Results for Event #1 – $340 No Limit Hold’em Event – $100,000 Guaranteed

Outside the foliage is turning into lovely shades of brown, orange and yellow, but inside the bestbet Jacksonville the only color on anyone’s mind is green. That wonderful color attracted 601 players from all across the country to Event #1 of the bestbet Jacksonville’s Fall Series, each one vying for their chance to take home a piece of the $180,000 prize pool. Over the course of three day ones, and a grueling 13 hour day 2, players dropped end over end, whittling  the field down to just one man, Blake Whittington.

This was the first year that the bestbet Jacksonville’s Fall Series allowed reentry’s, buy Blake only needed his initial buy-in to make it all the way to the top of the Event #1 pedestal. Blake is from Cleveland, TN but is a Tar Heel at heart. He originally hails from Wilson, NC and spent some time at the University of North Carolina. But now instead of studying for his midterms and reading his texts, Blake spends his time studying hands and reading his opponents both online and at the felt. He’s a professional poker player, who’s visited the bestbet on a few occasions, coming down because he “Really enjoys coming for the great action and the excellent staff.”, but this was Blake’s first ever Series Event at the bestbet.

Blake took care of a fairly heavy stack all day, carrying it into the final table and never really letting up. He either crippled or eliminated most of the players that sat with him during the final ten. One of his opponents happened to be Andrew Rothfolk, a good friend of Blake’s who’s also from Cleveland, TN and made the trip to Jacksonville with him, only hoping that they’d end up at the final table together. That dream came true, along with a few other familiar faces, like Summer Series Main Event finalist Jerome Hall and Thad McNulty.

At the end of the tournament as midnight crept past, it was Blake and local player Steven Hepner who were left to fight it out for the Jacksonville Fall Series Event #1 trophy. Blake went in with a commanding chip lead, but Steve pushed all in with A-J, Blake called with a A-10 but the 10 to end it all was nowhere to be found. Now sitting almost even in chips the heads-up play resumed, eventually Blake found K-10 in the hole. The flop came 10c-6d-9c. Blake was ahead with top pair, second kicker but both players got all their chips in the middle and when Steve turned over Q-6 of clubs Blake knew he had to fade not only a Queen, but a flush draw as well. The turn was a 7 of spades, and a bright red 5 of diamonds on the river sealed the victory for Blake, sending him back to Tennessee with an Event #1 trophy in his hand and a 35k payday in his pocket. Thanks to everyone for coming out and making event #1 such a monstrous success. We hope everyone had a blast, and can’t wait to see you back for the rest of this season’s bestbet Fall Series.

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Blake Whittington	$34,554
2.  Steven Hepner	$30,000
3.  Taylor Wilsie	$14,785
4.  Thad Mcnulty 	 $9,736
5.  Russell Nicholas	 $7,032
6.  Arun Palaniappan	 $5,770
7.  Charles Campos	 $4,868
8.  Charles Laurent	 $3,967
9.  Andrew Rothfolk	 $3,245
10. Jerome Hall		 $2,704
11. Tallie Bryant	 $2,163
12. Ricky Bennett	 $2,163
13. Charles Rasnake	 $2,163
14. William Phillips	 $1,803
15. Orlando Reyes	 $1,803
16. William Jackson	 $1,803
17. William Blount	 $1,442
18. John Lydon		 $1,442
19. Joshua Bishop	 $1,442
20. Austin Buchanan	 $1,442

Results for Event #2 – $340 No Limit Hold’em with $100 Bounties Event

Vafa Kamali is a retired business manager from West Chester, OH who decided to spend his first month of retirement down at the bestbet Jacksonville. Or is he really a bounty hunter, who takes out his opponents with all the cunning and skill of men half his age? You would be most likely to pick the second option if you’d had the opportunity to watch Vafa play in Event #2 of the Jacksonville bestbet Fall Series, the first $340 No Limit Hold’em with $100 bounties of this Fall’s series. Collecting as many black chips as possible was the real name of the game today, with over $10,000 in bounties up for grabs on top of the already succulent $22,000 prize pool.

