2015 bestbet Juvenile Round 4

Semi-Finals bestbet Juvenile

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Only the best of the best moved on and with all three of the undefeated greyhounds getting beat, the points are all over the place and there are several in contention for a spot in the finals. These twenty-four remaining greyhounds will get their chance at the spotlight. It’s time to see who steps up and take control of their destiny in the semi-finals.

Semi-Finals of bestbet Juvenile

Monday evening –

Race 7 – This one features 4 winners in the rounds and those are the greyhounds that I think everyone has to pay attention to. Loads of class and talent lay within those ranks, but you have to like the early speed styling’s of Arkaska Lotus. Sure she missed her break last time out and ran into trouble, but this time around the post is comforting. With no breakers next to her she should see the early lead in this effort, and that usually means she takes home a win. IE see rounds 1 and 2! This won’t a cake walk late though as fellow grade A’s, and recent winners, Easi Darrell and B Morton’s Fury will both be challenging in different ways. Darrell will be stalking the pace and Fury will come on with a late rush to factor at the finish. Speaking of finishers, don’t forget about Ddm’s Black Hole either. This greyhound has tons of early speed, and even though she is not a grade A, she has won a round of the stakes and could upset for a great post position. (7-6-8-2)

Race 9 – Tough race here as almost all of the greyhounds in this field are at the top level of competition at the racetrack. Loads of round winners too. How about 6 of 8? Well you will get your chance to see them lock up tonight and you have to like the chances of Lk’s Picketwire. Like the other undefeated greyhounds, he missed his break and fell into trouble last time out, but he didn’t quit in that effort. Tonight he should be the one to catch with the late lead, and I think he can hold off the rest in the stretch for his 3rd win in his 4th start in the stakes. Pushing him early will be the ever threatening Pullanallnighter. This greyhound has really stepped up her game as of late and has not missed the quiniela in 5 straight trips, but she will not be the only one contending. Ww Char Fontane is a super closer that keeps coming no matter the circumstances. Tonight she will not deviate from that plan. Another one that had a rough trip last time out was Super C Aria. Without a win in the stakes, she will need a big W here if she wants at least a chance to move to the finals. Better than her lines show, she could be tough if she can see the front end early on in this effort. (6-3-5-4)

Race 11 – The hottest greyhound heading into this round would be the back to back winner Sheezsohot. Hot has great late speed and has found a way to the front end in each of the last two effort. Tonight she is inside once again and that should lead to another great trip for her around the oval. Tough to ignore that blistering 30.41 seconds trip last time out for the W! Let’s see if she is up to the stiffer competition tonight. Ww’s Sammy also won last time out and did it on the front end as well. Breaking is always the key to her success and she will need to come out in a hurry if she wants to score again tonight. If she steals enough at the break, she might have a chance at back to back wins. Super C Britni saw her untouched streak stop last time out, but could get back to her winning ways in this effort. She has a decent break and gears left in the stretch. A little confidence boost, and the 1 box, might be enough for her to get back on top at the wire again tonight. Pure puppy power has a shot at stardom too. C Ville Chiller might just have 12 starts, but she is as good as anyone in this field. Her trouble ridden race last time out needs to be forgotten about, and if she can move on here, she too could be an upset waiting to happen in this effort. (4-3-1-6)