Finals of the 2012 Jacksonville Juvenile

Racing News

Join us Saturday evening for not only the finals of the 2012 Jacksonville Juvenile, but our 12 Races of Christmas Promotion. From races 1 thru 12 we will be giving away 24 great prizes consisting of some of the best electronics on the market. Even if you lose, you can still win as we will have some great 2nd chance drawings, too. Just write your name on the back of any Orange Park losing ticket and deposit it in the bin and hope we draw it between races 3-12 and you will not only receive $20 in cash, but a $50 gift card to a great restaurant.

Now on to the finals of the 2012 Jacksonville Juvenile, and it is going to be a humdinger of an affair.  Loads of speed and talent abound, not one single greyhound drew an edge with the post position. So with all things being equal, you have to go with the best greyhound, the fastest greyhound, and hope he shows up.

Despite the 5 box, I like Lk’s Now R Never. This greyhound went straight to A undefeated and never looked back. With 11 wins in his 19 career starts, including 3 of the 4 rounds in qualifying, he has the edge over the rest of this field. The break is the most critical part of this race. He can’t close from way off the pace, so he has to come out running and be in the conversation early if he wants to win.

Ww’s Mile Stone is right next door in the 4 box and has to be the other huge threat to win this effort. He was the only remaining undefeated greyhound after 3 rounds, and even though he faltered in the semis, he should be primed and ready to go in this effort. He has good early speed as well and should prompt the pace throughout. If this duo does what they are supposed to do early, this is going to be one heck of a race to watch.

Atascocita Hoot is the best breaker in the field and on this one I just have to trust my gut. In the last stakes there was no way Atascocita Rip was going to make the lead, but he did, and there was no way he was going to win that race, but he did, and that all comes to mind here. Hoot can outbreak anyone in this field and I have no doubt that if he comes to run, he will be the one to catch in this effort. The problem he has is getting to the wire before the rest of the field engulfs him at the finish line. Upset minding, I think he is just too short to hold on and win.

Gavotte might not be the popular pick in the super, but a strong closer starting from the 1 box has to get some consideration. This greyhound loves it inside and she should get a clean trip early on the rail. Once around the turn she will do nothing but close over the 550 yard course, and might make amends for no wins during the qualifying rounds. She can pick up lengths on almost anyone here, but winning still might just be out of reach. Giving her all, the in the money streak should stretch to 7 straight.

The way I see the race playing out is for Atascocita Hoot to hit the lid on the way to the early lead. Lk’s Now R Never and Ww’s Mile Stone come out close behind and press the pace to the first turn. The rest of the field chases with Gavotte clearing near the rail. Down the backside Hoot is still in command, but Now R Never and Mile Stone are inching closer with every stride. Gavotte has started to make her run and is within striking distance by the far turn. Down the stretch they will come and as Hoot tuckers out, Lk’s Now R Never gets by to take control with Ww’s Mile Stone close at hand, as they head for the wire. All out late Lk’s Now R Never clings to the slimmest of leads as he outlasts Ww’s Mile Stone for the win. Atascocita Hoot barely holds on for show at the wire over the fast gaining Gavotte who settles for fourth.

Remember it’s the 11th race on the card for Saturday Evening.  So even if you can’t join us in person, catch the race live on the internet and see who will be the next Jacksonville Juvenile Champion!