Orange Park Derby Results

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Round 3

After the quarter-finals there should be no doubt who the greyhound to beat in this race is. Gs Cosmo remained undefeated with his victory in the 15th race, but no one expected him to do what he did.

Breaking from the 2 box, Cosmo came out running and was easily clear of the field from the get go. With every step he took around the oval he increased his margin and by the time he hit the stretch he was just in another realm. He was absolutely flying for the wire and left the field in his dust. He crossed the line 11 lengths ahead of the rest and stopped the clock at a blistering 37.10 clocking, which is the fastest since March of 2007 when 770 track record holder, Gil’s Cuero, posted up a 37.06 run. With three wins to date in the stakes, Cosmo is already in the final field.

Gett It Going also put up a strong front running effort in race 9 as he broke quicker than the rest, took early control of the race, dashed off to a strong lead by the far turn, and coasted all the way to the finish line for the easy victory. Gavotte chased in place the entire way and try as he might, he just couldn’t whittle away at the lead. Pat C First time was an even show spotter and Gs Tegan ran another solid trip in the super.

Safe At Home surprised again in race 11 as he came to run and posted up another victory. Early on he was not in the lead, but he worked hard to get by the rest and assume the top spot at the finish line the first time around. From that point on he was in command and was not going to relinquish that lead to anyone. He was tough on top throughout and even though he was pressed, he was bound and determined to win. Props to Bah Bah Booey as he gave a game chase from box to wire and never ever waved the white flag. Giving everything, she not only placed, she earned her place in this race. Pat C Abileena V did was she does best, closed throughout this effort and challenged for place at the finish line and Gs Hilda missed her break but stayed in the super for the duration.

The other winner in the quarter-finals was Pat C Abash in the 7th, but boy did she have to work hard to win this one. This race was a battle royal from the moment that the box opened up as Gs Grace, Kk Swiftblade and Pat C Abash all wanted not only the lead, but the win too. This trio duked it out to the far turn where KK Swiftblade folded and he became a two greyhound race for the wire. Gs Grace gave her all and narrowed the gap that Abash had on her, but it was just not enough to get the job done. Game place effort by a nose for Grace as Abash was just a hair better on this occasion. Swiftbalde finished a close third and My Dawg was a steady super contender throughout.

On to the Semi-Finals on Monday evening where the elite 8 greyhound headed to the finals of the 2013 Orange Park Derby will be determined.

Round 2

In round two Red Oak Racing came alive and won 3 of the 7 races, but the biggest story still has to be the trip by Gs Cosmo to remain the only unbeaten greyhound in the stakes.

Gs Cosmo jumped out the starting box in a hurry and was way to close early on in the 10th race on the card. Quickly he took over command and as they say, the rest was history. Easily he drew away from this field and widened the gap with each and every stride he took. By the far turn his lead was up to 6 lengths and by the finish line it was 10.5. Stopping the clock in the best time on the card, 37.44 seconds, Cosmo made a huge statement to the rest of the qualifying field that he is here to stay. Wsr Hunker Down was second and Slick ran an even third.

Red Oak Racing did their best to get back into the mix by winning 3 races on the card. Gett It Going was the most impressive of the three as she rocketed from the box and seized early command of the 5th race. She increased her margin from 3 to 5 to 8 lengths at the finish line and was never really challenged in this effort. Clearly the best greyhound, her 37.74 second romp and was second fastest on the card. Www Sea You chased in place throughout and Jm’s John Kuhn drove for show.

Ww’s Untwisted didn’t have suck and easy trip of it in the 7th race, but a win is a win is a win. Like Gett It Going, Untwisted exploded to the early lead in her race as well, but she just could never get any separation from the field. She was threatened throughout from Gs Tegan who crept closer and closer as they grew nearer and nearer the finish line. Tegan gave a winning trip, but came up just a neck short at the finish line and had to settle for place. Jm’s Sassy Pants was best of the rest with an even show effort.

