigma, Rich was in full display in the semi-final round race. Beating the box, he was in instant command of this race and soon separated himself from the rest of the field by 3 lengths at the turn. Cruising down the backside, he maintained that margin all the way to the far turn and turned for home with a mission. Even though the closers were coming, and knocking at his door late, he held tough all the way to the finish line for the slim victory at the wire. The third of four greyhounds for the Lashmet kennel in the finals, he is competing in his first stakes race and got his first stakes final appearance. Consistency is what got Rich here and if you look at his lines, you know what I am talking about. He has been in the money in 22 of his last 24 efforts, and that includes his most recent 7 straight trips in the quiniela. Post position is not all that important, the break is, but if he gets the choose, the 2 box is the home away from home spot. He has never finished out of the money in his 8 career races from the blue box, and he has won 7 of those efforts, including his last 5 straight. Like the rest, if he wants a chance to win against this talented field, he must BREAK! He must come out running. If he stays true to himself, he has a chance to finish in the money again, and possible win this race.

Arkans Linx – (53 Points)
OP Career Totals (59/9-16-7-5)
R – F February 2016 Gable Sour Cream – Arkans Minx
Owned By – Darren or Rachelle Henry
Runs for Double J Kennel
Trained by Chris Maynard

Arkans Linx has been an up and down greyhound that gets the notoriety that it took her the longest to break her maiden the bunch. Just 14 races, but since she has been growing by leaps and bounds and has really taken her game to another level in the stakes. Winning two races, finishing 2nd and 5th in the other two, she did enough to secure her a spot in this field for the Double J Kennel in her first ever attempt at stakes racing competition. Showing a never give up attitude, her best effort in the qualifying came in the third round as she stalked the pace throughout, chipped away at the leader, and stole away the victory at the finish line by a head. With this win, she scored her first at the grade A level in her career and big things seem to be just ahead of her. Post position for her seems to be a bit all over the place, but the rail runner shows best from the edges. Clearly if she were to have a dream spot, it would be on the rail. The majority of her best efforts have come from there, including half of her career wins and 10 quiniela finishes in 16 career starts. Winning is going to be tough for anyone in this race, so being at the top of your game is paramount. The advantage she has over some in this field is that she can close a bit late. Don’t thing she will outbreak the big dogs, but she must be close early to have a shot. This one is all up to her, and how she starts of this stakes final.

Craigie Zuri – (52 Points)
OP Career Totals (22/7-5-0-2)
W T R – F May 2016 KC And All – Delightful Mary
Owned By – Craigie Inc.
Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel
Trained by Michael Gerard

Craigie Inc gives us another good-looking greyhound in the line of Avatar and Javier, and like those, Zuri really stepped up when she needed to in the rounds. Coming into her won right before our eyes, she won back to back races to start off the stake and followed that up with a strong second place effort. In the semi’s she missed her break, and into trouble, and finished out of the money. No issues as the strong start was enough for her to make it into the final round race for the Lester Raines kennel in her first try at stakes racing competition. Normally a closer, Zuri really started to break on the scene when she found her break. This was most on display in two of the stakes. Burst to the lead from the box, she was pressed to the turn, down the backside, through the far turn, and all the way to the wire, but she never surrendered. She was a force on the front end and not only scored at the wire but posted up a speedy time in the process. Zuri might be overlooked by some as a flash in the pan, but the Lester Raines kennel has won more stakes races than anyone else in this final. She will be ready to go, and a good post could help in her efforts.  Another 2-box winner! LOL! In her career from this post, she has won 3 of 6 starts and finished in the quiniela 5 times. Tonight, she MUST break to contend for the win, otherwise it just might be too little too late for the early round threat.

Se’s Fast Fanny – (52 Points)
OP Career Totals (22/7-2-4-1)
W R – F May 2016 Djays Octane – Se’s Real Mccoy
Owned By – Steven A Ward
Runs for the Ocala Kennel
Trained by Antonette Gerard

Se’s Fast Fanny broke in like a rocket winning 4 straight and completing the trip to grade A undefeated, but soon then after she cooled off a bit. She took a rest and has since just been trying to get back into the groove. This second threat from the Ocala kennel, made the most of her 2nd stakes appearance, as she was never out of the money during qualifying. Winning in round 1, and finished 2nd twice and 3rd in another round, she found enough points to secure a spot in the finals tonight. Her win was a thing of beauty as she broke out on top, took over command, and never relinquished the lead. Stretching out the margin throughout, she was an easy winner and posted up a solid time at the wire. Fanny is tougher and better than her lines appear and must not be forgotten about in this final round effort. She likes to run from the edges and anything far inside or outside should be a good starting post for her in this effort. She is more partial to the outside though as several of her best trips have come from the 8 box. Will she be up to the task one for time in this effort? If so, she will need to get out of the starting box. She can close, unlike some of the rest here, but she will not come from well off the pace to get the job done. She must be within striking distance early on, so the most critical part of the race for her tonight, will be the start. If it all goes as planned, she might just be the bud longshot everyone is looking for.

Lk’s Hopscotch – (46 Points)
OP Career Totals (40/9-4-2-5)
R BD – F October 2015 Pat C Sabbath – Lk’s Mandrianna
Owned By – Jill Lashmet
Runs for the Lashmet Kennel
Trained by Randell Graham

Last, but not least, is Lk’s Hopscotch. Up and down the ranks many times so far in her young career, Hopscotch pulled off the upset in 2 of the 4 rounds as she picks up the leaders in the stretch and took home 19 points in the process. Parlaying that with a 4th and 6th place effort in the other two rounds, and she squeaks into the finals as the 8th place greyhound. Don’t count her out simply because of that. In the past we have seen several greyhound come from here in qualifying to win the finals, and as they say, you must be in it to win it. Hopscotch is the 4th and final greyhound in the field from the Lashmet kennel, and the best closer of the bunch. She can come from well off the pace, just like she did in round 1 of the stakes. Breaking in the middle she maintained to the far turn and that is where the fuse got lit. Bursting home, she rocketed by the greyhounds ahead of her and pulled off the 4th to 1st sweep for the win. This race was her second try at stakes racing competition, and this time around she made it all the way, even if barely, to the finals. Post position could help some, but I expect all the early speeders to be gone and that too will give her room to run. She is midtrack by nature and has flourished so far in her career from the middle posts. Tonight, is just another chance to prove them all wrong. Let’s see if she is up to the task one more time in this effort.