Vafa made a strong showing in not only his first ever event of the bestbet Jacksonville Fall Series, but his first trip to the bestbet ever. And boy did Vafa know how to make a first impression! He’s going home with not only a pocket full of bounties, but a $4,000 payday for first place, the trophy for Event #2, and bragging rights over all the rest of the bounty hunters who hit the felt today. Of course it wouldn’t have been possible without Vafa’s determination and will to win that carried him all the way to the end. We hope you all had fun, collected a couple black chips of your own, and saved up enough ammunition for the next hunt. See you then!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Vafa Kamali		$4,000
2.  Nicholas Legendre	$3,500
3.  Brandon Smotherman	$3,500
4.  Christopher	Welch	$3,400
5.  Richard G		$3,178
6.  Jeffrey Sanders	  $889
7.  Jason Campbell	  $770
8.  Brett Friedlin	  $660
9.  Matthew Stouder	  $550
10. Francis Eckert	  $440
11. Ronald Harbert	  $374
12. Ginger Little	  $374
13. Lana Wlodyka	  $374

Results for Event #3 – $230 Limit Omaha 8 or Better

Richard Bryan isn’t a stranger to Limit Omaha 8 or Better; in fact it’s his game of choice. On any given day at bestbet Jacksonville, you’ll find Rich dressed all in black at the Omaha tables in search of nut lows, lock highs and the ultimate scooper. Today the man in black took home his first ever Jacksonville Fall Series event trophy in Event #3, the $230 buy-in Limit Omaha 8 or better tournament. Rich has participated in every Jacksonville Series Omaha 8 or better tournament we’ve held, falling just short of his goal of attaining the coveted hardware on multiple occasions. In fact Rich says he’s got a shelf at home set up just for that trophy to rest on.

Today it’s empty no more; Rich, a real estate broker from right here in Jacksonville, battled his way through 53 of bestbet Jacksonville’s finest Omaha regulars, as well as a few other Omaha players from all over the country. Rich went into the final table with a modest stack, but soon his experience from all the hours spent playing Omaha/8 began to shine through. Rich and  Phil McGill devoured most of their competition on the way to a heads-up battle that went on for almost an hour. It was a genuine slugfest at the beginning, with momentum swinging from one side of the felt to the other. Then Richard finally got the upper hand, building his stack and putting Phil against the ropes. The final blow came when Richard turned over As-Ac-2s-4h, holding nut low and a lonely pair of aces that was good enough for the high half of the pot. Rich raked in $4,346 and more importantly, a long sought after Jacksonville Fall Series Omaha 8 or better trophy! Congratulations Rich!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Richard Bryan	$4,346
2. Brent Mcgill		$2,332
3. Henry Hull		$1,484
4. Peter Belford	$1,060
5. David Clark	          $742
6. Nicholas Coprick       $636

Results for Event #4 – $230 No Limit Hold’em

If you’ve spent any time around the Jacksonville Fall Series or any of our other series at bestbet, you know who David Jackson is.  Armed with his ‘easy button’ and 3 years of professional poker playing experience, David almost always makes a mark on Series events, most recently finishing 24th out of 601 players in Event #1 of the Jacksonville Fall Series. After several solid cashes however, Event #4 the $230 No Limit Hold’em was where David would finally make his mark in the Fall Series record books against 109 of bestbet Jacksonville’s finest.

The Atlanta native was amongst a crop of bestbet Jacksonville regulars like Robert Dicks, Shane Koucheky and Dean Thompson, but this was David’s moment to shine. Aside from playing poker David likes to play basketball recreationally, and the at the final table he had all the right moves to drive towards a 3.3k payday. David went 1-on-1 with local player Chris Gay, eventually finding himself holding pocket Aces. Sometimes the best starting hand in poker can quickly turn into a nightmare for the player it’s in front of, but tonight it was more of layup. David smashed Chris’s Q-2 shove on a 3-J-J flop and rode the pocket rockets to a well-earned Jacksonville Fall Series trophy.

Complete Results HERE.

1.  David Jackson	$3,349
2.  Chris Gay		$3,348
3.  Frank Eckert	$3,348
4.  Shane Koucheky	$2,748
5.  Bob	Dicks		$2,748
6.  Dean Thompson	$2,748
7.  Josh Flamm		  $763
8.  Jerry Adams		  $654
9.  Dana Napier		  $545
10. Dana Chamberlain	  $436
11. Mike Bozeman	  $371
12. Dennis Bergeron	  $371
13. Zach Ackley		  $371

Results for Event #5 – $340 No Limit Hold’em

“I’d rather be lucky than good.” Is an old adage you’re likely to hear often if you spend even a little bit of time around the poker table. Well sometimes you can’t help it if you’re both, as is the case of Event #5 winner Brandon Culbreth. Culbreth bested 49 other players in the $340 No Limit Hold’em event to not only take home a $5,000 payday, a beautiful Fall Series trophy, but most importantly stake his claim on a nice chunk of Player of the Series points.

