Round 1 of the IronHound Stakes

Another stakes race is upon us and this time out we will test the true metal of each and every competitor. Its time for the Ironhound stakes, where each greyhound will compete over 330, 550, 660, and if they make the finals, 770 yards. This is a true test of their desire and it will be great to see just who has what it takes to win it all on April 14th.

Round 1 will be over the 660-yard course with Round 2 running on April 2nd over 330 yards, the semi-finals will run on April 7th over 550 yards, and the finals will take place on April 14th over 770 yards.

Just to let you know, I will be on vacation for the next week and will not be posting as I will be out of the country, but rest assured that I will be back in time to give you a great look at the finals.

Let’s take a closer look at the qualifying races over 660 yards for round number 1.

Round 1 of the Ironhound Stakes

Friday evening March 30th, 2018

Race 7 – If there were a pre-race favorite for this race it would probably have to be Dutch Casey. This greyhound has competed well in the top grades as 550, 660, and even won a 770 stakes race. He can close with the best of them over any distance and it gets things kicked off in the right direction in this effort over 660 yards. He will not be the early lead, but late he will do what he must do to win. Setting the pace and trying to wire the field on the lead will be Pat C Hell Bent. By no means is this greyhound a slouch either as he has won 3 of his last 6 efforts over this distance and can hold strong al the way to the wire for the win. If he can steal enough early on, he can win this round. Trying to threaten late will be the surging Pj Wigglengiggle. Giggle might be better suited for the marathon course but ran a nice effort in her last race over 660. She has gears to burn in the stretch over this distance and will be a threat in the stretch again tonight. Finally, watch out for Cm’s Bruno. Bruno is a steady plugger that chases hard throughout in all the races that he run. On occasion he can break, and when he does, he is a factor at the finish line. More though of as a superfecta play, he could move up the ranks if he can remember how to break tonight. (7-3-2-5)

Race 15 – The hottest greyhound heading into this stake must be Pat C Bona. A winner of 3 straight races over 660, and 770, this greyhound can get the job done when he needs to. Tonight, he draws another good post and should get plenty of room to run early on in this race. He can break fast and control the race throughout, and that is just what I expect for him again in this effort. Out and gone early on, who wants to run second? That will be up for grabs and a ton of talent and speed look to score some points at the finish line. Royal Clarion has the experience to be a threat in this effort, as long as she wants to run. She is always tough when she is close early on, and from this outside post, she should be around the leaders near the start. She has closing ability too and could even threaten the leader if she hits the lid in this effort. It’s all up to her, let’s see if she is up to the task. Pushing the early pace should be Drama Free. This greyhound has also done well over the 660 and 770-yard courses, but she has done it against lessor competition. Here she steps up in the ranks and will really need to be on top of her game to have a shot at a win. She has good early speed and will be in the mix with the leaders at the start of this race. Her biggest question is, can she hold on all the way to the wire and steal a win? Tiger’s Eye gets the final spot nod as the greyhound that could sneak into the mix at the wire. This closer over 660 is always coming on late, and he appears that he could go even further if need be. Here is he posted well, and if he can break at all, he should be shoe in for one of the money spots as the finish line. (2-8-6-4)

Remember to keep an eye out for the next rounds and don’t miss the second chance drawings that will be going along with the finals on Saturday evening April 14th at bestbet Jacksonville.