Semi-Final Time Saturday

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With just 24 greyhounds left and the points spread out all over the place, a load of greyhounds have a chance to make it into the finals of the 2016 bestbet Puppy Stakes on Saturday evening June 4th. Before we get to that though, we need to run the semi-finals this Saturday evening and each of the greyhounds in the three remaining races will be able to make the case for a spot in the finals. They are chalk full of round winners and threats, so these races are really going to be competitive. So, let’s take a closer look at the semi-finals and see if we can get you cashing some tickets this weekend.

Semi-Finals of bestbet Puppy Stakes

Saturday Evening –

Race 7 – Tough race here with a bunch of talent strapping on their muzzles and getting ready to compete. Several have won in rounds and some need a big 19 points in this effort if they want a shot at the finals. Experience, winning experience that is, could be the tie-breaker in this effort. Ww Standardissue is the greyhound that I think comes out on top in this effort. Although he is still a puppy, he has won 2 of the 3 rounds of the stakes and 3 in his last 6 efforts. He is breaking well and proving to be stronger as the race wears on. No doubt that the early lead will be saved for the speeder Craigie Coldshot on the outside in this effort, but try as he might, Standardissue will be arriving first at the finish line. Speaking of Coldshot, this greyhound is no slouch himself. He has a win and 2 quiniela finished in his 3 rounds of the stakes, and as the only true early speeder, he should be unabated to the lead here. Short in the stretch, I think he gets caught near the wire, but he should hang around in the money for the duration of this trip. Others to worry about include the hot and cold running second round winner Pat C Zip Code, and the almost always in the money runner, not winning but in the money, Kanes Bubba. (6-8-4-7)
Race 9 – Will be another good front running battle to see just who takes home the victory at the finish line. Js Great Escape might not have the best post position to start this race from, you know he likes it more midtrack to wide, but class will shine through none the less. Winning the first two rounds of the stakes and finishing a close second in the third, he is in the driver’s seat for a spot in the finals already. All he has to do is show up a bit and he is a shoe in to make it. Others around have early speed to challenge him to the turn, but I think he makes it there on top and takes care of things on the front end. Pushing the pace early should be the Fast breaking and rushing star Kc Tammy J. Tammy already won in the stakes in the first round and finished a strong third in round 2 and 3. She is short late though and that could cost her again in this effort. Late both greyhound better be wary of Raiders Rossi and Ww’s O Not Again. Both greyhounds have been successful in the stakes an either of them could come home with a rush and spoil the plans of the frontrunners in the stretch. Rossi is the better of the two and draws a bit better post position to start of this race. If he clears close, he will certainly be a threat to win. Not Again is no slouch and is finding her groove again in the rounds. With three perfect trips in the money, expect more of the same in this effort. (1-7-3-5)

Race 11 – Capping off the evening stakes rounds, this race is one tough cookie to crack. Loads of talent, winners, streakers, and blazing runners, here and it might just come down to who wants it more at the finish line. Easily the favorites are going to be the back to back winners Ww’s Holy Grail and Pat C Outbounds. Both greyhounds have looked masterful in the rounds and each and put up wins in impressive fashion. Ww’s Holy Grail has a little more going for him in this effort and that could be the difference maker tonight. As the best early speeder, and receiving a great post position, there is no reason for Holy Grail not to make the front end early on in this effort. Late might be his Achilles heel as he can be short in the deep stretch on occasion. If Pat C Outbounds clears behind the leader, it could be very interesting at the wire. Outbounds is a monstrous force herself and she can come from off the pace to run down rivals and take home wins, just like she did in round number 3 in the stakes. The midtrack post suits her and if she wants to go, this race might be hers too lose. You can’t sleep on the rest of the this field though. Mr Winston has to be noticed after his last effort. Bombing from the box, the same 7 box he has in this race, he never looked back, dominated the field, and posted up the quickest time in qualifying in 30.42 seconds. Pat C Funkie also gets a look with three in the money efforts in his three races in the rounds. He did win, that came in round 2, and in all of those efforts he was making up ground from off the pace. If he gets clean trip early, he might have a shot at another in the money run in this effort. (3-6-7-5)

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