Brandon is primarily a cash game player who spends most of his time playing in Gretna, FL, but this Tallahassee native decide to make the drive up the panhandle to bestbet Jacksonville. Even though he only plays tournaments once in a blue moon, you wouldn’t know it by watching his final table performance. When play was six-handed Brandon had close to 300,000 in chips, more than 50% of what was in play; enough to have every other player at the table combined covered and then some. The ball kept rolling from there and in a mere half hour time span it was Brandon who stood alone in the winner’s, knocking his opponents out in rapid succession and grabbing the title of bestbet Jacksonville Fall Series Event #5 champion.

Complete Results HERE.

1.Brandon Jamel	Culbreth	$4,999
2.Jerry	Alderman		$4,811
3.Thomas Boyette		$2,250
4.Ronald Harbert		$1,650
5.Kelly	Slay			$1,050

Results for Event #6 – $230 No Limit Hold’em with $50 Bounties

The bounty hunters were on the prowl once again in Event #6 of the Jacksonville Fall Series, the $230 No Limit Hold’em w/$50 bounties at bestbet. Each player sitting at the table had a $50 price on their head, totaling $4,300 in bounties for the 86 players who registered, as well as a prize pool of almost $13,000. Today’s top prize was once again claimed by a Tennessee native in Dale Roesel of Chattanooga. The 29 year old semi-professional player has a goal for his next year at the felt; be a millionaire by the time he’s 30. That may sound like a lofty goal, but if Dale continues to play the way he did on his way towards his first Jacksonville Fall Series win, then we think it shouldn’t be too hard a task.

Dale ended the day heads-up with local player and bestbet regular Turkon Martin. The heads-up play was loose and furious with raises and 3-bets being volleyed back in forth. The chip lead changed hands a half dozen times, finally Dale got a slight edge and ran with it. He raised from the button with 7-7 and Turkon shoved all in from the big blind with K-Q. The flop came 10-9-7 giving Dale bottom set, Turkon’s only hope at victory now would be one of the four Jack’s left in the deck for a gut shot straight. The turn put an end to that, pairing the 9 and giving Dale a full house along with the most important final bounty of the day. For all his hard work Dale gets to take home a near 5k first place prize, his first Fall Series trophy, and another step towards his goal of being a poker supernova. Good luck Dale!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Dale	Roesel		$4,903
2. Turkan Martin	$2,609
3. Edwin Vasconcelos	$1,756
4. George Ward		$1,032
5. Benjamin Schneider	  $774
6. Jason Cummings	  $516
7. Kerry Goldberg	  $451
8. Jimmie Roiz		  $387
9. Richard G	 	  $322

Results for Event #7 – $340 Pot Limit 1/2 Hold’em 1/2 Omaha

Sometimes one game per tournament just isn’t enough. That’s why bestbet Jacksonville offered the juicy Event #7,the $340 half Pot Limit Omaha and half Pot Limit Hold’em for all you action junkies. 35 PLO experts showed up to duke it out for the almost 5k first place. When all was said and done, Dana Napier of Deltona, Florida claimed first place and showed off her dominance in the field of Pot Limit play.

Dana is a college student who is only a few classes away from getting her Masters degree. She loves the room and the staff at bestbet Jacksonville, calling it the “the best room she’s played in.” Which a lot of rooms, Dana loves to play as much poker as possible in her spare time between studying, with Pot Limit Omaha being one of her games of choice. It definitely paid off in Event #7, where every 30 minutes the game would switch with the blinds. The final table was a tough one for Dana, consisting of seasoned Pot Limit players and Omaha experts including Tammer Ilcaffas, a Jacksonville Series final table regular. Dana ended Event #7 against Martin Shapiro of Clearwater, FL, both players battling for the 4.8k first place, neither willing to concede to the other. The tournament ended on the same game it began on, Pot Limit Omaha, and Dana took the opportunity to make her move. She flopped top pair on an 8d-2h-2s flop, holding 8s-6c-Jh-9h. The turn was a 6 of hearts, a beautiful card giving Dana not only top two pair but also a flush draw. The river delivered the 8 of clubs, giving Dana a full house and the Event #7 trophy. Her first of what she hopes will be a few more before the Jacksonville Fall Series is over!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Idanajean Napier	$4,860
2. Martin Shapiro	$2,700
3. James Robertson	$1,836
4. Tammer Ilcaffas	$1,404

Results for Event #8 – $230 No Limit Hold’em

Last Summer is wasn’t until the final days of the bestbet Jacksonville Summer Series when we got our first multiple event winner; this Fall it happened within the first week. Within four days of his first victory in the 601 player Event #1, Blake Whittington has claimed his second trophy as well as another nice first prize of over 4k and along with that, a commanding lead in the Player of the Series standings. It all went down in Event #8 of the Jacksonville Fall Series at bestbet, the $230 No Limit Hold’em where Blake bested a field of 55 to reclaim his second spot inside the winners circle which was still warm from just a few days earlier.

