Bios for 2012 Jacksonville Juvenile

Racing News

Greyhounds listed in point total order.

Finals run in the 11th race for Saturday evening, December 8th at bestbet Orange Park Kennel Club in conjunction with our 12 Days of Christmas Promotion.

Post position draw video HERE.

(4 BOX)
Ww’s Mile Stone – (52 Points)
Career Totals (36/13-5-2-6)
BD – M September 2010 Pacific Mile* – Jj’s Windy Wilma
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for the Red Oak Racing
Trained by Robert Ooton

Ww’s Mile Stone didn’t even have to show up in the semi-finals as she had already secured herself a spot in the elite 8 for Saturday evening after back to back to back wins in the first 3 rounds of qualifying. For those gallant efforts, she gets to run for the title in her first ever attempt at stakes races competition. Mile Stone is the first of three entries into the finals for Red Oak Racing and all of them are owned by Julia Ward. Mile Stone can break on occasion and has a great late kick that allows her to win from the lead, or from off the pace. This was never more apparent in the rounds as he never came out on top, but took command at the first turn and drew away from the field late in each of his wins. He won by the biggest margin in both rounds 1 and 2, and was the late undefeated greyhound standing after 3 rounds of competition. Mile Stone took 9 starts to make it to grade A, but he didn’t win at the top level until his 25th career effort. As for post positions for the finals, he really doesn’t care all that much. If he gets out of the starting box well, he can run from almost anywhere. Even if he sits a bit early, his late speed allows him to overcome some obstacles that might get in his way. Oddly enough, he might just want to start in the middle of the racetrack. He must like the extra room with the empty post as he has never lost from the 5 box, in 3 career starts, and he has a record of 10/6-1-0-1 from the 4 and the 5 post positions. All he has to do is break and this race could be his to lose. Is he up for the challenge? We will see on Saturday evening.

(3 BOX)
Braska Char – (50 Points)
Career Totals (46/12-5-5-5)
BD – F October 2010 Castor Troy – Braska Isa
Owned By – Bill A Elliott
Runs for the Falcon Kennel
Trained by Melaney McKinnies

Braska Char is lighting up the fields in the stakes rounds and enters into the finals as the hottest thing going. She might have found trouble in round 1, where she finished 6th, but since she has taken it to another level. Her break has improved and from just off the pace she has enough left late to get up and take home the victories. In round 2, she was long gone early on as she controlled the race throughout on the front end for the easy win. In round 3 and 4 she had to work a bit harder as she gave a huge determined stretch effort and outfinished the leaders and stole away the victory at the finish line. So with wins in rounds 2, 3, and 4, she could be the one to beat again on Saturday evening. This race is her first attempt at stakes competition and she is running in her first ever stakes finals. She is the first of 2 entries for the Falcon Kennel and she is owned by Bill Elliott. She is the only finalist to start at another racetrack, she came from Southland, and it took her 16 races to get to grade A and her first grade A win came in the semi-finals. Post position is not all the important to her as he can win from all over the racetrack. Breaking is a more valuable tool that he needs to utilize in this final round race. If he can get out of the box well, there is no doubt that he will be a big piece of the puzzle at the wire. Does the streak continue tonight, or will we see it come to an end in this effort?

 (5 BOX)
Lk’s Now R Never – (48 Points)
Career Totals (19/11-3-1-1)
BK W – M March 2011 Pat C Clement – Brett’s Raceyone
Owned By – Jill Lashmet
Runs for the Lashmet Kennel
Trained by Tom Artzer

