bestbet Orange Park Weekend Feature Races

Racing News

Another fantastic weekend at bestbet Orange Park Kennel Club were the best of the best in grade A will be taking on all comers as they try to take home the victories in their respected races.

We have something for every taste on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with rising starts, cagey veterans, stakes finalists, stakes winners, and even a All-American duking it out over both 550 and 660 yards.

Ten top grade events will be in the mix, eight of which are over the 550 course and the other pair will run over the 660 yard route. Three races each on Friday and Saturday evening, including a 660 trip on each card, and 2 top grace events on Saturday and Sunday matinee.

Friday Evening

Let’s start out in the 7th race on the card with the resurging Braska Gretchen. Hot off a big win last time out, Gretchen gets another favorable post and is ready for the top grade competition once again. She must break to win here as she will be under a load of pressure. Solid A and Orange Park Derby finalist, Pat C Abash is back over 550 and could take this race with ease if she wants to. Mrl Outlaw Billy is back off a rest, gets a great post, and is red hot now. Let’s not forget Secret Papers either. Sure she runs hot and cold, but the one box might just turn the boilers on again in this effort. (7-6-2-1)

Tough to Ignore the last 2 races from Ty Kay Willing and I’m sure no one will in the 11th race on the card. Her 9 length romp last time out will get all eyes focused on her at the windows, but she must break close to keep the streak alive. Solid grade A competitors and winners, Ww Fancy Floyd and Atascocita Rip will be a threat throughout and will be looking to steal away her glory in this effort. All eyes better be in the rear view mirror late too as Gs Tebow will be making a bug run for the score in the deep stretch tonight. (5-8-6-2)

Over to 660 for race 15th race and we gets a trio of Derby finalist battling it out for the big W at the finish line. Gett It Going has to get the nod over the other duo as absolutely dominated her last performance. She broke to the lead and was never in question from the 5 box. That just happens to be the post she has again tonight. She will need to hit it though as runner-up in the derby, Gs Grace, will be forcing the pace throughout and trying to get the win. Gavotte was 4th in the Derby finals, and has since finished in the quiniela in back to back trips. With a good break, she too could be upset minded, but everyone might just have to catch Kay Owens if they want a victory. She is up in grade, but has blazing early speed and might even see the front end. She is coming off a B win, but now in grade A, being short late might just cost here dearly. (5-6-2-7)

Saturday Matinee

The 7th race is a good combination of just about everything you could ask for in a race. We have some early speeders, some closers, some veterans, and some puppies all looking to try and get a victory. Possessing two of the four and getting the advantage here would be Ww’s Hip Hop. This early speeder might not be in the front end at the break, but he can hang better than the early leader late anyways. He has more experience too, so look for him to find a way to win this effort. Gs Jock is a veteran closer that gets a good box to start this race. He hasn’t broke in forever, but has the potential to whip open a can on this field if the mood suits him. If he comes to run, the race here will be for place. Pat C Stonewall is the best breaker and should be in front early on. This puppy is short, short, short late, but should be in the mix to the deep stretch. J’s Moonshine is the other puppy here that can hang both early and late in any race. He needs to forget the fall last time out and get right back into the money, like he had been in his previous 5 races in row. (5-2-1-3)

If you want a lock for the weekend, it comes in the 11th race for Saturday matinee by the way of Four Onthe Floor. This ship in is the real deal, and even though he is just here for a couple of starts, cash in why you can. What is scary is that 550 is not his best distance. Look for him to spot the field a lead and run down everyone before the finish line. Beating the box and making the winner work will be Ww’s Soul. She can fly early, but late she can be caught on demand. Look for a good early trip, but for her to surrender at the finish line. Mo’s Mozart has really stepped up his game as of late and has been a solid hard chasing, hard closing, money making machine over the last 5 trips in a row. Winning might be tough, but you next know from this ok post position. Kay Mac Year gets the best of the rest banner tonight. She has the potential to wreck everyone’s plans, but if she is going to get it done, she needs to fire out fast and beat everyone to the lead tonight. (3-1-8-4)

