March Mayhem Sweet Sixteen Kennel Championship

March Mayhem – Sweet 16 Kennel Championship

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bestbet Jacksonville will be in the swing of things this tournament season with our Sweet 16 Kennel Championships. Brackets all around, and all you have to do is select just which kennel will make the finals, and the order of the final four, to win your share of $1000 in March and April.

Brackets will be handed out starting on March 12th and will need to be filled out and turned it at the LIVE RACETRACK before 8:00 pm on the night of the first round, March 18th, 2016.

Round 1 races will take place on Friday match 18th and Saturday March 19th. Round 2 races will take place on Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26th, and the finals will run on Saturday April 2nd.

Each kennel will have two greyhounds entered in the stakes. Each greyhound will receive points for their order of finish in the rounds, the kennel with the most points, will win the match up and move on to the next round. The top two kennels according to win percentage will receive byes in round 1.

In the finals 4 kennels will remain and you will need to select the order of the kennels in the final round race in order to win. The person, or persons, who completes their brackets right, the final four correct and the order of the final race by points correct, will win their share of $1000. If no one selects the finals correctly, the person, persons, with the most wins will share the $1000 prize.

See Official Rules HERE.