Dogs in 2016 bestbet Puppy Stakes

Bios 2016 bestbet Puppy Stakes



Pat C Dashboard (53 Points)
Career Totals (42/8-6-11-6)
Bd – M Jan 2014 Pat C Clement – Pat C Abba
Owned by – Pat Collins
Runs for the Patrick Collins Kennel
Trained by Scott Jarvis

Something get better with age and that might just be the case that Pat C Dashboard is making in the finals of the 2016 bestbet Puppy Stakes. It took him 26 races to reach grade A, but since arriving he has not dropped from the top level of competition. This leader in points for this final he made it there with 2 wins, a second and a fifth place finish. He is competing in his first stakes events and makes it all the way to this final round field. He is the first of three finalists for the Pat Collins Kennel, who hopes to win this race in back to back years as Pat C Evermore was the champ in 2015. His best effort came in the second round as he rushed hard to the lead from the outside post, took over command at the turn, and coasted all the way to the wire in control for the easy victory. Dashboard is not a one trick pony, or a front running fool, like some of the other greyhounds we see now a day, he can come from well off the pace as well. That was on display in the semi-finals as he found another gear in the stretch and picked up the leader with ease in the stretch to score his second win in qualifying. Winning has not really been his forte so far in his young career, but he has really kicked it in gear as of late. With a quarter of his career win totals coming in just his last 3 races. Now on to the finals were he will put it on the line once again for a chance to win the title. One thing that could go a long way to help him would be a good post position. He absolutely loves the outside part of the racetrack. In his 14 career starts from the 7th and 8th post positions, he has won 4 times and finished in the money on 12 occasions. He has all the tools to take home the win, but if he wants to beat this talented field, he will need to break fast and be in the conversation early on.


Ww’s Holy Grail (53 Points)
Career Totals (19/7-4-1-4)
Bk – M Aug 2014 Ww’s Cowboys – Ww’s Shamrock
Owned by – Julia Ward
Runs for Red Oak Racing
Trained by Kelly Rowell

Early speed is the key to success for Ww’s Holy Grail and it did him well in the qualifying rounds of the 2016 bestbet Puppy Stakes. Winning twice and finishing 3rd and 4th in the other two rounds, he was the only greyhound in this final round field to find the money in each and every race in qualifying. For his efforts he finished 2nd in points and made it all the way to the finals in his first ever attempt at stakes racing competition. He is the first of two littermates in the finals for Red Oak Racing, and looks to build on his current streak of 11 straight races in the money. This greyhound climbed steadily to grade A, in 13 starts, and should be ready to challenge for the lead and the win again in this final. His blazing early speed on best on display in round 3. There he hit the lid, bolted to early control, stole away an early lead, saw it shrink a bit to the far turn, then dug in deep and increased it to the wire for the breezing victory. Post position could play a role in helping him give his best effort in this final round race. He runs his best from the edges, so the 1 or 8 boxes is what he prefers as he has score in 5 of his 7 career wins from those starting boxes. So the Holy Grail waits for him, but can he steal away enough early to get the job done at the wire. We will find out soon enough.


Js Great Escape (52 Points)
Career Totals (49/16-4-6-6)
Bk – F April 2014 Pat C Clement – Js Victorious
Owned by – K or T Loomer
Runs for Clear Lake Racing
Trained by Jim Rae

The most experienced of the greyhounds in the final gets a chance to show just what she can do in the bestbet Puppy Stakes. Setting the pace early on, she posted up wins in both of the first two races in qualifying and was the only undefeated greyhound left headed into the quarter-finals. After a 2nd place finish, she backed into the 3rd spot in qualifying as she finished out of the money in the semis. This Clear Lake Racing runner finally gets a chance at the title in her second attempt at stakes competition, and is making good on the promise that she showed early in her career as she rose to grade A in just 9 starts. Clearly her best effort came in round 1 in qualifying as she broke close, outrushed everyone to the lead, held tough on top throughout, and crossed the line with a comfortable margin for the victory. Another thing that will go a long way in helping her out in this effort will be the post position. This greyhound loves, loves, loves to race midtrack to wide and will be yearning for one of those spots to start this race from. Case in point, 5 of her last 6 victories have come from outside of the 4 box! Obviously she is an early speed greyhound, and will not be closing from well of the pace to steal away the win in this final, so if she wants a chance at the big time W in this effort, she needs to steal the lead early on.


Rams Big Dan T (51 Points)
Career Totals (15/5-3-1-1)
Bk – M Sept 2014 Djays Octane – Rams Dakota Ross
Owned by – Rams Racing LLC
Runs for the Falcon Kennel
Trained by Bobby Duran

Tough to talk about a greyhound with so few lines, but for what he lacks in experience, he is making up for with his talent. Rams Big Dan T showed off some impressive skill as he posted up a pair of wins, a second, and a 7th place effort in his 4 qualifying rounds of the bestbet Puppy Stakes. In just 15 career races, he is in his first stakes final in his first attempt for the Falcon Kennel, and he just now made it to grade A with his victory in the semi-finals. Another midtrack to wide runner, Rams Big Dan T showed just what he can do in the wide open in that semi-final effort. There he broke close, rushed hard to the front end, took advantage of the trouble behind him, and raced off all alone on the lead as he demolished the field for the victory. Winning by almost 9 lengths in 30.56 seconds, his trip was the fastest one in qualifying on the card. Post position is a hard thing to discuss with just a small sample size of races to choose from, but think if we look extra close we might be able to figure something out. Dan runs his best when he can get room early on and get unabated to the early lead. He likes to race midtrack to wide and I think that a post position on the outside part of the racetrack, will be a good place for him to start from. We all know he hopes to repeat that effort from the semis, and that came from the 8 box. Growing up right before our eyes, Big Dan T might be poised for the upset in this final round race.