Lk’s Now R Never was the pre-race favorite to win the whole thing and he gets a shot to accomplish just that on Saturday evening. Now R Never won 3 of the 4 rounds of the stakes with a roughed up last place finish in coming in round 3. He has the best raw speed of anyone in this field and looks to take home the title in his first ever stakes competition. Now R Never runs for the Lashmet Kennel and is owned by Jill Lashmet. Big things were expected from him early on as he completed the climb to grade A undefeated. Winning his first 5 races in a row and in his 19 career starts he has been out of the money 3 times and has posted up victories in 11 efforts. Even though he has good late speed, breaking has been the key to his success in his young career. Once on the front end he has never been caught and that is where he hopes to be on Saturday evening. His best effort came in round 1 as he obliterated the field by 5 lengths in a scorching 30.39 second clocking. A good post could aide his effort, but breaking is really the thing that is going to secure him a title at the wire. If he can draw outside I think he will get room to rush and he will be very tough to beat. In 7 career starts in the 7 and 8 boxes, he has won 5 times and has never missed the trifecta. All of the hype and pressure is on him to win. Let’s see if he rises to the occasion and get it done in this race.

(7 BOX)
Ww Petty Cash – (40 Points)
Career Totals (15/6-4-1-1)
DK BD – F April 2011 Tempo Petrocelli – Ww’s Toto
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for the Red Oak Racing
Trained by Robert Ooton

Ww Petty Cash might be the least experienced greyhound in the finals, but you could not tell that by the way that she ran in qualifying. With a solid rush, and a good late kick, Petty Cash, cashed in round one with a box to wire effort in a speedy 30.46 romp. Although she didn’t win another race in qualifying, she competed well from off the pace in rounds 2 and 3 where she just missed winning by a head and a half of a length at the finish line. In the semi she found trouble, was out of it early, and finished last. Petty Cash is the second of three entries in the finals of Red Oak Racing and the second greyhound owned by Julia Ward. Petty Cash is running in her first stakes final in her very first attempt and is hoping that the mojo will keep going strong for her in this effort. Petty Cash broke in well and completed the climb to grade A in just 7 starts and she never missed the trifecta in any of those efforts. She posted up her first win in grade A in her very first attempt and that come from behind win has set the tone for her ever since. Midtrack to outside would be a good place for Petty Cash to start from as she has posted up the best efforts in her young career from those post positions. A solid break will go a long way in helping her out in this effort, but even if she sits, she might still have a shot from off the pace. Can she rise above her station and overcome the experience gap in this effort? As the box opens, we will know.

(8 BOX)
Ww Head First – (38 Points)
Career Totals (20/5-5-1-4)
BK – F Mar 2011 Kiowa Ww Brother – Ww’s Blue Bonnet
Owned By – Julia Ward
Runs for the Red Oak Racing
Trained by Robert Ooton

Ww Head First is the best closer of the Julia Ward, Red Oak Racing, trio in the finals and if she gets around clear, she might be able to surprise a few come the finish line. Head First made her way into this final round race, in her first ever attempt at stakes racing competition, with a win, a second, a third, and a 6th place effort. It took her 15 starts to get to grade A and she won her first grade A effort in the second round of the stakes. This race was her best effort so far as she broke close, rushed up hard into contention at the first turn, and turned on the jets late to get up near the wire for the slim win. This 30.71 second clocking was a career best, but her semi-finals run was the race that got her into this final round field. In round 4 she never gave up and closed throughout the race and battled her way from 5th, to 3rd, to 2nd at the finish line. Running tough when she needed to is the sign of a champion and that might be a glimpse of what we might get on Saturday night. Head First likes to race midtrack to wide, but a lane to rush is the most important part of the early effort for her. She needs room and she must be close early if she wants a chance to win. How about the 6 box? She has 4 career starts with 2 wins, a place, and a fourth place finish. That’s a compromise of both midtrack and outside and could be the ticket she is looking for. She has the goods to get it done, but it might just take another career best effort if she wants to hoist the trophy in the winner’s circle.

