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What a great weekend of racing ahead at bestbet Jacksonville. Not only do we have feature races over 550, 660, and even one over 770 yards, we get some of the best talent we have seen in a while competing for the top spot in their respective races. Not just good greyhounds, we are talking stakes winners, stakes finalists, greyhounds on big winning streaks, and even a few that are flirting with the track record. Tons of great greyhounds are going to post and there are some spot plays hidden in there as well. So let’s take a good look at these tough greyhounds and see if we can’t get you cashing some tickets as the sprinters are warming up for the $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup which starts in just a little over a week.

Friday Evening –

Race 7 – No doubt about who is winning this race. Ship in Pippi loves the racetrack and has outperformed her efforts at Gulf. Winning 4 straight and 5 of 6 she is dominating from box to wire in all of her wins. From another advantageous post positions, she will be tough to beat once again. Looking to take down Pippi will be the Southland arriver Charlie Bale. This greyhound is no slouch himself and a strong closer that could get up in time to upset. I think if they both get loose, it will be interesting at the wire. Best of the rest goes out to The rising stars Pat C Bomber and Jawa Magnum. (2-6-4-8)

Race 10 – Another no brainer for the racing public. The first half of the forced out twin-trifecta features the most dominate greyhound at the racetrack. All-American Seldom Told is clearly the best greyhound running here and is not only undefeated at bestbet Jacksonville, he almost set the track record last time out on a slow racetrack. From the lead or from behind, he can get it done. Watch for another stellar effort! He will not be alone here though, Se’s Real Deal lives up to her name with 2 wins in a row and 5 in her last 6 efforts. She is an early speed machine, but will be no match for Told late. Speaking of early speed threats, how about stakes winner Pullanallnighter in her best rail box hot off a win, or stakes veteran Gs Flipper who is also off a win an posted up well. It will be crowded on the front end early on the inside, but late Told finds a way to win again. (6-3-1-2)

Race 11 – Speed duel is the best way to describe this effort. Pj Alabama is back in sprints and gets a very advantageous post to break from here in the 1. She loves it in here, but she might not even make the front end in this effort. Arkaska Lotus might be even faster out of the starting box than Alabama is. The problem is that Lotus is short, short, short at the end of the race and will have a hard time holding on at the wire. Both greyhounds better be worried late about Jack’s Won Love. This greyhound is always close early and can close better than both of the leaders in this race. With only one start out of the money in 11 attempts this year, you know he will be around the leaders at the finish. The question is, can he get to them before the wire? We’ll See? Don’t sleep on Going Steady either. Another somewhat early speed greyhound with 5 races in a row in the superfecta. Winning might be a stretch, but finding an under spot on your tickets good be a good bet. (1-7-5-2)

Race 15 – Over to 660 of this one and we will see if the point leader for the bestbet Derby, Mercury Morris, can get back to winning in this effort. Finishing a respectable third in the finals, he needs to come out closer here if he wants to get back in the winner’s circle in this effort. The outside post is a blessing and he is clearly the one to beat in this effort. Don’t expect to see him steal 20 on the field, he will be back early and closing late, but he will be in the conversation in the backstretch and prove unstoppable again in this effort. Starting off a new streak tonight, Morris shows his dominance. Trying to ruin his plans will be the big time early speeder Pat C Lulu. She should see the early lead in this effort from a good rail post, but being short, she will have a hard time holding on and winning. Others to consider include fellow stakes finalist Ww’s Corolla and Herstal. (6-2-7-8)

Saturday Matinee –

Race 7 – Another speed duel up front for everyone to watch. Hilco Spartan loves to break, rush and run from these outside posts and should be a force to be reckoned with again in this effort. He will not be alone though as Ww’s Rockrevival will be in the hunt early and pushing the leaders on the front end. This greyhound loves the rail and gets the one box in this effort. She has good early foot too and has only missed in the quiniela once in her last 5 trips. One of these two early speeders will be the one to catch in the stretch if someone else wants to upset. Speaking of closing, the puppy Pat C Outbounds might just be longshot you are looking for. I know she is not posted extremely well, but with an open hole next to her, she might get more room than you think from the 5 box. She is rising star and has enough left in the tank late to run down both of the leaders if the mood suits her. Watch out if she is too close too soon here, which can also be said about Ddm’s Black Hole. Posted well on the rail, this solid grade A closer could upset the apple cart if the planets are aligned today. (7-1-5-2)

Race 11 – Solid A showdown in this one as J Cal’s Woozle looks to best Hey Hey Daddy on the inside part of the racetrack. Both greyhounds have showing the ability to win in grade A, but Woozle has done it more often than Daddy has in the recent past. More of a breaking rusher, Woozle should have the advantage early over Daddy, especially since he likes the inside of the racetrack a little more than his rival. He will have to work hard to win though as Daddy is no slouch, even from the rail. He would rather be outside, but can do from here if need be. Late this duo will be duking it out for the victory. Also watch out for the red hot running Flying Remedy, who is also posted on the inside part of the racetrack, as well as Ww Luck Clover who is back, refocused, and ready to upset in this effort. (3-1-2-7)