Safe At Home was the other Red Oak winner and his victory came in fine fashion in the 2nd race on the card. There he came to run early on and was within striking distance of the lead around the first turn. By the call he had nosed his way to the front and was clean sailing on the open breeze on the lead. By the far turn he was 3 lengths ahead of the rest of the field and he opened that up even more in the stretch. He was unchallenged at the line as he crossed in 37.95, 5 and a half lengths better than the rest. Chasing in place throughout was Pat C Abash and Gavotte held on for a steady show.

The other three winners on the card were all considered longshots by the bettors, but they sure did step up and deliver in the 4th, 9th, and 11th races.

Dbulls Come On is a huge closer that finally got around close in the early stages of the 4th race. Pat C Sassy bombed from the starting box and stole a huge lead over the rest of the field early on. She was 6 lengths clear early, but as the race ran longer, her lead ran shorter. By the far turn Dbulls Come On had chipped it away to just a couple and in the stretch he proved too much for the early leader to handle. Getting up in time, he took home the coveted 16 points at 21-1 odds. Sassy settled for place after surrendering and Bruno Mars won the show duel over Gs Kadence.

In race 9, Royal Response and first round winner KK Swiftblade were locked up in a heated battle on the front end from the very get go. Both greyhound came to run and were jockeying for position through the early stages of this race. By the far turn, Response had assumed control and drove home for the easy victory. Swiftblade held for place as Gs Jocelyn came with a late rush to challenge in show.

Pat C First Time was in instant command of the 11th race as she jumped out of the box and never looked back. Granted she never got far enough away from the field to feel comfortable, but she did remain in control all the way to the wire for the determined win. Gs Hilda was around in second with every step she took, but she could not close on the leader or find a way to get it done at the finish line. Last year’s winner Snj Black Porter closed from last to threaten in third.

The quarter-finals of the 2013 Orange Park Derby will run on Friday evening January 25th. The field will be trimmed down to 4 races with only the best of this year’s crop moving on. Mark your calendars and make plans to catch the action with us live or online!

Round 1

The Willis Kennel had the best start in the 2013 Orange Park Derby as they took home wins in 3 of the 7 qualifying rounds.

One was almost a no brainer, if you follow our circuit, but the others came as a big more of a surprise, including the biggest trip on the card.

Gs Grace finally got out of the starting box and to the lead in race 12 and posted up the quickest trip around the oval in round 1. She was tough on top late as she coasted across the line 3 lengths clear of the competition in a blistering 37.43 second romp. Gavotte pressed early and Ww’s Inlet drove for show.

Gs Cosmo was the pre-race favorite to win the whole thing and didn’t let down his backers in the 15th race on the card. It was not an easy win, but Gs Cosmo showed why he is a monster over this distance. Even without the early lead, he drove throughout and flew by the leaders in the deep stretch to steal away the win from Gett It Going and Ctw Tow Mater near the finish line.

Gs Hilda was the other winner for the Willis kennel in the 11th race on the car as she broke well, stalked the early pace, took over in the backside, and proves best on the front end all the way to the wire for the slim win. She was pressed early and late and showed that she can hang, and run with anyone, over this distance. Pat C Abileena V closed for place and early leader Chasmo’s Sage settled for third.

The Connell Kennel also had a good evening as they won two races impressively, the 10th and the 14th, by exactly the same amount of lengths, 7 and a half.

Both Kiowa Leap in the 10th, and Slick in the 14th, came out quickly from the starting box and left little to the imagination in their efforts. Easily in the lead early on, both greyhound stretched out down the backside and continued the onslaught over the rest of the field all the way to the finish line. With each step they took they drew further and further away from the competition. Both impressive victories as they tied for the most lengths won by in round number 1.

The other winners on the card were Bf Dundee in race 9 and Kk Swiftblade in race 7.

Dundee stalked early leader Pat C Abash to the far turn and then drove by and raced home for the 4 length win, as Kk Swiftblade made a similar trip around the track as he proved best at almost 17-1.

Round two comes on Monday evening January 21st at bestbet Orange Park Kennel Club. All seven races will return as the pups vie for even more points and a chance to move on in the stakes.