2015 Holiday Bonus Stakes Finals

Finals of Holiday Bonus Stakes

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The finals of the Holiday Bonus Stakes is upon us and we get the hottest greyhound over 550, 660, and 770 yards locking up for the crown and the cash this Saturday evening. Loads of talent on tap, and a few newcomers as well, so this is going to prove to be some fun races to watch. Let’s take a closer look and see what we can tell you about each final.

Holiday Bonus Stakes

Saturday evening December 12th

Race 11 – 550 LEG

1. Pat C Rig (Pat C Clement – Cj’s Simple Life) this rail runner has good early speed and can upset fields when he gets loose on the early lead. A big break will be needed here as he hopes to improve on his 4th in round 1.

2. Budz Back Draft (Blaze N Toddie – Craigie Dinah) stepped up in a big way in round 1 with a strong place effort. Tough when close to the early lead, another greyhound that must break to contend here. Post helps his effort.

3. Gs Flipper (Daddy Warbarks – Flame’s Nanny) very experienced stakes vet that is running red hot right now. Back to back wins and 3 in 6 races, she will probably be the favorite at post time. Post is great, she needs to fire out again to win.

4. Sweet Adrenaline (Aerial Battle – Metal Like Her) always overlooked and never appreciated, but you have to like what she can do when she is close early on. Look back a bit, back to back wins showing in A. If she can get loose, watch out!

5. Beachin (Eds Budby – Big Drama) big time closer that has not missed the trifecta in 6 straight trips. Likes the midtrack post, will be coming on strong late, has won 3 of last 5 races, must not let the early speed steal too many lengths early on him.

6. C Ville Wynter (Kiowa Mon Manny – Whytell Broom) fastest greyhound in this field in the open. If she wants to break and run, she could dominate this effort. Outside enough to be dangerous, this closer must find her early mojo again tonight.

7. Sunkist N Salty (Eds Budby – Big Drama) is the littermate to Beachin and like her brother she too is a strong closer that will be coming on late. She too has not missed the trifecta in 6 straight trips, and might have an even better box to break from. She must be close early to win.

8. Pat C Gatsby (Ww Time Warp – Cj’s Simple Life) was a big time winner in round 1 and gets his best box here in the finals. He has loads of experience under his belt and is a whole different greyhound from the 8 box. Sure he can be short late, but from this post, he will be tough to beat.

Now for the race…

I’ll go with the stakes veteran Pat C Gatsby. When right and breaking, he is among the best greyhounds at the racetrack, and right now, he is on his game. The post is ideal, he loves it outside, and will get a running head start on even the quickest breakers in this effort. Out and gone early on, he steals enough to survive at the wire and win. Prompting the pace the whole way will be Gs Flipper. Flipper might be the only greyhound in this field that could outbreak and outrush Gatsby in this effort. If she sees daylight in front of her, this could be her 3rd win in a row. Wrapping up the rest of the spots in the money will be the closing relative duo, Sunkist N Salty and Beachin. Both greyhounds will make a significant run late in the race and could pull off the upset if either of them decide to get out of the starting box in this effort. Don’t count them out of it tonight. (8-3-7-5)

Race 12 – 660 LEG

1. Tmc’s Sweety Pie (Kiowa Sweet Trey – Tmc’s Romance) is the two time Orange Park Derby winner and still the best 660 greyhound at the racetrack. When she is on, she can outrun anyone for fun over this distance. From the 1 box, with or without the early lead, she finds a way to win.

2. O Ya Gunsmoke (Kiowa Sweet Trey – O Ya Queenie) this dual distance threat has kicked it back up a notch over 660 since switching back a couple of races ago. She has won 3 races in a row, including back to back starts over 660. If he can steal enough early, the streak might just continue in this effort.

3. Pat C Rap Rap (Jd Titanium – Pat C Bs Rapidly) is a solid grade A chasing threat over 660 yards who is not short at the end of the race. Sure she got run down with the lead, but is was Sweety that did it. Back home over 660 now, she needs to come out close in order to have a chance at the wire.

4. Ww’s Kyocera (Soprano Drive – Kiowa Ww Rivera) is an early speed machine over 660 that challenges not only the pace, but the win in almost all of her starts. Granted she can be short late and it has cost her a big W on more than one occasion. Whether she can hold on or not late, she will push the pace and winners throughout once again in this effort.

5. Tempo Rock (Tk Quick Strike – Blackjack Flyer) back to where he belongs, 660 yards, after a run at the Juvenile stakes, Rock seems to be getting stronger with every start over the longer distance. He is not short at all here and should be making up ground late to challenge tonight.

6. Mac Ennison (Tmc’s Remedy – Mac’s Bombay) was a surprise winner in round 1 of the stakes with a strong front running effort. Like the other early speeders, she is short late and gives away many lengths late in the race. Here up against the best at the track, she will need to steal a ton early to have a chance at back to back wins.

