Henry Ten Steps from History

Racing News

All-American GS Uncle Henry is at it again. In the 11th race on the cards for Wednesday matinee, Henry exploded from the starting box and captured the lead from the get go. Once in front he is oh so tough to run down, and like in most of his efforts on the front end, they were not going to get to him before the finish line. This was no easy race as it included a couple of recent grade A winners, and the winner of the 2012 James J Patton Silver Cup, Atascocita Rip, but he still managed to get it done.

11th Grade: A Distance:  550 Condition: Fast

Gs Uncle Henry     65.5  2  1  1  2     1  2     1  2     30.70   1.20  Seventy Career Wins

Atascocita Rip     69    4  2  4        2        2  2     30.85   2.50  Shutoff, Came Bk Ins

Kay Mac Year       57    1  5  5        3        3  6.5   31.15  10.20  Jmmd 1st & Far Tn

Santa's Toyboy     75    6  8  6        6        4  10    31.40  19.60  Crowded 1st Turn Mt

Code Blue          76    8  6  3        5        5  10.5  31.42  17.20  Early Effort Inside

Ww's I Girl        55    7  3  2        4        6  11.5  31.51   4.30  Contender Till Late

Ww Fancy Floyd     70    3  4  7        7        7  12    31.54   9.20  Bumped Back 1st Turn

Captain Torpedo    71.5  5  7  8        8        8  15    31.74  19.40  Never In It Outside

Willis Kennels, Bd, M, 09/28/09, Kelsos Fusileer - Steffie's Mandy

2    Gs Uncle Henry      4.40   3.20   2.80

4    Atascocita Rip             5.80   3.60

1    Kay Mac Year                      3.40

QU(2-4)                  8.80

PF(2-4)                 17.70

TR(2-4-1)               61.20

SU(2-4-1-6)            316.60

Why this win is so special, well it was the 70th of Henry’s career. Now he is just 10 shy of the all time win list, and knock on wood, if he keeps up the torrid pace, that will just be the first step on his climb up the all time list. If he does get there he will be adding his name to the all-time list of great greyhounds in the past to grace our oval.

Kay V Tatoo Tony won 83 races, Big Boy Baggio won 85 races, Burt Road won 86 races, Mindless won 102 races, My Problem won 103 races, and Leo’s Midas also won 103 races.

Although the all time number of 103 seems a long way away for Henry, the thing you need to remember is that he won’t turn three years of age until tomorrow.

He is still 2 as of this writing and has loads of starts and time ahead of him before he is going to be done.

His great break and blistering rush to the first turn have helped him win all sorts of races, including a stakes final and from the rail posts, he might just be the best greyhound at the racetrack.

Congrats again to the Willis Kennel, Owners Gary and Sharon Willis, and trainer Brandy Willis for all of Henry’s accomplishments. What a fantastic greyhound, and thanks for letting us share in his success here at the bestbet at the Orange Park Kennel Club.