The former UNC Tar Heel is turning out to be the Michael Jordan of the Jacksonville Fall series, easily handling a final table of bestbet Jacksonville tournament and cash game regulars including Edwin Smith whom Blake took down a quick yet vicious heads-up bout. Although Blake is sitting high above the Player of the Series leaderboard right now, he hardly has a strangle hold on it. We encourage everyone to come and take their shot at toppling the Fall Series phenom from his leader board perch, just be careful if he’s sitting across the felt from you!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Blake Whittington	$4,510
2. Edwin Smith		$2,420
3. Igor	Levtov		$1,540
4. Sean	Small		$1,100
5. Charles Crawford	  $770
6. Lawrence Highfield	  $660

Results for Event #9 – $340 No Limit Hold’em Event – $100,000 Guaranteed

Event #9 of the Jacksonville Fall Series is in the books, and what an event it was! The $340 buy-in no limit hold’em brought out 650 players from not only the nearby southeast, but from as far out as California and even Alaska. In the end it would be a local though who would be the last man standing, earning a $25,000 first prize as well as the bragging rights that he outlasted 649 other poker players.

Dana Chamberlin has spent the last 25 years doing marketing development for Coca-Cola, and has been playing around at the tables for close to a decade now. This is his first time participating in the Jacksonville Fall Series, already having one final table under his belt in Event #4, but Event #9 will be the one he’ll write home about. The final day of Event #9 went 11 long hours before getting down to the final table. Dana went in with just over a million in chips, close to a few other players at the table, but it wasn’t long before Dana made his first statement at the final table knocking out Lawrence Highfield and doubling up his stack. A crucial hand against Alliance, OH native and seasoned final table vet Derek Bowers followed shortly thereafter, doubling Dana to almost 4 million in chips. It was from here he’d make easy work of the rest of the table and claim a well-earned victory.

The final hand of the night came against Barry Smith. Dana raised from the button, Barry sitting on the short stack shoved all-in and Dana quickly called, turning over K-10 off suit. Barry rolled over 10-8 and the flop cam 10-7-5. Barry was sitting pretty with the king kicker, but the turn made him sweat a little; a jack fell giving Barry a gut shot straight draw… but the river was a deuce, putting the stamp on Dana’s big win.

It’s his first major victory in a tournament. He thanked his wife of the past 15 years, Kim and said it, “Feels good to finally win one!” And he couldn’t have picked a better place to do it, having played all over the country and along the eastern seaboard Dana says bestbet Jacksonville is the best place he’s ever played. We appreciate the compliment Dana, and hope to see you at a lot more final tables to come. And another big thanks to all our players for making Event #9 of the Jacksonville Fall Series such a memorable one for everyone involved. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for playing!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Dana Chamberlin	$25,000
2.  Barry Smith		$19,734
3.  Lindell King	$19,734
4.  Justin Caruthers	$19,734
5.  Jude Sorano		$19,733
6.  Artie Smith		 $6,240
7.  Kenneth Smith	 $5,265
8.  Joel Ash		 $4,290
9.  Derek Bowers	 $3,510
10. Lawrence Highfield	 $2,925
11. Alan Phillips	 $2,340
12. Eddie Bryant	 $2,340
13. Brian Powers	 $2,340
14. David Dejoie	 $1,950
15. Brian Russell	 $1,950
16. Scott Strickland	 $1,950
17. Herbert West ii	 $1,560
18. Rahul Deevara	 $1,560
19. Hubert Baxley	 $1,560
20. John Mason		 $1,560

Results for Event #10 – $150 No Limit Hold’em All-In or Fold Event

There’s no denying the thrill in seeing two hands turned face-up and watching the board run out, the lead swinging like a pendulum between players until the river is laid down and a winner is determined. For all the action lovers seeking that rush there’s no better tournament than Event #10 of the Jacksonville Fall Series at bestbet, the $150 All-In or Fold tournament. There’s no flatting, limping, checking, or check-raising, when the action comes to you, the only option is to put every chip in the middle or get out.