7. Pat C Singed (Pat C Clement – Operation Scorch) is from a great 660 litter and is a determined grade A 660 threat in her own right. Sister Moonshine will be in the 770 race, and when loose she can put on a show just like her littermate. She has the tools, she just needs to finds room to get inside early from the 7 box.

8. Barts Red Star (Buzz Around – Barts Marigold) is a hot and cold running greyhound that can turn on the faucet at will, and flying up into contention at the wire in races. The outside post is a bonus for her, but she needs to find that inner clock to not run out of room in this effort. If she can find a way to stay clear of trouble, she could be upset minded here.

Now for the race…

I know that this is going to be an interesting race to watch. I think that the big dog, Tmc’s Sweety Pie will find a way to get things done once again over 660 yards at bestbet Jacksonville. She is a monster in stakes rounds and gets the coveted one box in this effort. She will have to do it from behind though as the lead will be saved for the quick breaking O Ya Gunsmoke. He will not be alone in this effort though as Ww’s Kyocera will be chomping at the bit to see the lead herself. Both greyhounds should set the pace, but in the end, the big dog will be just too much for them at the wire. Don’t forget about Pat C Singed either. This greyhound will be around the pace from start to finish and will find a way to make the money for her 6th time in her last 7 starts at the racetrack. (1-2-4-7)

Race 13 – 770 LEG

1. Ddm’s Orion (Djays Octane – Love Street) has run a couple of 770 races, but seems to be a bit short late in those efforts over the longer, longer distance. Hot off a win, he is ready, and the 1 box will give him a clean run to the turn. If he can shake loose at the break, he could contend to the wire here.

2. Se’s Draft Pick (Djays Octane – As She Is Brave) is running red hot right now with back to back 11 length victories. (Can’t get much better than that) This is a longer distance to run and these are not grade D greyhounds. The hill seems like a big one to climb tonight, but you never know.

3. Pat C Moon Shine (Pat C Clement – Operation Scorch) has to be the favorite to win the whole shooting match tonight. She is a monster over this course and has won several grade A trips at 770 yards. From a good post, she will clearly be the post time favorite. Let’s see if she can live up to the hype.

4. Kk Whitezin (Eds Budby – Big Drama) littermate to Beachin and Sunkist N Salty, this greyhound can go this distance and be successful too. With 3 wins in 6 races, and 6 efforts in a row in the trifecta, this inside runner will be tough again from a favorable post position. Here she will need to break well and be close early on if she wants a chance to win.

5. Gs Hubert (Pat C Clement – Barts Heavensent) is from a grade distance litter, i.e. Sidney, etc. at Southland, and loves to go the 770 yard route. He is not as reliable as his siblings though and can be hit or miss in his efforts. He has won several times, but has finished out of the cash a bunch too. If the planets are aligned in this effort, he too could be holding the crown at the wire.

6. Shutthefrontdoor (Kiowa Mon Manny – Cantrell) is a successful runner over 660 who has stretched out to 770 yards on a couple of occasions. When she did run those marathon races, she broke well and contended to the stretch in each. Over this distance, she is short late and should prove so once again tonight. Her only hope at a win, hit the lid and put a mile between her and the chasing crowd.

7. C Ville C Annie (Pat C Clement – Calypso Amy) the longer she goes the stronger she gets and over 770 she has proven in the past that she can be a force to be reckoned with. Fastest of the fast, look back 5 races, her 43.54 second romp is quicker than anyone else in this race. On the lead, she is unbeatable here, now the question. Is she going to break or not? We will see.

8. Se’s Rain N Cash (Flying Coal City – Se’s Racen Rainy) the true question mark of the race. Ran 770s here before, but left for Naples. Did nothing there, comes back and is not Man of War? Winning races by Zip Codes over 550, and if he can see the lead at 550, he might just see the lead at 770. Who knows? If he gets clear here, he might just flirt with the track record.

Now for the race…

Late this race turns into a two way race for the title and the win. Just like in last month’s Thanksgiving Marathon Challenge, Pat C Moon Shine and C Ville C Alice are the greyhounds to beat. Both greyhounds love the distance, get great posts, and have the talent and skills needed to break well or come from off the pace and steal away a win. Slight edge here to the outside, and better posted greyhound, C Ville C Alice. She has better raw speed too. Props and kudos to Pat C Moon Shine as if the light is bright enough at the break, she too could steal away a win on the lead in this effort. Kk Whitzin should also factor here and you have to love that 6 race in the money streak. What would it be without a longshot. Tonight that is Se’s Rain N Cash. I don’t know what you are going to get from him in this effort, but you just can’t ignore back to back tremendous efforts, plus he has had success over this distance before. (7-3-4-8)