Bios 2013 Jacksonville Juvenile

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Ww’s Pour It On – (64 Points)
Career Totals (30/11-5-5-1)
R  – M January 2012 Flying Hydrogen – Ww’s Fast Nadine
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for Red Oak Racing
Trained by Jennifer Richardson

Rarely do you see a greyhound run the table in the qualifying rounds of a stakes race, but that is exactly what Ww’s Pour It On did in the 2013 Jacksonville Juvenile. What more can you say than he was perfect against all comers and is clearly the favorite to win this final round race. Taking 11 races to make it to grade A, he took his time to get everything down and is enjoying the fruits of his labor right now. He has really blossomed over the last month and has been running the best of her career during this span. He has won 4 races in a row and 6 of his last 7 starts. The big difference for him now, compared to a couple months ago, is the break. He has been consistently getting out of the box a lot better and that has gotten this all out late driving greyhound in striking position early on. Determination was the key to his success in the rounds and that was never more apparent than in round two. There he was outrushed to the turn, but just kept on driving throughout, and when it came down to it in the stretch, he reached back for more and drove by for a determined win. This greyhound is the first of 3 entries in the finals for Red Oak Racing and one of four finalist for owner Julia Ward. Post could play a role for him in this final round race, but really the way that he is running, it might not matter all that much. He has struggled at times from the middle boxes in the past, so the edges would be the place for him to start from. If he draws the right box, and comes to run, the finals of the 2013 Jacksonville Juvenile will be his to lose.

Ww’s Chick A Dee – (52 Points)
Career Totals (40/12-9-5-4)
R F – F November 2011 Gable Oscar – Ww Quick Chick
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for Red Oak Racing
Trained by Jennifer Richardson

Ww’s Chick A Dee found the mojo once again that saw her complete the perfect run up the ladder that she had when she broke in at bestbetOrangePark. Not often do you see a greyhound win a M, D, C, B, and their first start in grade A, but that is exactly what Chick A Dee accomplished at the start of her career. Since she has been a force in almost all of her races, but the break that she flashed early and been absent for a while now. Fast forward to the stakes rounds and once again she has decided to start firing out of the starting box. Making her way to second in points, Chick A Dee won 3 of the 4 rounds in fine fashion as she recorded the quickest trip of the evening in her last two races in a row. The second of 3 from Red Oak, this Julia Ward greyhound is peaking at the right time and her confidence is growing with every start. Just look at her last race. There she came out close, outrushed everyone to the front end, and left the field in her lurch 6.5 lengths behind her at the wire. Post will be important to her in this effort. She too struggles from the middle boxes at times and runs her best efforts from the edges of the racetrack. If she comes to run, and keeps breaking like she has been, the post could be a moot point. With arguably the best raw speed in this final round race, she could make this ugly if she finds a way to the front end tonight.

Pat C Gatsby – (48 Points)
Career Totals (40/21-6-4-1)
R – M October 2011 Ww Time Warp – Cj’s Simple Life
Owned By – Patrick Collins
Runs for the Pat Collins Kennel
Trained by Scott Jarvis

As the only greyhound in this final round race with previous stakes experience, Pat C Gatsby might just be the one to beat in this final. He already has a stakes title under his belt, the Mayflower Melee stakes earlier this month, but that is not his only trip to the finals. He also was a finalist in the 2013 Jacksonville Sprint Classic and although he finished 5th, he was just a pure pup with only 12 starts under his belt at the time he want entered. Since that first stakes finals, he has become one of the standout grade A’s on the circuit and his appearance once again in the finals is really no surprise. The first of two greyhounds for Pat Collins, Gatsby is such a threat as he can win with or without the lead in any race and always gives his best effort. More times than not he comes to run and is quickly in control. Just check out his second round race, it was a doozy. Breaking slowly, he exploded to the turn and stole a long early lead and coasted to the wire for the easy victory. Winning 3 of the 4 rounds, he knows how to get it done and everyone better keep an eye out for him in this race. Post is really not that important to him, as long as he comes out of the box well. So if he was to pick, I would say somewhere on the edges where he can get room early on. With the experience and knowledge that he posses, he too will be vying for the favorite spot as they head to post in this final round race

Ww’s Just Enough – (48 Points)
Career Totals (25/7-7-3-2)
R BD – M Jan 12 Kiowa Ww Brother–Ww Abundant
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for Red Oak Racing
Trained by Jennifer Richardson

Maybe no greyhound in this race is named more appropriately than Ww’s Just Enough. Enough has great closing speed and when he does get loose, he shows it off against whoever he is running against. He did that in the 2nd round of the stakes where he left a field 8.5 lengths behind him at the finish line. Normally though it is consistency that has gotten him by. Just look at his lines. He has not missed the trifecta in 10 races in a row and that includes all 4 of the qualifying rounds. This third greyhound for Red Oak Racing is ready to make some noise in his first stakes final, but we might have see this coming early on. No greyhound in this field was more impressive in breaking their maiden than Ww’s Just Enough was. How about winning by 17.5 lengths! WOW! Sure it might have taken another 9 starts to get to grade A, and another 3 to win his first at the top grade A level, but since he has never looked back and has not dropped back to grade B since joining the big dogs on top. Just like almost everyone in this field, Just Enough wants to get away from the crowd at the break and would prefer a box on the edges to start from. If he wants a chance to have Just Enough to win the stakes race, he is going to have to have a great start in this final round race.