71 players came out to test their luck in the tournament with more action than a Summer blockbuster, and what they got was an experience like no other. The field was quickly cut in half, and play slowed a bit until the final table. The most notable player in Event #10 was Eddie Mroczkowski; some of you may recognize that name as the winner of last year’s inaugural All-In or Fold tournament. This year Eddie started off his campaign by building up a hefty stack, and for a while it looked like he might pull off the impossible and bring home back-to-back AIOF titles. The impossible however staid just that; Eddie’s valiant effort was cut short at the final 3 as he was eliminated by tournament regular and Tallahassee native Alan Phillips, who’s already got a couple bestbet tournament wins as well as Jacksonville Series trophies under his belt. In the end it came down to Alan and longtime bestbet regular George Fallis. The final hand of the tournament was a no brainer as George woke up with KJ, Alan called his all-in with AJ. No King was to be found Alan pocketed an 1,800 prize. He also grabbed a nice bundle of Fall Player of the Series points, as well as another Jacksonville Series win for his resume. Way to go Alan!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Alan	Phillips	$1,895
2. George Fallis	$1,895
3. Eddie Mroczkowski	$1,891
4. Durlynn Rhodes-Brown	$1,300
5. Matthew Darby	  $511
6. Richard Ulrich	  $426
7. Jason Murray		  $391
8. Wenzel Werner	  $256

Results for Event #11 – $560 No Limit Hold’em 2 Day Event

While there’s nothing easy about sitting down and playing for twelve hours straight, raking in a gigantic first place prize and calling it a day, a multi-day deep stack event is a true test of a player’s poker durability. In Event #11 of the Jacksonville Fall Series at bestbet, 53 players took part in a the two-day $560 no limit hold’em event, tallying up a total prize pool of $26,500. After a 12 hour Day 1 that wrapped up at 3 am the remaining 7 players came back the next day to fight for the 9,000 first place prize.

Mark Eddleman, a Dallas native currently residing in Fayetteville, Arkansas, took home the cash at the end of the second day. Mark’s been playing poker professionally since 2009, and has been playing in bestbet Series since the inaugural event at Orange Park, cashing in the 3 events in Jacksonville over the last year. That’s just a small addition to the pile though, Mark’s tallied up over 50 cashes all over the world in his 3 years as a pro. His first victory in Jacksonville was hardly a walk in the park though, as Mark had to go heads-up with Event #4 winner David Jackson who’d end the day with a second place prize of $7,695, his 3rd cash of this series. In spite of just a 12 hour turn-around from the end of Day 1, Mark displayed the decisiveness and sharp thinking that’s made him such a successful player in such a short time. We’re sure we’ll see him holding up another beautiful Jacksonville Fall Series trophy to go right next to his Event #11 win in no time!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Mark Eddleman	$9,000
2. David Jackson	$7,695
3. Andre Pillow		$3,710
4. Christy Pham		$2,650
5. Clifton Ward		$1,855
6. Yi Li		$1,590

Results for Event #12 – $340 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better

The second Omaha/8 Event of the Jacksonville Fall Series was served up on Monday, except this time it was pot limit. A far cry from Event #3’s limit structure, Event #12 the $340 buy-in Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better tournament calls for much bolder decisions, and more thinking on your feet. Facing down one pot sized bet after another, the players in Event #12 had to weather tough decisions like “How badly do I want to go after this lock low draw?” or “How good is this straight going to be when the board pairs?” But those are the kind of hard questions that make PLO 8 or Better so much fun.

William Hope, or just Hope if you’re a regular around town has been a bestbet standard since the rooms opened in 2004. He’s not just a solid No Limit Hold’em player, but an Omaha savant who set out to prove his ability in Event #12. Hope is a local player, and retired Corrections Officer, not to mention a big Georgia Bulldog fan. He took to the felt in Event #12 like the Dawgs take to the field, and dismantled his opponents in a brutal PLO/8 final table.

Hope got heads-up to finish the night against Steven Hepner. The final hand of the event found Hope with 4d-6c-5s-9s against Steven’s 3h-2h-Kc-6s. The flop came 5c-Kh-5h, propelling Hope into the lead, but leaving Steven with more than just a few outs. The turn was even better for Steven, the 7c fell giving him a the best low draw. Steven waited for the river, needing a King, a heart or any low card to keep him alive, but as it often goes in poker, a million outs doesn’t necessarily a million wins.  The queen of diamonds came on the river and locked up $6,400 for Hope. In the end though, Hope is a humble man who’s just happy to make his mark on the Fall Player of the Series board and accept his Event #12 trophy with a big warm smile; and we can’t think of a more deserving Event #12 winner!

Complete Results HERE.

