Weekend Feature Races with Headliner Seldom Told

Seldom Told Highlights Weekend

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Another great weekend of racing is ahead of us full of talented greyhounds gearing up for the bestbet Derby which starts on Monday, but the headliner has to be DQ ship in Seldom Told. This Gulf superstar has only one trip around the Orange Park oval and it came in schooling where he won by 13 lengths and was just 3 lengths off of the track record. We will see just how he fairs against a full field of A’s come Saturday evening. Let’s take a look at all the top races this weekend here at bestbet Jacksonville.

Friday Evening –

Race 7 – As we said 660 is the place to be this weekend and we get a couple of warm up trips before the stakes begins. Great mix here of experience and newcomers who might turn into monsters over the route. Gotta love Kk Whitezin here. Off a win, solid A, stakes experience, and a good post to close from. Watch out for him late as he will probably need to run someone down in order to win. Back to 660 for C Ville Wynter and she can flourish over the route as well. Post is not ideal for her, but she will find a way to contend. Newcomer Mercury Morris seems to like the distance and with the one box he too should be in the mix, and everyone will have to run by Tivy late if they want to score. She has the best early speed and should set the pace again from a favorable post. (7-8-1-2)

Race 10 – Post makes perfect in this effort. The huge closer Ruler Of Love is a monster from the outside because he decides to break well when he gets to start from where he wants to be on the racetrack. IE, look back 2 races and you will see what I mean. He will need to be on top of his game here if he wants to take home the big time W at the wire. Ship in Suspicious Minds looks to like the new track and continue the winning ways of the DQ Williams Kennel, and how could you not consider Pat C Rig or Hilco Spartan. Both greyhound have won 3 of their last 6 races in grade A and both have done it in box to wire fashion. It could be crowded up front early, but late there will be only one RULER! (8-3-6-1)

Race 15 – Back to 660 we go and get a race that could be in the first round. Why? All 8 greyhounds in this field are in the stakes race, so it could be a good precursor to what will happen on Monday evening. Post + Early Speed = a winner on this occasion. Follin No One loves the rail, can break fast, and should be unabated to the early lead in this effort. Sure he has been short late before, but with a little help from his friends, he finds a way to hold on. Closing up late to challenge should be the wily veteran Gs Daisy May and the impressive pup Mx Midnite Jazz. Both greyhounds have what it takes to score and either could get it done if they get around close enough early on. Don’t sleep on Herstal either. This greyhound has really come into her own as of late and could be upset minded in this one. (2-6-5-8)

Saturday Matinee –

Race 7 – Solid grade A’s time and time again show up and that is what is going to happen again in this race. Gm’s Charley has found his groove again and has been hammering fields amongst the grade A ranks. Today this early speed gets another great rail post and should be in control from the get go. He will not be alone for long though as ankle burner Cj’s Colin should be breaking and challenging from the start, but with a determined effort, he finds a way to win. Also in the mix should be the solid grade A contender Ww’s Lost Girl. She loves the rail posts and scored a win 3 races back from near here. Keep an eye out for Pippi too. She missed her break last time out, but it seems when she is close early on, she is a threat, well at least she was at Gulf. (3-7-2-1)

Race 11 – Former Orange Park Runner, Need A Date has thrown some fantastic greyhounds lately, and Hey Hey Daddy is her third litter that has a grade A winning races in it. Winning 3 of her last 4 at Gulf, Daddy dominated in schooling and should be able to break best and take home a win in his debut effort at bestbet. He will be pressed early by the rested and ready runner Flying Blue Kush, and back to back winner By Gold Radar. Another to consider has to be the late driving threat Oak Ruby. This greyhound has several gears in the stretch and could make everyone work very hard if they want to win today. (3-2-8-5)

Saturday Evening –

Race 7 – Red hot running in this race as Js Great Escape will find a way to put up another W tonight. Winning 3 of her last 5 trips, she has been extra tough on top and would see the lead again in this effort wearing her coveted red blanket. If she gets her nose out in the clean air early on, she will be tough to beat here. Pressuring her the entire way will be the puppy stakes winner Pat C More Ever. This guy has a hard time getting back to that top spot, but he always, always, always tries as hard as he can. here expect the normal and for him to be a force at the wire. Others to think about include the solid grade A duo Ww’s Rockrevival, who won last time out in grade A, and Braska Runcie who posted up a blistering 30.27 second clocking in her last win in grade A five races ago. (1-3-6-8)

Race 11 – Upstart time in this race as the puppy Kc’s Todd gets some love. Hard not to as this guy has won back to back races, and 3 of his last 4 starts, in very impressive fashion. He has been breaking extremely well and has been tough all the way to the wire in those wins. Look for him to steal a bunch early on and win his 2nd in a row in grade A tonight. Applying pressure late will be the solid grade A ship in from a great post position. Jack’s Won Love is a closing threat that just can’t seem to get over the hump. With 3 seconds in his last 4 races, he has proven his worth and you should get just what it says on the paper again tonight. Back in grade A Arkaska Lotus must bring the break that saw her win 2 races back if she wants a chance in this effort, and you never overlook a proved stakes threat. Sure the post is tough for Sheezsohot, but you know if she gets loose, she will dominate this field as take home the W at the wire. Just in case, she needs to be played somewhere on your tickets. (5-1-4-8)

Race 15 – And now for the race that we have all been waiting for….. Ship in Seldom Told is one of the best greyhounds in the country and he is going to be making his first start here at bestbet Jacksonville. Like I said before, he blistered in schooling and was near the track record in his warm up effort. Tonight is the real thing though and he will have real competition that has been winning in grade A recently. Posted well, and with the best early speed near the rail, he will get room to rush and run early. If he clears on top, this race could get UGLY. Trying to upset the big time favorite will be the solid closing threats Par Super Dee and Lee Raven. Both are good grade A greyhounds and each has won a grade in grade A over their last couple of starts. Can they hang with the big dog, and maybe even beat him, we will see. Last but not least Tr’s Biscuit. Moving up in grade is always tough, but even tougher against so of the best in the country. Here he will get room early on, as Told clears out, and he will make the most of it and find a way into the money at the wire. (2-5-7-1)

Sunday Matinee –

Race 11 – Capping off the weekend we get another ship in that should be tough to wrap up. Touch To Much is also coming from Gulf and looks to like the new surroundings. This early speeder should find the break and be long gone early on in this one. Trying to make it interesting will be the red hot climbing runner Se’s Real Deal. Living up to the name may be hard, but it looks like they are on their way here. Jawa Magnum is a great play under on your tickets as he has never finished out of the money so far at bestbet Jacksonville, and J Cal’s Woozle might just factor too. Hot off a win and always around the cash, she will find a way to make it into the top 4 once again today. (3-2-8-5)