2013 JGR Puppy Stakes Finals

My favorite time of the year is upon us, stakes time, so here we go with another quality field of greyhounds vying for the cash, title, and trophy in the finals of the 2013 JGR Puppy Stakes.

Tough field of greyhounds here as 6 of the 8 won 2 rounds in qualifying and the other two greyhounds that only won 1 round, were in the money in all 4 starts in the stakes.

Good mix of breakers and rushers, and a few closers are thrown in for good measure. The post draw was kind to some, and not too kind to others, but if any of these greyhounds take it upon themselves to break, rush, and run, any of them has a chance to win this final round race.

So let’s take a look at each of them and then we will run down just how we think this race is going to play out.

1. Gs Tex (Pb’s Blaze On – Ask Jenny) – Big late speed closer that has come into his own as of late. With 12 straight in the money finishes, and a good rail post, he should be tough to keep off the ticket.

2. Ww’s Musician (Rhythmless – Ww’s Martini) – Best true breaker in this field that saw the lead in 3 of the 4 rounds. Won twice, can be caught from behind, so she must hit the lid to have a solid chance at the win.

3. Pat C Stonewall (Flying Hydrogen – Pat C Rocky Hill) – Tough on the front end competitor that found the clean air in 2 of the 4 rounds of the stakes. Won both efforts, not the same without the early lead. HAS to be in front.

4. Topline Pursuit (Bonafide Top Dog – Driven To Speed) – Converted 660 greyhound that didn’t miss a beat over 550 in the rounds. Won the 1st two starts, and was a threat in the semis. Can win with or without the lead & doesn’t mind the post.

5. Ww’s Ignite Fire (Jimbo Scotty – Ww’s Wild Fire) – Pure puppy power here with 7 wins in 11 starts, including 2 rounds of the stakes. She can break and dominate, or come flying from off the pace to challenge. Post is her biggest hurdle in this effort.

6. Razorbingo (Soprano Drive – Calypso Cherry) – Point leader that has taken extremely well to the racetrack. Loads of early speed and tough to catch on the front end. Posted well here and seems to be the one to beat.

7. Dutch Rudy (Djay Octane – Ucme Blazin By) – Has run in 2 stakes finals already. Finished 4th in Pot O’Gold Classic. Nice closer that needs to be in the conversation early to have a chance to run down the speedier competition. Must find a way to the rail.

8. Kiowa Mat Marty (Kay V Tatoo Tony – Kiowa Matty) – Has 10 grade A wins in career, 3 times as many as anyone else in the field. Monster on the lead, just like dad, and gets the perfect post draw here in the 8 box. Could be out & gone early on to upset.

As Rusty rumbles through the far turn and the box comes open you are going to see a lot of action, and as they put down their heads and drive from the gate I think it is going to turn into a 3 way race for the front end. Kiowa Mat Marty is in the perfect post, Razorbingo is sitting between 2 greyhounds that I know he can beat out of the box, and  Ww’s Musician is in the exact same boat. These three will have an unabated chance to see the lead, but they are going to have to outduel the other to the front end to gain control. Early I think Bingo separates himself just a bit as Musician and Marty take up the stocking positions right behind the leader at the first turn. Gs Tex should find room as he sticks to the rail with Topline Pursuit chasing from a favorable post, and Ww’s Ignite Fire searching for a spot to run from. Dutch Rudy will find trouble trying to get inside and  Pat C Stonewall will factor early but start to be outrushed as they head to the turn. Down the backside the race is not over as the stalkers are starting to make a race of it and challenging Razor with each and every step that he takes around the racetrack. Here Marty and Musician are in close pursuit with the closers, Tex, Fire, and Pursuit making a move of their own to get back into the mix. By the far turn it is still a 3 way race for the win, as Bingo clings to a slim margin as they turn for home. Now Tex and Fire have moved on from the rest and set their sights on the leaders. Down the stretch they come and Musician falls off the game pace a bit as Marty digs in deep for one final try at the win. Bingo won’t have relenting on his mind as he gives his all in the deep stretch and survives late for the slimmest of wins over the challenging Mat Marty. Musician survives the late challenge from the closers to place as Fire gets the best of Tex at the finish line. Pursuit ends up in 6th, with Rudy and Stonewall behind him. (6-8-2-5)

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