1. William Hope		$6,400
2. Steven Hepner	$5,500
3. Brandon Butts	$2,740
4. Trisha Hustus	$2,100
5. Gregory Wry		$1,470
6. Stuart Breakstone	$1,050
7. Jimmie Roiz	          $840

Results for Event #13 – $340 No Limit Hold’em with $100 Bounties

Did you read the forecast for bestbet Jacksonville on Monday? It was raining $100 chips, at least it was in Event #13 the $340 No Limit Hold’em with $100 bounties. Once again there was plenty of cash to be made on the side, while on the road to a first place payday, with over $10,000 in bounties to be given out on top of the $30,000 prize pool.
The final table was stacked with bounty hunters, including local regular Ashley Wright who stacked up almost $1,000 in bounties; about almost as much as her 5th place payout of $1,010. When all was said and done, and the dust had settled it was Alex Chieu who took down the $7,051 first place.  Alex spends a good amount of time going between cash games as well as tournament. The Lawrence, KS native is an Engineer by trade who’s been playing for 3 years. Alex is a semi-professional player who has no interest in going pro full time, but would still like to add a six-figure cash to his poker accomplishments before all is said and done. He’s looking forward to taking his shot at the $3500 Main Event of the Jacksonville Fall Series, and the win in Event #13 will go a long way towards helping that dream get a little easier. We wish Alex the best of luck in making that goal a reality this weekend!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Alexander Chieu	$7,051
2.  Nina Gail Giles	$2,693
3.  Codey Bouchard	$2,693
4.  Joel Ash		$2,693
5.  Ashley Wright	$1,010
6.  Tobias Newton	  $808
7.  Dalton Mills	  $707
8.  Francis Eckert	  $606
9.  James Shibley	  $505
10. Adrien Crain	  $404
11. John Rollins III	  $343
12. Adam Foley		  $353
13. Peter Tinnesz	  $343

Results for Event #14 – $560 No Limit Hold’em

Event #14 of the Jacksonville Fall Series, the $560 No Limit Hold’em started at noon on Tuesdays, the line at the tournament registration window akin to the lines outside the voting booths just down the street. The tournaments deep structure and big starting stack ensured that players would be counting there chips long into the night, awaiting the results for who would come out on top.

This winner of this race wouldn’t come from tallied votes however, it’d come from sheer grit and determination to win a $12,000 first place payoff. This Election Tuesday it was Aaron Baltzell of Sanford, FL who’d come out on top. The part time professional poker player has been learning his craft since 2004, when poker first started to boom in his home state.

When Aaron’s not playing poker, he likes to spend his time relaxing by playing mini-golf and going to theme parks, which must of made the roller coaster of a final hand feel right at home to Aaron. Randy Parson, Aaron’s heads-up opponent was sitting on 7-6 when the flop came 7h-Kc 6d, a sneaky two pair that put him well ahead ahead of Aaron’s 9-10. The turn was a 10s, giving Aaron a pair and piling on a few more outs to go with gutter ball. Another 10 came rolling down the river catapulting Aaron towards his first Fall Series trophy and vaulting him up the Fall Player of the Series board!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Aaron Baltzell	$12,090
2. Randy Parson		 $6,510
3. B.J.	McBrayer	 $4,340
4. Jude	Sorano		 $3,100
5. Daniel Buzgon	 $2,170
6. Ron	Harbert		 $1,550
7. Brandon Sprouwls	 $1,240

Results for Event #15 – $230 No Limit Hold’em

The first Tuesday in November is a day people associate with choice. At bestbet Jacksonville there’s plenty of choices to go around, be it the battle between the red stacks and blue stacks at the cash tables or the wide variety of tournaments available in the 2012 Jacksonville Fall Series. No matter what you choose, there’s always a chance to win.
Just ask Dale James, the last man standing among the 100 players who took part in Event #15, the $230 No Limit Hold’em. Dale is from Montego, yet another trophy winner from the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Dales been playing poker for 15 years, learning the ‘ins and outs’ of ‘all-ins and outs’ from his father and grandfather.

Event #15 was a chance to show off his more than decades worth of experience as Dale outplayed his way through a tough final table including experienced veterans like John Holley and Alan Phillips, who made his third final table of the series. It’s a warm up for Dale, who’s got big plans for his poker future that include a bracelet around his wrist and a main event trophy on his shelf; keep playing hard Dale, the sky’s the limit!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Dale James		$4,000
2.  Timothy Alters	$4,000
3.  Henry Jones		$4,000
4.  Alan Phillips	$4,000
5.  Daniel Mills	$1,000
6.  Aura Kew		  $800
7.  Kirk Corson		  $700
8.  Matt Darby		  $600
9.  John Holley		  $500
10. Laura Camuso	  $400

Results for Event #16 – $340 No Limit Hold’em 6 Max

Sometimes less is more; Less players, more action. Less players, more hands. Less players, more chances to rake in a pot and stack those chips. This is especially true when it comes to the $340 No Limit Hold’em 6-max Event #16 of the Jacksonville Fall Series at bestbet. Six-handed play isn’t for everyone, but it’s a favorite amongst tournament regulars and cash game players alike.