(1 BOX)
Gavotte – (38 Points)
Career Totals (47/6-15-8-7)
R– F January 2011 Coldwater Torres – Graveyard Gloria
Owned By – Jacobs Racing Kennel, Inc.
Runs for the Falcon Kennel
Trained by Melaney McKinnies

Gavotte was the only greyhound in the finals not to win a round in qualifying. So that is good and bad. It goes to consistency and effort, but you still would like to see that W in the mix somewhere. The one thing that you will always get from her though is her best effort. She runs with heart in each and every start and is probably the best closer in this field. She is the second of two entries for the Falcon Kennel in the finals, she is owned by Jacobs Racing Kennel, and she is running in the finals in her first ever stakes race. She has yet to win a race in grade A and it took her 31 starts to get there. She has savored the flavor of the climb and is poised to make some noise in this effort. Gavotte’s best effort in the stakes came in round 3 as she made up ground throughout and just missed taking home a win by a length and a half at the wire. Her other 3 efforts were all in the money too, as she scored another place, a show, and a fourth place finish. Gavotte has also competed over 660 yards in grade A and did really well in a short sample of efforts. There is no doubt about what she has to do in this race if she wants a chance to win it all. She has to BREAK WELL! She has the speed to make up lengths, but she cannot be too far behind too early. The midtrack runner wants to dance the night away, but she will need a post on the edges to give her best effort. This dual distance threat could bounce to the beat, but only if she decides to prance out early on.

(2 BOX)
Atascocita Hemp – (36 Points)
Career Totals (33/8-7-3-2)
F – M December 2010 Rhythmless – Atascocita Terry
Owned By – Atascocita Racing
Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel
Trained by Mike Gerard

Atascocita Hemp parlayed a pair of big efforts, a win and a place, with a pair of steadying running 5ths, to secure himself a spot in the finals in his first ever stakes race. Running for the Lester Raines Kennel and Owned by Atascocita Racing, Hemp is looking to continue the winning trend for both in this final race. Atascocita Rip won the James J Patton Silver Cup, and he wants to keep the name in good standing in this effort. Hemp is the first of 2 finalist for Lester Raines in this race and his brother is the other. He has great closing speed, but needs to get around cleanly early in order to use it to his advantage. The best example of his running prowess came in the 2nd round as he rushed hard to the turn, make a huge move up the backside, took command at the far turn, and drew away late for the easy win. Hemp might have taken 22 races to get to grade A, but he has not fallen from the top level since arriving. Hemp is an inside to midtrack greyhound that would like nothing more that to start this effort from the 1 box. He has run the best races of his career from this post, including his career best 30.70 second romp in his only grade A win outside of the qualifying rounds. Hemp is a hot and cold runner, but when he is on, he can be very dangerous late in the race. What is the temperature of the water in this finals? Hot, Iukewarm, or cold? Only Hemp has the answer to that question.

(6 BOX)
Atascocita Hoot – (36 Points)
Career Totals (28/9-4-2-3)
R F – M December 2010 Rhythmless – Atascocita Terry
Owned By – Atascocita Racing
Runs for the Lester Raines Kennel
Trained by Mike Gerard

Atascocita Hoot might be Hemps littermate, but like some brothers, the two of them couldn’t be more different. Hoot is an early speed greyhound that is short at the end of the race, but can steal enough on occasion to hold on for the win at the wire. During the rounds he lived up to his billing and took home the victory when he needed to in the semi’s to seal up a spot in this final round race. In that race he exploded to the early lead and never, ever, looked back. He was on cruise control to the wire as he took home the win. In addition to that effort, he was caught on the lead for third in round 2 and was overtaken for fourth in rounds 1 and three. The second of two from Lester Raines and Atascocita Racing, Hoot was a bit more of a fast starter than his brother in his early races. He climbed up to grade A in just 8 starts, but it took him a bit longer to post up a victory in grade A. Let’s make that 20 for good measure, but don’t count him out just yet. Sure he might have tied for final spot in the rankings for this race, but we have seen greyhounds win from here before in the past and with all his early foot, he too might have a shot to pull off the upset. Forget about post positions, he just doesn’t care. All he is worried about is coming out on top and hoping to get some help behind him sometime in this race. If he can steal 5 lengths early, it might just be enough to get him to the finish line on top. The ball is in his court, so let’s see if he gives a HOOT tonight.