200WwStandardissueWw Standardissue (50 Points)
Career Totals (22/6-5-4-1)
R Bd – M Aug 2014 Ww’s Cowboys – Ww’s Shamrock Owned by – Julia Ward
Runs for Red Oak Racing
Trained by Kelly Rowell

Another strong runner from Red Oak Racing, Ww Standardissue is looking to make amends in this final round race after a rough trip and out of the money finish in the semis. The second of two from Red Oak, Standardissue won 2 of the 4 qualifying rounds and finished second in another before getting sandwiched in the semis. This puppy has good early speed and can also come from off the pace and run you down late if need be to secure a victory. A double threat, Standardissue gave his best effort in qualifying in the third round. There he decided on the former, breaking, then the latter, closing, and dominated the field on the front end. Increasing his lead from 3 lengths at the first turn, to 4 at the far turn, and then 5.5 at the wire, he was never in question. Granted he is new to the winning thing, it took him 16 races to get to grade A, but he is always a coming late threat to finish in the money. Check out that stats as he has seen the green in 8 of his last 10 efforts at bestbet Jacksonville. Post position might play a role for him, it could get him clear early on, and if I was a wagering man, I bet I know just where he would like to start from. The RAIL or at least the inside! He has won 4 of his 6 career races from there and seems at home when he can get right to running from the break. Tonight forget the last trip, and concentrate on the previous 3 in the stakes. This greyhound is better than that one effort. Don’t forget about him.


Pat C Outbounds (46 Points)
Career Totals (41/10-8-5-5)
R – F Feb 2014 Pat C Valdes – Pat C Go Ahead
Owned by – Pat Collins
Runs for the Patrick Collins Kennel
Trained by Scott Jarvis

Pat C Outbounds made her way into the finals of the bestbet Puppy Stakes without much fanfare. Sure she won 2 rounds, but so did several other greyhounds, but this one is the one that everyone should be afraid of. Why? She has the stakes experience edge on everyone else in this field. No other greyhound has been in a stakes final before, and she has not only been in one, she has been in two, and finished 2nd in the finals of the 2016 March Mayhem Championship. This all out running greyhound is a threat to win any race from on or off the pace, and if the mood suits her, no lead is safe. Just look at her second round race. There she decided she wanted to run and the rest was history. Breaking slowly, she outrushed everyone to the early lead and left the field in her dust. Blowing away the competition, she increased her lead throughout and crossed the line a mile ahead of her nearest competitor. Let’s not forget that she is the second of 3 from Pat Collins in this final round race, and that she was expected to be here. With just 6 races to grade A, she climbed the ladder the quickest of all finalists and just keeps on impressing with each and every start. As far as post positions go, she wants something on the edges. She runs her best when she can get room early on, and those posts are the best for her to start from. In those 15 efforts, she has won 5 times, finished in the quiniela 9 times, and in the money 14 times. She knows how to get it done under the pressure, and could be the Pat Collins entry to continue the Puppy Stakes winning streak.


Be Limitless (44 Points)
Career Totals (15/5-1-1-2)
Bd – F Aug 2014 Pat C Clement – Flying Kwan
Owned by – Fred Fulchino
Runs for the Double J Kennel
Trained by Chris Maynard

Talk about stepping up to the challenge, Be Limitless did just that in the semi-finals to secure herself a spot in this final round field. Winning in box to wire fashion, this pure puppy put that together with another win and a 4th and 6th place effort to find a spot in this race. This Double J Kennel runner finally made it to grade A in her 13th career start during the rounds and looks to keep the needle pointed upward in this effort. Easily her best trip was the semi-final trip around the oval. Breaking from the 1 box, she took over right from the get go and pushed the pace to the first turn. Clearly 3 lengths better than the rest up the backside, she galloped on the front end all the way to the finish line and was never really in question in this effort. Posting up a personal best of 30.58 seconds, she is peaking at just the right time and could throw her hat in the ring for a chance at this title. This inside to midtrack runner has done well from the edges in the past and that is where I think she would like to start this race from. Just guessing here, but she has just 1 start from the 1 box and it was a box to wire win in record time. Think she might want it again tonight? I think so. Remember that Double J won the last major stakes race with a greyhound that was not supposed to win, Ln Houdini, but did! Could lightning strike again tonight? We will see.


Pat C Funkie (43 Points)
Career Totals (38/9-3-4-2)
Bk – M Feb 2014 Pat C Clement – Pat C Rhapsody
Owned by – Pat Collins
Runs for the Patrick Collins Kennel
Trained by Scott Jarvis

Pat C Funkie is the name and CLOSING is the name of the game! The third entry into the finals for the Pat Collins Kennel is another closing threat out of Pat C Clement that is coming into his own at the right time. This pup has been and down the ranks from grade M to grade A back to grade D and then back up to grade A once again. From 550 to 660, this greyhound has seen it all and has posted up strong looking wins over both of those distances. He really stepped up in the rounds and finished them off with a win, a second, a third and a 5th place effort. With just one win, it is easy to determined his best trip. It was his 2nd round race, and it all took place because of the effort he put forth early on. Breaking in contention he stalked the leaders from the box to the far turn as he gradually gained position before the run down the stretch. There he kicked it into another gear and came flying up the homestretch to steal away the win from the clutches of defeat at the finish line. Tonight against this good field of greyhounds, he is going to have to be on his game early on, and a good starting box might just aide him in that effort. Likes several others, the edges would be kind to him, but the 8 box might be even better. He breaks better from this post and that is just what he needs in this final. He will be the underdog tonight. He is not supposed to win, but you can never count out heart or determination. Watch out for him here and he could be the one that keeps the Pat Collins torch lit at the finish line.