This Fall’s champion of the 6-max event was Stuart Breakstone, yet another in a long line of Tennessee players to pluck a prize from the bestbet Jacksonville trophy case. Stuart is from Memphis, and this attorney from the music city likes to listen to classic rock while he’s dragging in his pots. His favorite game is Pot Limit Omaha, but that’s not strictly his forte. Stuarts a solid no limit hold’em player, and this was never more evident than when he claimed total victory in the 6-max Event #16. Stuarts a big fan of the short-handed structure, and this victory goes a long way towards keeping it on his list of favorite games.

The final table turned out to be a doozie , as Event #10 winner Alan Phillips made his fourth final table appearance of the fall series, going out in 6th place. It would be local player Joshua Flamm standing between Stuart and his first trophy win. Heads-up Joshua got AKc, and Stuart turned over 3c-3h in what turned out to be a classic coin-flip situation. The flop was came 5c-6s-9d, whiffing Joshua’s AK and keeping Stuart in a very slim lead. Running Queens rounded out the board and locked up Stuarts title of Event #16 champ.

Stuart says that his plans for the immediate future are to take down the $3,500 Main Event and play as much poker as his wife will allow. After a few more wins like this one, she shouldn’t have too many worries about Stuart spending more time at the table!

Complete Results HERE.

1. Stuart Breakstone	$4,014
2. Joshua Flamm		$4,000
3. William Davis	$3,900
4. Adam	Foley		$3,900
5. Joseph Antelo	$3,000
6. Alan	Phillips	$3,000
7. Matthew Stouder	  $850
8. Rahul Deevara	  $729
9. Gary	Thill	          $607

Results for Event #17 – $230 No Limit Hold’em

Orange is a color synonymous with Fall: it’s the color of the leaves hanging from the baring branches. It’s the color of the jack-o-lanterns sitting along the sidewalks, and of your grandma’s delicious, homemade pumpkin pie. It’s also the color of $1,000 chips at bestbet Jacksonville. Those are the same one’s that Event #17 winner Jon Henry likes to stack the most when he’s raking in a pot. During the $230 No Limit Hold’em Event #17, Jon Henry collected plenty of Orange chips on his way to a first place victory, and his first ever Fall Series win.

Jon attends school at the Coastal College of Georgia, and is a native of Brunswick. He’s only been playing poker for 2 years, and was teeming with excitement as he gripped the trophy from his first big win. In the end, Jon Henry had to face off against the steam drill, Jie Liu who some of you might remember from his top 15 finish in last Fall’s main event as well a multiple big cashes throughout a few other Jacksonville series events. Jon got all his orange chip into the pot as well as a few grey ones with a beautiful AsQs, Jie had a pretty nice hand as well in K10 of hearts. The flop, Q-10-4, hit both players, as well as  giving both potential running straight draws. The turn was a 7, leaving Jie’s only hope at a double one of the 3 remaining kings, or the 2 remaining tens. It was not to be. The young man from Brunswick got to claim his first big win, and he couldn’t be happier about it!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Jonathon Henry	$2,300
2.  Jie	Liu		$5,000
3.  Rich Perego		$3,500
4.  Justin Gamache	$4,500
5.  Douglas Bruce	$1,700
6.  Sean Small		  $800
7.  Marlon Thompson	  $700
8.  Thomas Boyette	  $600
9.  Anne Amato		  $500
10. David Jackson	  $400

Results for Event #18 – $1,060 No Limit Hold’em Turbo

Jerry Wong is a man who likes to remain focused at the tables. While other players are listening to music, podcasts or watching movies on their phones and tablets, Jerry’s concentration is always strictly on the players surrounding him. In a world where our senses are being bombarded from all sides, this is a hard goal to achieve, and a near impossible one to master. Last night Jerry put this rare quality to the test in Event #18 of the Jacksonville Fall Series at bestbet. The $1,060 No Limit Hold’em Turbo is a brand new event to the series, making its debut at bestbet on Thursday. A staggering 93 player put up the $1,060 buy-in, creating a prize pool of over $90,000 and a first place of $35,340, something well worth fighting for.

