August Weekly Promotions at bestbet Orange Park

Racing News

There is excitement happening all weekend at bestbet Orange Park!

Each and every Monday, Wednesday, the first and third Thursday, and Saturday of the month of August we will have some great opportunities to have some fun and win some cash from bestbet Orange Park.

Monday is Crazy 8’s as we give away 8 vouches for $8 in races 1-8 of the 8 greyhounds wins. If the 8 greyhounds is shutout, we will draw one name in race 9 for $88.

On Wednesday you need to beat the house to get the cash! If you pick the most winners in races 3-10 and beat the house, you will win your share of the $200 top prize. If no one beats the house, the pool gets carried over and we will throw in an additional $50 for the next week.

The first and third Thursday of the month we continue our ever popular Knockdown Handicapping Contest. By now you know the drill, pick greyhounds in races 3-10, if you greyhound finishes 3rd or better you stay in the contest and move on to the next race. If you finished 4th or worse, you are out. The person that stays in the longest wins $250.

Saturday will also give you another opportunity to win as we will draw names from losing Orange Park tickets in our second chance drawings. In races 2-10 you can get a $20 voucher as you turn those losers into winners and get a special gift to boot.

As always we will have our Handicapping help desk set up on Friday and Saturday evenings, and Frank will be more than happy to help you with your wagers and give you the knowledge for you to succeed in your selections.

So don’t miss out on our great promotions running throughout the month of August here at bestbet Orange Park!