Saturday Evening

The fun day continues on in the 7th race on the card where all the newcomers will be battling it out for the top spot at the finish line. Ship in Ww’s Paper Wrap has to be considered the favorite. Coming in, she has looked tough and he closing speed will come in hand late in this effort. She starts in the same 5 box she had last time out, let’s see if she has back to back jacks in her future. Trying to ruin her perfect performance will be a trio of talented puppies. D’Bulls Tyvek is a force throughout in any race, Dutch Stormer can close with the best of them in the stretch, and Marking Time has shown the ability to break and close in his limited official starts. If any of these greyhounds get loose, anyone of them could pull off the upset. (5-3-6-7)

Post position rules in the 11th race on the card as Mrl Kiss Me Baby might be the EASI pick, but I think it is the right one. Greyhounds has creatures of habit and when they get a favorite post, they always give a strong effort when starting there. Case in point, Mrl Kiss Me Baby! She has won her last 3 races in a row and 4 of her last 5 starts wearing the tiger stripes. All have come on the early lead, so expect her to rule the roost from start to finish tonight. Well that is if she can outbreak Easi Butterball on the rail. This ankle burner will be flying out early and will try to set the pace to the wire. He is short late though an might just get outlasted on the lead late in this effort. He will threaten throughout, but it might just not be good enough. The closing solid grade A greyhound, Ww’s Wise Gal, will be in full chase at the finish line, and don’t overlook puppy Kiowa Mat Marty. Looking more like dad every start, Marty has to break better if he wants to take away the victory tonight. (8-1-6-4)

Back to 660 for the 15th race and the man of the route for 2012. Snj Black Porter is back and even though he missed the finals of the Derby in 2013, he has taken his time to get back into the groove and looks ready to start off a new dominate streak again tonight. Breaking is what he needs to remember to do, but with no speed in sight around him, he will be too close too soon not to win this effort. Leading the way from the box and forcing Porter to work hard will be Ty Kay Event. As the only breaker she will be in early control of this race, but the early speed comes at a price and she will be too short in the stretch to hold on for back to back wins. Also coming late will be the 2013 Derby Finalist Kiowa Leap. This closer can gain on anyone and that is just what she is going to do again in this effort. The post is not the best, but she won’t be that far behind early on here. Late everyone better be wary of her. Now for the wildcard of the bunch, newcomer Dutch Rudy. This greyhound looks ready made for the 660 yard course and if he takes to it, he could just upset them all in this effort. He likes the rail, so let’s just see what this puppy can do over the added distance. (4-8-5-2)

Sunday Matinee

Let’s head out in the right direction in the 7th race as Ww Head First has everything going for her in this effort. This solid grade A winner loves these inside post position and finally gets back after a 5 race hiatus. In her last effort from this box, she posted up a win in grade A. Getting it done late, she does what she needs to do to win. Pat C Dude is a talented pup that runs tough near the lead. Coming off a win from the same 8 box he has in this effort he is going to threaten for the win once again. Kiowa Jill Vik is the cagey veteran that can win any race that she wants to. She has almost more wins than the rest of this field combined. She can win from the lead, or from off the pace, but will need to break close in order to contend. P Kay Buy has used her early speed to keep pace in grade A, but she has had a hard time holding on for the wins. Look for her to lead the way early on and set the pace to the stretch. Late she will be a causality of the closers, but should remain in the top finishers at the wire. (2-8-5-3)

Race 11 is chalk full of talent and might just be the toughest race of the entire weekend. I have to keep picking the All-American Gs Uncle Henry no matter the circumstances. Here he gets a better post, finally back near the rail, and no matter who wants to break with him, he is going to get the early lead and give a determined late effort for career win #80. Amazing Run probably should be the favorite after winning 4 of her last 6 trips around the oval and doing it from a bunch of different post positions. She too runs best in front, so the break will be critical for her in this effort. Wise Bet is an entirely different greyhound in the red blanket. She loves the rail and breaks best from these post positions. She is all about the early speed and should press the pace throughout once again in this effort. She too is short late and it will cost her at the end of this race. Ww’s Mile Stone is the recent puppy stakes winner that has all the tools to take home the win in this effort. He has just got back off the snide in his last effort and he can close well enough to contend at the finish line. He will need to break close though if he wants to be in contention at the wire. (2-5-1-4)