The field was a rough one, with professionals, semi-pros and amateurs from all corners of the country taking their shot at this juicy prize pool. But Jerry Wong is the man who gets to happily claim the prize at the end of the day. Jerry’s a 5-year professional player from Plattsburgh, NY who’s favorite game is RAZZ. At the final table he had to wade his way through more than just a few experienced poker players, including Fall Player of the Series Blake Whittington who added another 3k cash to his resume. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the inception of the $1,060 No Limit Turbo such an outstanding success! And congrats to Jerry on his $35,000 cash. Not bad for a day’s work!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Jerry Wong		$35,340
2.  Tom	Nguyen		$19,532
3.  Andrew Kelsall	$12,090
4.  Robert Salaburu	 $7,440
5.  Brent Mcgill	 $4,650
6.  Joe	Wagner		 $3,720
7.  Blake Whittington	 $3,255
8.  Robert Toye		 $2,790
9.  Christopher	Tryba	 $2,325
10. Douglas Bruce	 $1,860

Results for Event #19 – $340 No Limit Hold’em with $100 Bounties

The last bounties of the Jacksonville Fall Series at bestbet have finally been collected in Event #19 the $340 No Limit Hold’em with $100 bounties. With over $10,000 in bounties to be claimed as well as a  $31,000 prize pool, it was quite a way to wrap up a series of excellent bounty events. Local player and video editor Jessica Tucker is going to have to spend the next few days putting together her own personal highlight reel to spotlight her outstanding final table run.

Jess has been playing poker for close to four years now, and works for a local new station; in fact her first time playing at bestbet she lost her entire stack to coworker and local weatherman John Gaughan. Jess has come a long way since then, becoming an avid tournament player and well versed in the practice of making final tables. She capped off a remarkable day of play by practically steamrolling the final table of Event #19, which featured the Summer Series Main Event winner Sean Cunix. Jess amassed a massive stack on her way to a heads up match with another tournament aficionado in her opponent Joel Ash. Joel chipped away at Jess’ mountain of chips, slowly bringing himself neck and neck with her. Jessica put the petal to the floor however, and took the chip lead back.

Joel eventually woke up with 7-7 and pushed all-in. Jessica called with Kc-10c, and found herself in a gut-wrenching coin toss situation. The flop came 3c-Qs-9c and while Joel’s 7’s were still untouched Jessica was now the favorite with not only a flush draw and a gut shot straight draw to go along with her 2  over cards. The 2s on the turn was enough to give Joel a little more breathing room, percentage wise, but that lead was short lived; the river was the 4 of clubs. It sealed the deal on Jessica’s biggest cash ever, as well as her first ever trophy win at the Jacksonville Fall Series!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Jessica Marie Tucker $7,400
2.  Joel Ash		 $4,028
3.  Carmello Morales	 $2,756
4.  Chris Cample	 $1,696
5.  Stanley Russell	 $1,060
6.  Sean Cunix		   $848
7.  E. Hand		   $742
8.  Khammy Lim		   $636
9.  A. Kazeroum		   $530
10. Steve Malhere	   $424
11. Cal	C. 		   $360
12. Pete Tinnesz	   $360

Results for Event #20 – $340 No Limit Hold’em

At the start of the last day of the Jacksonville Fall Series, the trophy case sitting at the front of bestbet Jacksonville was close to empty. One lonely trophy sat on its top shelf, waiting to be given out to another deserving winner just like other 19 before it had been.

Though it was the last Event of the Fall Series, Event #20 was nothing to be written off. 123 players packed the tables to play for the almost $37,000 prize pool that Event #20 garnered. When all was said and done, that last lonely trophy would be going home with Richard Tucker. It was also the second consecutive final table to feature a WPT champion in New York’s own Dwyte Pilgrim. It was an eventful Fall Series; we had pro’s from all across the country playing in the Main Event, as well as the Fall Series Events. We had a few local heroes and regulars who came to claim their own trophies and a lot of out-of-towners who took home a piece of bestbet history. It was the largest series of tournaments in Jacksonville history, and we can’t thank everyone enough for helping us make it such a smash.

Congratulations to all the winners who’ll have a nice bundle of cash to keep them warm as the winds of winter roll our way!

Complete Results HERE.

1.  Benjamin Carli	$8,000
2.  Richard Tucker	$5,000
3.  Peter Walsworth	$5,000
4.  George Fallis	$4,435
5.  Dwyte Pilgrim	$3,500
6.  Fremio Gomez	$2,800
7.  Kelly Jensen	$2,386
8.  Constantinos Liapis	$2,242
9.  Alta Sudduth	  $923
10. Joel Ash		  $738
11. Thomas Motl		  $627
12. Anne Amato		  $627
13. Keith Labarrie	  $627