Saturday Evening –

Race 3 – The first half of our new bet, the forced out SUPER-SUPER, is a fun one to wager on. It’s a marathon folks, a 770 race, see they do exist and return to bestbet Jacksonville on Saturday evening. Here we have an interesting mix of greyhounds and it is going to be fun to see just who steps up. No matter what you think, you can’t ignore experience. Gs Hubert loves this distance and has won races by MILES over the 770 yard course. He is best on the early lead, and gets a great 8 box in this effort to break from. Unabated to the lead here, he is going to be a big time threat and will be extra tough to take down tonight. If anyone can do it, it might be the sister to the bothers, Mercury Morris and Raiders Bacardi, Raiders Cinnamon. Even slower from the box than her littermates, this greyhound doesn’t even start to run until the second half of the race. Here she gets an extended run to that turn, from a good starting box, and that could pay dividends at the end of this effort. On paper she looks to be a picture perfect example of what a marathon greyhounds looks like. We will see if she lives up to the part or not. Jerry’s Jazzy also gets a great post and can close like a truck over 660 yards. She too looks like she can go the distance and time will tell if we are correct in thinking so. We would be amiss if we didn’t include the DQ entry in our picks, it is a marathon race, but with just 550 lines showing, it’s tough to see if she will be well suited for this distance or not. Like the rest time will tell. (8-2-1-4)

Race 7 – Ww’s Sammy is not quite the same greyhound without the lead, but lucky for her in this effort is that she is the ONLY true early speed greyhound here. With an empty post, and no one to get into her way early on, she should be clean sailing on the front end in this effort. Once in front she is tough to run down and it will take a special effort to deny her in this one. Pushing the pace should be the puppy stakes winner Pat C More Ever. Winning is always tough for this greyhounds, but she is always around the leaders and almost always finishes in the money. With 4 straight and 5 in her last 6 trips, she will be a force again tonight, especially from the 1 box. Late both greyhounds better keep an eye in the rear view mirror as the closers will be coming fast to try and steal away the win at the wire. Solid grade A Beachin is always a threat in the stretch, especially from an outside post, and ship in Coco My Way has tremendous gears herself late in the race. Either could be poised for the upset tonight if they can get out into stalking position early on in this one. (5-1-7-2)

Race 11 – After a roughed up trip last time out. the Daytona 550 winner and All-American, Need my Moneynow, gets a great 1 box and should be the one to beat in this effort. Last time out from this post the greyhound went box to wire and won by almost 18 lengths in schooling. Tonight there is no real early speeder to challenge him to the front end, so I expect a big time effort in this race. Time to show everyone that he is back, watch out for a big time win here! Trying to make him work a little bit will be another All-American, Lee Opera. Opera is not the greyhound she once was, but on occasion she can show flashes of that elite status. Near the rail here in the 4 box, and with room to rush, she won’t be in the lead early, but in the conversation is all she needs. She can still come home in a hurry and could make it at least a race if she gets around 2nd. Others to watch out for in this race include a pair of grade A returners. Flying Go Daddy is hot off a win and has posted up a couple of nice W’s in his last 3 races. The staring box is good, she just needs to break close if she wants a chance, and Ww Broughtobear is a strong closer that will make a late bid at the leaders and could find a spot in the superfecta from a tough 5 box. (1-4-3-5)

Race 15 – Back to 660 and we get the other brother, Raiders Bacardi. Like his littermate, he will not be around early, don’t even look for him, he is a tail gate closer and can only be seen later on in the race. I know, I’m kidding, but its nearly true. He is probably one, if not the best, closer at the racetrack and will be flying again in the stretch trying to win this effort. He was 4th in the finals of the bestbet Derby on a wet track, but here, from the same post, let’s see if he can improve on that effort. If he wants to win, he will need to catch Kiss This. This DQ greyhound is all about early speed over 660 and should steal away another big lead on the field tonight. She will be short again late and will give back lengths at the end of the race. Look for her to factor to the stretch and then surrender late once again. Pushing the early pace should be Kiowa Back Off. Throw out that last trouble ridden effort and you have a pretty nice run for this greyhounds. He had back to back wins and 5 starts in a row in the money and tonight he gets another almost midtrack post. Watch for him to be around the action throughout again tonight. Now for the longshot portion of our demonstration, and that part goes to Cash Driven. With 2 wins in 4 starts in impressive fashion, Cash Driven has looked good when he has gotten out of the starting box. Tonight I think he follows the speed on either side and is a steady chaser from box to wire. Hot off the win, confidence is high, let’s see if he can capitalize on it here. (2-5-3-4)

Sunday Matinee –

Race 11 – Capping off the weekend we get another streaking runner, Ww’s Lost Girl, to put on top in our wagers. Currently she has won 4 races in a row and 5 in her last 6 starts. With 9 quinielas in 10 efforts, including 7 wins, she is easily a great quiniela wheel play. Today she will be tested early and often as there are several heavy hitters looking to end the stretch in this outing. Multi-stakes finalist, and runner-up in the bestbet Derby, O Ya Gunsmoke is back at 550 and here he is not short. The win leader for bestbet Jacksonville in 2015m Gunsmoke knows how to get it done and should not miss a beat stepping back to the shorter course. Expect for him to come out running and for him to make it a photo finish for win in this effort. Another strong competitor is Atascocita Pirro. Pirro is in the ideal spot to start this effort as he absolutely loves it in the 8 box. He is a monster outside, he won his last race in grade A from here by 7 lengths, and is coming into this race hot off a win. He, like Gunsmoke, is not short at all at the end of the race and he could make this a three way battle for the win. Let’s not overlook Real Good Feelin either. This greyhound also won last time out and has posted up victories in 3 of her 4 official starts at the racetrack. Yet another Need A Date offspring, this one is the best of this litter and was a solid AA winner at Gulf Greyhound Park. Like most DQ greyhounds, her best stride will be in the stretch, so watch for her to come on late to challenge this talented field for the win at the wire. (2-6-8-3)