770 Redo Race at bestbet

770 Redo Race

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16MMKCLonging for that mulligan on a race you should have hit. Well this April and May bestbet Jacksonville has got you covered in our 770 yard Redo Race.

The first round of qualifying will take place on Monday evening April 25th. Two races of the best 770 greyhounds at the racetrack will compete and the top four finishers from each race will move on to the finals on Saturday evening April 30th. There we will crown a winner, but it is not over just yet.

The next Saturday evening, May 7th, we will run the race all over again. SAME GREYHOUNDS IN THE SAME POSTS. You get a redo of the race, and another chance to cash in.

Will it run the same the second time around? Will you make sure and bet that greyhound that you left out last time? Can you cash tickets in back to back weeks on the same race and earn bragging rights with your friends? All these questions as more will be answered at the end of the money in our 770 yard Redo Race.