Pat C Gift Ww – (48 Points)
Career Totals (23/8-3-4-2)
W T DK BD – M Jan 2012 Em’s Mac Attack – Ww Cava
Owned By – Patrick Collins
Runs for the Pat Collins Kennel
Trained by Scott Jarvis

What a better gift to get than a stakes finalist? NONE! Pat C Gift Ww made the most of her races in the rounds, and stepped it up when he needed to as he won his semi-final race and took home a spot in the finals. The second of two greyhounds here from Pat Collins, you almost could say that Julia Ward has another in the finals here as Gifts littermates are all in her name. Clearly was a force breaking in and big things were expected of him early on. He won 4 of his first 7 races and was never out of the money until his second start in grade A. Recently he picked right back where he left off and has been running in top form over the last month. How about 7 races in a row in the trifecta, including all 4 rounds of the stakes race. He has good early speed and is a force to be reckoned with when he is near or on the early lead. The best example of this came in the semi-finals where he dashed off to a big lead early on and survived a late charge for the win. Post position could help him out here too as he likes to run on the rail and an inside post could go a long way in aiding him in this race. His break and early speed is his best attribute and if he wants a chance to win this stakes, he will have to hit the lid in this effort.

Atascocita Doris – (44 Points)
Career Totals (26/6-7-6-2)
BK – F July 2011 Atascocita Leroy – Atascocita Susie
Owned By – Atascocita Racing
Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel
Trained by Michael Gerard

It might have taken her a while to get to grade A, but since arriving she is slowly making a name for herself at bestbet Orange Park. Atascocita Doris scored a spot in the finals of the 2013 Jacksonville Juvenile with a win and pair of seconds and a trouble ridden 5th place effort. Surely she won’t be confused with the dual threats or closers in this bunch, but if you are talking about early speed, well then this field might just have met their match. No greyhound here can break like she can, but all of those early lengths get paid for in the stretch in almost all of her efforts. Clearly her best start in the stakes was in the first round as she rocketed from the starting box, stole some lengths early on, and held on at the wire for the slim win. She will be ready to go with veteran trainer Mike Gerard and the Lester Raines Kennel who have won several stakes races on the circuit, including this race three years ago with Really Xtreme. Post position really has no impact on her as she usually is in front and can get anywhere she wants to be on the racetrack easily at the start of the race. With that being said, she does like the inside part of the racetrack and a post inside the 5 box might just be the place to be. If the rest of the field wants to win this race, they are probably going to have to get by her somewhere in the process. With some help behind, she might be upset minded tonight.

Ww’s Zinc – (42 Points)
Career Totals (18/5-4-3-1)
BK – M March 2012 Kiowa Ww Brother – Ww’s Zin Becca
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for Sugarberry Racing
Trained by Richard Rowell

The pure puppy in the field with just 14 career starts before the start of the stakes, Ww’s Zinc seems to be worth his weight in gold. This closer slowly and surely climbed the ranks up to grade A after 13 races, and he even took 5 trips just to break his maiden. Now it looks like he has figured it all out and reached the finals as the 4th greyhound for Julia Ward and the only greyhound for Sugarberry Racing in this race. His pure never give up attitude was on full display in the third round of the stakes where he closed from well off the pace to take down the leader near the finish line and record his only win. He parlayed that with a pair of place finishes to go along with a 6th place effort in the semi-finals to secure him a spot in this final round race. Zinc doesn’t have a plethora of lines too look at, but as for post positions, you would think that he would be most at home in the edges of the racetrack. More preferably the inside as his best efforts have come from inside the 4 box. What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for with guts, so everyone better watch out as this true puppy might just have a surprise in waiting for the rest of the field in the stretch.

Gs April – (38 Points)
Career Totals (24/6-6-5-4)
BD – F April 2012 Pat C Clement – Barts Heavensent
Owned By – Gary or Sharon Willis
Runs for the Willis Kennels
Trained by Brandy Willis

Closing is the name of the game and Gs April is the leader of the pack when it comes to late speed in this race. She squeaked her way into this field and was the only greyhound to make the elite eight without a win showing during the qualifying rounds. That doesn’t mean that she was not in the hunt though, she finished in the money in all four races and was the runner up in two of those four efforts. What is even more impressive is that she has been competing against the leaders in the finals in three of the four rounds. With a rough row to hoe, she just kept on keeping on and found a way into the finals via the back door. April took 10 starts to reach grade A, but make the most of her grade B trip to get there. It was the best of her young career and one where the closer was too close too soon. She won by almost 10 lengths and posted up a blistering run of 30.46 seconds. This Willis Kennel entry should make the most of her first stakes race final, and you can count on it that she will me making up ground throughout once again. Post positions for her have been all over the place, but she does best from the midtrack to inside boxes. She is not quick from the box, so it really shouldn’t matter that much, but let’s say the lady looks best in blue. The 2 box was where she ran her career best from, maybe she is saving another special run for the finals tonight.